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80 Most Amazing 50th Birthday Gift Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

Milestone birthdays are a big deal, so check out these best 50th birthday gift ideas for that special person!



50th birthday gifts

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Milestone birthdays are always a big deal, especially when someone turns 50. It may not be a big deal for the person whose birthday it is, but it may be a big deal to you.

You want to celebrate them on this special day. You want to get them a 50th birthday gift that shows how special they are and how you want to celebrate them on this special day.

A gift that they will love and treasure and that captures their personality. A gift that symbolizes them and this special moment in their lives. You want this to be a birthday that they remember. 

However, finding the perfect gift can be stressful. There are so many gift options. You may get overwhelmed and not know where to begin.

You are bombarded with so many gift ideas, and they all seem amazing. But you are just not sure what gift to choose. 

Check out these 80 amazing 50th birthday gift ideas! Gifts that will be perfect for anyone in your life who is turning 50.

You can get them the exact gift on this list or use it to steer you in the right direction towards a gift that will be perfect for that special person in your life. 

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50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

blue cupcakes


1.  Vintage 1971 T-Shirt

50 Year Old Gifts Vintage 1971 Limited Edition 50th Birthday T-Shirt

A T-shirt is always a solid and safe birthday gift to get anyone. It is especially a great idea for a milestone birthday, which is why it is a great 50th birthday gift idea.

This Vintage 1971 T-shirt will be great for the man turning 50 in your life. It symbolizes the year he was born as well as that he is classic and special with the “vintage” wording.

There are several different versions of this shirt, so you can find one that fits him the best. Plus, T-shirts can go with almost any outfit. They are great for lounging around or going out, so he can get great use out of the gift.

Plus, T-shirts are comfy, and who would not want a comfy gift? And do not worry if he already has a lot of shirts, you can never have too many. 


2. Etched Beer Mug

50th Birthday Finally over the Hill Funny Gag 16Oz Beer Stein Mug Engraved Father s Idea Etched Birthday from Son or Daugther

If the man in your life who is turning 50 loves beer, then this is the perfect gift for him. This beer mug includes a coaster and an opener.

The mug is etched with a vintage label on the front to commemorate the special birthday. This can be the special birthday mug that they used to drink out of for their entire birthday celebration.

It will also be something that they can use to remember this special birthday. It is a versatile gift that they will love and use time and time again after their birthday. 


3. Personalized Pocket Watch

50th Birthday Gifts for Men Personalized Pocket Watch, 50 Years Old Birthday Gifts for Him Dad Husband Brother Best Friends (Aged to Perfection 50th)

This next 50th birthday gift idea is a classic gift. This is a pocket watch that has a message about all the good memories in the past and all the good memories to be had in the future.

This gift is one to celebrate the wonderful life they have had already as well as all of the life he still has to experience.

It is one that he can keep as a memory of his birthday, and he can bring out for special occasions.

Plus, he can have a way to always keep the time. This is a simple and classy gift--perfect to give to him on his birthday.


4. Custom Face Socks 

Personalized Face Socks, 50th 60th Birthday Gift for Women Men Funny Birthday Socks,50th Birthday Gift

Everyone deserves to get at least one funny/joke as a birthday gift, especially when it is a milestone birthday like 50.

So, why not let your gift be that one and get them custom face socks? You can go so many different ways with this gift.

You can get them customized with their face on the socks, or you could get your face on the socks. Either way, it will for sure get a laugh from them and everyone who sees the socks.

These are a great gift to keep their feet warm and bring them some smiles and laughs on their birthday.

So, if these are something that the special person in your laugh who is turning 50 would love, then give them a try. 


5. Personalized Book

Personalised 50th Birthday Book, Memory Lane Birthday Gift, Personalized 50th Birthday Gift, Milestone Birthday Fact Book Gift, Happy 50

This next 50th birthday gift idea is just that. It is a personalized book that is the “Book of,” then the person’s name.

It is a book that is filled with facts about them, things about the year they were born, etc. It is made to represent them and their life so far.

There is no other book like it because it is a book of them. It is the perfect gift for such a special birthday. 


6. 50th Birthday Hat

50th Birthday Hat 50th Birthday Gift for Women 50th Birthday | Etsy

Does this special person love a good hat? If so, why not get them a hat for their birthday? A special day calls for a special hat.

You can get this personalized with a message about turning 50. You can make it funny or sweet. You just have to pick something that goes with their personality.

You can even get a bunch made for everyone to wear at their birthday party. It is like a party favor to remember the special birthday of someone special in your life.

Plus, hats are just a great accessory to have. It is useful and thoughtful. What more could you ask for in a gift?


7. 50th Birthday Beer Sleeves

Umigy 24 Pcs 50th Birthday Can Sleeve to 50 Years Can Neoprene Cooler 50th Birthday Decorations 50th Birthday Party Favors Party Supplies Birthday Gift for Men Women

Every birthday party has to have some sort of drinks at it. So why not have some customized sleeves for the drinks?

These 50th birthday beer sleeves are perfect for the party to celebrate the birthday of your loved one.

Not only is it a gift for them, but also everyone gets a souvenir to remember the birthday celebration.

They do not have to be used for just beer cans though. They can be used for any canned beverage. So, no matter what you are drinking, you can enjoy these fun birthday souvenirs. 


8. Newspaper Poster 

50th Birthday Gift for Men or Women 1971 Birthday Newspaper | Etsy

Turning 50 is a big deal. It should be in the newspaper. Well, with this gift, it can be! This gift displays their birthday as front page news.

It has a picture, news stories, and a special message from you. This is something you can give them as an actual paper, or you could have it framed for them.

Either option makes for a great birthday gift. Everyone should be in the newspaper at least once in their life, so why not make it be for celebrating a milestone birthday? 


9. 50th Birthday Socks

50th Birthday Socks I'm Not 50 I'm 18 With 32 Years | Etsy

If they are still young at heart, these are a great sock gift option. One says, “I’m not 50,” and the other says, “I'm 18 with 32 years experience.”

These are great for the person who does not want to admit they are 50 or still wants to hold on to their younger years.

There is nothing wrong with that. We are still all young at heart. Plus, socks are a useful and classic gift.

I know I always need more socks. I am sure they will not turn down more socks. Especially not socks that capture his youthfulness. 


10. 50th Birthday Silver Commemorative 

50th Birthday Silver Commemorative. Gift/present | Etsy

This 50th birthday gift idea is a unique one and really captures all the life that he has lived. It is a 50th birthday silver commemorative.

This is embossed with “Happy Birthday” on one side and a summary of how long 50 years is in all the different ways to track time on the other. It has five decades; 600 months; 2909 weeks; 18,262 days; 438,288 hours; and 26,297,280 minutes.

This may give him a bit of an existential crisis, but that is okay. It is something that he can keep tucked away in a drawer, jewelry box, keepsake box, etc. as something he can look back on and remember this birthday. He probably has nothing like it, making it even better. 


11. F*ck I’m 50 Pint Glass

Fck I'm 50 Funny Etched Pint Glass Etched Sayings | Etsy

You have to have a cool glass to drink your birthday beverages in. That is where this 50th birthday gift comes in.

Get him this “F*ck I’m 50” pint glass. This will be great for enjoying some beer or other drinks on his birthday.

It really emphasizes the fact that this is a big birthday while also having some sort of crisis. But it is all in good fun.

It may be shocking to turn 50, but they should also enjoy the day. Plus, who does not love a new cup? 


12. Personalized Birthday Liquor Label

Personalized Birthday Liquor Bottle Label, 750ml or 50ml Size

Do they have a favorite alcohol? If so, try getting them these personalized birthday liquor labels for all of the alcohol at their party.

These labels can be easily attached to any liquor label and will not get ruined in the fridge or cooler.

It has their name and year of birth on the label with “aged to perfection.” You can also just give a bottle of liquor with the label on it as a gift.

This 50th birthday gift idea is a cool take on giving alcohol as a birthday gift. Plus, it will stand out from all of his other bottles of alcohol--this one will have his name on it. 


13. May the Fifties Be With You Mug

40th Birthday Gift 40th Birthday Mug 40 Birthday May the | Etsy

This next 50th birthday gift idea is for the person who loves Star Wars. This mug says, “May the fifties be with you,” a play on the classic phrase, “May the force be with you.”

If they love Star Wars, they will love this mug. Not only does it combine their birthday with a classic movie, it is also an item that many people use daily.

It can be used for coffee, water, tea, juice, or whatever beverage they prefer. In my opinion, you can never have too many mugs.

So even if they already have mugs, one more will be a great addition to their collection. Plus, this one has a cool memory attached to it: a 50th birthday gift from one of their favorite people. 


14. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

Personalized Leather Dopp Kit For Men – Unique Anniversary Gift, Groomsmen Gift, Boyfriend & Father Gift – Mens Handcrafted Travel Bag for Toiletries, Shaving & Grooming Kit – Toiletry B...

This next gift is one that has practical uses. It is a leather toiletry bag that you can have their initials added to.

That way, they always know which toiletry bag is theirs. This is great for use at home but also when traveling. It can fit all the practical toiletries that may be needed while traveling.

It can fit a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, razors, or whatever they may need.

It can also be stored in a bag or suitcase with ease, making it easy to travel with. It is a practical and useful gift that everyone needs. 


15.  Embroidered Toilet Paper

Happy 50th Birthday Toilet Paper Prank Funny Gag Gift For Woman, Man, Friend, Loved One

Emojis and toilet paper, what a great birthday gift combination. This toilet paper is embroidered with the poop emoji, a great gag gift for the person who is turning 50 in your life.

This would be great as decoration for a 50th birthday party or to also give as a funny gift before a sweet and sentimental one.

It could go in their bathroom, as a centerpiece, or just hang out in the corner. Either way, it will make everyone laugh.

That is the sign of a great birthday gift, especially if it makes the birthday boy laugh the most. 


16. “Oh My Goodness, You’re Half a Hundred” Birthday Card

50th Birthday Card oh My Goodness Youre Half a | Etsy

It is also good to have a sense of humor on your birthday. You can not spend the day sulking about getting older.

So, why not help them smile and laugh with a birthday card that says, “Oh my goodness, you’re half a hundred?” This is a sassy and funny remark about being 50 because it emphasizes how old they are turning.

However, if they also have a sense of humor, they will love this card. It is funny, but you can also pair it with a sweet message inside the card.

That is the beauty of cards: even if they are funny or a bit harsh, you can also write a message inside to express your feelings about the person.

Plus, you could even pair the card with a funny gift, like the custom socks. 


17. 50th Birthday Candy Poster

50th Birthday PRINTABLE Candy Poster Birthday Candy Sign | Etsy

Who doesn't love candy? Everyone does, which is why candy is a great gift idea for a 50th birthday gift.

This is a poster that uses the names of candy bars to create a fun birthday message about turning 50. All you have to do is put the actual candy bars on the spots.

So, the birthday boy can enjoy some candy while also getting a laugh at the fun message on the poster. You can never go wrong with candy, so this gift will be a hit for sure. 


18. Personalized 3D Figurine 

50th birthday gift for men, awesome 50th birthday gift for men, 50th birthday present for men, personalized 50th birthday gift

Who would not want a 3D figurine of themselves as a gift? That is why this is next on the list for 50th birthday gift ideas.

They can be turned into their own little action figure! This will be great to put on display on a desk, table, shelf, etc.

All you have to do is send in the photo, and it can be turned into a bobblehead or figurine.

And they are incredibly life-like, so there is no doubting who the figurine is supposed to be.

This is an exceedingly personalized and unique idea that they will absolutely love.


19. Watch Made of Tree Rings

Mens Watch Made of Tree Rings 50th Birthday Gift for Men | Etsy

Okay, this next 50th birthday gift idea is a bit on the pricey side. So keep that in mind before deciding on this birthday gift.

This watch is made out of a tree that was grown in 1971. Each ring on the tree marks a year of life, so each ring also signifies a year in their life.

You are giving them a watch that has a physical representation of their life so far. You can even have an engraving added to the back if you would like.

This is an exceptionally unique gift idea that they will love and cherish. It is special and useful, what more could you ask for in a gift? 


20. Keychain Made from a Penny

50th Birthday 1971 50th Birthday Gift 50th Birthday Men | Etsy

Everyone needs a keychain, so why not get them a keychain to commemorate the special day while also being a little sassy?

This keychain says, “Asshole since,” then you can get the year filled in with the year they were born. It is made out of a penny, making it a unique gift and keychain that they most likely do not have.

It will definitely be one that they will cherish and love. It will also be a great keepsake for this special milestone birthday. Also, it will bring them a little laugh with the sassy message attached. 


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50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

21. Fifty and Fabulous Wine Glass

Fifty and Fabulous Wine Glass 50th Birthday Gift for Her 0017

No birthday is ever complete without at least some wine, which is why she needs a special wine glass to enjoy her wine in.

This wine glass says, “Fifty and fabulous” on it, which is the truth. They are fifty and fabulous. You are fabulous at any age, and fifty is no different.

Plus, they can use this wine glass past their birthday as well. Every time they enjoy wine, they can let everyone know that they are fifty and, in fact, fabulous. 


22. Spa Gift Set

Spa Gift Set, Handmade Lavender Gift Box, Relaxing 9 pcs Package for Women, Including Soap Bar, Facial Mask, Shower Streamer, Scrub, Body Oil, Lip Balm, Cosmetic Bag, Soy Candle & Sponge by Lizush

Your birthday should be a time for relaxation, so why not give the gift of relaxation with this 50th birthday gift idea?

This spa gift set has everything she will need to enjoy some time to herself for her birthday.

This is a nine piece set that includes soap, face mask, shower steamer, scrub, body oil, lip balm, cosmetic bag, sponge, and soy candle.

These are all items she can use to unwind and relax on her special day. Plus, many of these items can get multiple uses, so she can relax several times, not just on her birthday. She can experience her birthday relaxation time and time again. 


23. Five Ring Necklace

EFYTAL 50th Birthday gifts for women, Sterling Silver Five Circle Necklace For Her 5 Decade Jewelry 50 Years Old

Turning 50 means you have lived through five decades, and this necklace symbolizes that. There are five rings, each one representing a decade. If she likes to wear necklaces, then this is the perfect gift.

It is not obvious that it stands for 50 since it is just rings. It is a versatile necklace and one she can wear anytime--not just on her birthday.

Plus it is silver, so it can go with many different outfits. It is a classy, simple, and meaningful gift.


24. 50th Birthday Crystal Diamond

Movdyka Happy 50th Birthday Gifts for Women Funny Ideas, Crystal Diamond Gifts for Women Turning 50, 50 Year Old Gifts for Mother Sister Friend Wife

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. So for her 50th birthday, get her this crystal diamond that is engraved with “Happy 50th Birthday” on the front.

This will add some sparkle to her special day. This is a great addition to her birthday gift and would also make a great decoration for her birthday party.

It would look great on a table, desk, dresser, shelf, or wherever she would like to have it on display.

It is a decent size, so it will definitely catch people’s attention and will for sure look beautiful in the sunlight. 


25. 50 Years Ago Poster

50th Anniversary Sign 50th Birthday Sign 50 Years Ago | Etsy

Birthdays often bring up some feelings of nostalgia, and that is exactly what this next 50th birthday gift idea does.

This poster provides a screenshot of what the world was like 50 years ago. It has major events, songs, sports champs, who was born, tv shows, how much things cost, etc.

This would be a great gift that could double as a decoration, and it would be a great gift to go along with a larger gift. It would allow her to have an idea of what was going on when she was born since she most likely does not remember.

I think posters like these are so much fun and a great way to look back and see how far things have come. I love being nostalgic.


26. Best Friend Artwork   

50th Birthday Best Friend 50 Years of Being Fabulous 50 | Etsy

This 50th birthday gift idea is for your best friend who is turning 50. It is artwork showing the two of you holding “50” balloons and is captioned with “50 years of being fabulous.”

If your best friend is turning 50, this is the gift for her. It encapsulates your friendship and how much you care for her.

You can get this framed and have it on display in her room, living room, office, or wherever she would like to have it on display.

It marks an important day in her life while also symbolizing an important relationship in her life. Plus, artwork is always a great gift idea! 


27. “Stepping Into My 50th Like a Boss” T-Shirt

Stepping Into My 50th any Age Birthday Like a Boss Bling Rhinestone Shirt, Gifts for Her, Women Bling, Birthday Slay, It's My Birthday - Etsy

This shirt says a true statement. She will be stepping into her 50th like a boss. She can rock this shirt whenever she wants to let everyone know that she is 50 and slaying it.

She is independent and smart and will kick butt this year. It is full of rhinestones, meaning no one will miss her because she will be sparkling everywhere she goes.

She can wear this shirt on her birthday and whatever day she wants to let everyone know that she is crushing it.

You know that she is a boss, hence why you get her this shirt.


28. “Fifty is Only 14 in Scrabble” Birthday Card

50th Birthday Card Funny Birthday Card Scrabble Birthday | Etsy

Every birthday present needs a birthday card, and this card is perfect for the person in your life who is turning 50.

This one plays on the idea that you are not old. It says that “Fifty is only 14 in Scrabble,” referencing that if you were to play that word in Scrabble, it would only be fourteen points.

Of course, that is not factoring in double letter, triple letter, double word or triple word titles, but that is neither here nor there.

Help your friend feel less old by giving her this card on her birthday. She will probably love it and get a laugh out of it. 


29. 50 Reasons Why We Love You” Poster

50 Reasons Why We Love You Poster

If I were to get a poster like this for my birthday, I would love it and probably cry a little bit. I am sure whoever receives this poster will have a similar reaction.

This poster is personalized for the person you are getting it for. You can add whatever reasons you want on the poster and have it made. You can add some funny ones and some sweet ones too.

You can even get it framed for her. When she opens it up, she will be blown away by the effort it took for the gift and touched by the emotions and thoughts behind it.

You can come up with the reasons yourself or get input from other people. Either way, this will be a gift that she will love. 


30. “Making the World a Better Place Since 1971” Mug

50th Birthday Mug Making the World a Better Place Since 1971 | Etsy

Like I have said before, you can never have too many mugs. That is why this next 50th birthday gift idea is a mug.

This mug emphasizes how much better your life is with her in it. She has done so much for everyone in her life, and that is why she should be celebrated on her birthday.

From the moment she was born, she has brought life and joy to everyone. Her birthday is the day to let her know how much you love and appreciate everything she does, and this mug helps do that. Plus, I just think mugs are great and great gift ideas. 


31. 50th Birthday Light Up Wine Bottle

Personalised 50th Birthday Gift Light up Wine Bottle | Etsy

Now I just think that this next 50th birthday gift idea is so cool looking. These are personalized wine bottles that have LED lights on the inside.

You can get their name put on the outside as well as “Happy 50th Birthday.” It is such a simple gift, but one that is still so cool.

This will be great to have on display in her house as a reminder of you and her special birthday. Plus, if she loves wine, you can never go wrong with incorporating a wine bottle in her gift. At least that is my opinion. 


32. Face Mask Set

4 Pcs Clay Facial Mask Set - Turmeric, Vitamin C, Green Tea, Dead Sea Mud, and Rose Clay for Deep Cleansing, Moisturizing, and Refining Pores - 240g

You can never go wrong with some skincare items as a gift, which is why this next 50th birthday gift idea is a great idea.

This set of face masks is the perfect birthday gift. It has several different types, allowing her to get multiple uses and find the one that works best for her.

Each mask has its own benefit, so she can find the one that will help with her skincare needs. She may even find her new favorite mask in the set. Plus, it is under thirty dollars, making it on the lower price end of gifts.


33. Birth Flower Necklace

Custom Name Necklace With Birth Flowerdainty Personalized | Etsy

The common jewelry birthday jewelry gift idea is an item that has their birthstone. That is always a great item, but it can be predictable.

Why not change it up and get her a necklace that has her birth flower on it? She probably does not have anything with her birth flower on it, making it a special piece of jewelry.

Plus, she may not even know what her birth flower is, allowing her to learn something new with this gift.

You can even have her name spelled out on this necklace, making it even more personalized.


34. Watch

Coach Apple Watch Strap | Elevate Your Look and Customize Your Timepiece | Mesh Bracelet | Designed for 38mm, 40mm, 41mm Apple Watches | Model (14700072)

This next 50th birthday gift idea is a classic one: a simple watch. A watch is a safe gift. It can be worn daily and is always a nice accessory for any outfit.

It can be large or small and come in many different styles and colors. Just find one that matches their style the best, and go for it.

Everyone needs a watch in their accessory collection, so add one to hers for her 50th birthday. 


35. Perfume

Coach NY Signature Eau De Parfum 3.0 Fl Oz Spray

Perfume is another classic gift. It is a useful gift, for sure. If they have a signature scent that they love, go for that as their gift.

If they have been wanting to try a new perfume, get them that one. If they have been hunting for a special kind of perfume, try to find it.

Whatever it is, you cannot go wrong with a bottle of perfume. 


36. Earrings

Coach Women's Signature Quilted Huggie Earrings

Diamond earrings are always a special gift to receive. Whenever you give someone diamond earrings, they have a special meaning, and the person appreciates them so much.

A 50th birthday should have special gifts, and these earrings represent that. Whether it is studs, hoops, rings, or large or small diamonds, they will carry a special meaning with them, for sure.

They will always remind them of this special day. 


37. Purse

COACH Jules Hobo Shoulder Bag, Wine Multi

Purses are a classic gift if they are someone who uses purses often. If they are someone who likes to change up their purses, having ones in multiple sizes and colors and styles is essential.

You can find one that is not like the others ones they have or if they need a new purse in general.

They range in prices, so you can find one that fits in your budget as well. Plus, purses are useful to have when you are going out for the day, night, traveling, for work, etc.

Plus, you can find one that is special to mark this special milestone birthday. 


38. Bath Robe

NY Threads Womens Fleece Hooded Bath Robe - Plush Long Robe, Steel Grey, Medium

A bathrobe is not something you may think of right away as a 50th birthday gift, but it is a great gift idea.

Bathrobes are great for after the shower or for just lounging around the house. While she may have one already, after a while, you may need a new one, which is where this gift comes in.


39. Foot Spa

Medical king Foot Spa with Heat and Massage and Jets Includes A Remote Control A Pumice Stone Collapsible Massager with Bubbles and Vibration

This HoMedics Shiatsu footbath is the definition of comfort at your own home. Give your Valentine the gift of going to the spa with this footbath from HoMedics.

They can use it after standing all day, walking, or doing other strenuous activities. I love that it’s heated, because that’s the ultimate comfort. 


40. Deep Tissue Massager

RAEMAO Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Back Massage Gun for Athletes for Pain Relief Attaching 10 PCS Specialized Replacement Heads, Percussion Massager with 10 Speeds & LED Screen, Black

Just admit it, we all get muscle pains from time to time. They are annoying and hard to work out, which is why this deep tissue massager is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea.

If they experience muscle pains, or if they just need a good muscle massage, this is perfect.

It has different settings and attachments, so they can adjust it to get it just right for what they need. It is on the pricier end, but it is worth it. They will be in love with this gift for sure. 


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50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

41. I Would Be Lost Without You Necklace

S925 Necklace Gift for Wife, Compass Jewelry Women Anniversary, Sterling Silver Girlfriend Birthday Gifts for Her, Valentines Day Necklaces, I'd be Lost without You Jewel 18K White Gold

Your wife is someone special in your life. On such a special birthday, you want to showcase how special she is.

This compass necklace symbolizes that. The compass represents that you would be lost without her. She keeps you grounded and steers you in the right direction. She is someone that you could not live without.

This necklace showcases all that. She will love not only the necklace but the thought behind it as well. 


42. Personalized Acrylic Block

50th Birthday Gift Personalised Birthday Gift Birthday | Etsy

This next 50th birthday gift idea is simple but still cute and meaningful.

It is just an acrylic block that is engraved with a floral heart, “Happy 50th Birthday,” and then you can have her name engraved on it.

This is a simple and inexpensive gift that can easily be displayed year round. Gifts do not have to always be over the top, extravagant, and expensive.

It can be simple and meaningful, which is what this gift is. 


43. Star Map

Star Map Printed on Wood of Any Date Actual View of the | Etsy

The birthday is all about the day they were born. So why not get them a gift that symbolizes that special day?

This gift is a map of the stars on the day that they were born. All you need to do is to provide the date they were born, and you can have a map printed of the sky on that day.

You can have it framed, include a saying, and add date and coordinates as well. It is completely unique and special to that day. It is not just any sky: it is the sky on the date that they were born. 


44. 50th Birthday Family Art Print

Happy 50th Birthday Gift Personalized Mom Birthday Gift 50th | Etsy

This next 50th birthday gift idea is one to represent all of the special people in their life. This has the date, “Happy Birthday,” and drawings of all the special people in their life along with their names.

You can have whoever you want to be depicted. Kids, pets, siblings, you, parents, etc. Whoever is special in your wife’s life.

She is in the middle to show she holds it all together. This depicts how special she is to everyone in her life. She will love this gift for sure. 


45. 50 Free Standing Photo Collage

Freestanding Double Photo Number Photo Collage Birthday | Etsy

If you have a lot of photos of her, this is a great gift idea. It is the number 50 made up entirely of photos.

You can just submit all the photos and have it put together to showcase the life of your wife. This will be great to display at her birthday party and also to have on display year-round.

It is sentimental and has all of your favorite pictures of her in one place. People can look and see her life, and she can look back at all of her memories over the years. 


46. “Vintage 1971” Leather Makeup Bag

50th Birthday Gift for Woman Leather Makeup Bag 50th | Etsy

This next 50th birthday gift idea is one that will definitely get a lot of use. It is a leather makeup bag that says “Vintage 1971” on it to represent the year she was born.

This bag is durable and easy to travel with and store. It can be used to store makeup at home and when traveling.

It is sleek and has room for plenty of makeup and brushes. She can throw in a purse or keep it in her bathroom; either way, it is a great gift. 


47. Personalized 50th Birthday Book

Australia Edition Personalised 50th Birthday Book, Memory Lane Birthday Gift, Personalized 50th Birthday Gift, Birthday Fact Book Gift - Etsy

This book tells the story of the life of the person it is made for. It is a trip down memory lane. It talks about the food, events, talks about the day they were born, has quizzes, etc.

You can personalize and have it represent the special woman in your life. It is unique and full of colors, pictures, and personalization.

 It captures their life in a unique memory book that they can look back on and get nostalgic.


48. To My Wife Flannel Blanket

Gifts for Wife from Husband, to My Wife Blanket Gift Ideas, Letter Warm Soft Throw Blankets for Wife, Wife Blankets Gifts for Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines, Christmas

This book tells the story of the life of the person it is made for. It is a trip down memory lane. It talks about the food, events, talks about the day they were born, has quizzes, etc.

You can personalize and have it represent the special woman in your life. It is unique and full of colors, pictures, and personalization.

 It captures their life in a unique memory book that they can look back on and get nostalgic.


49. To My Wife Candles

Mancheng-zi Wife Scented Candle,Wife Candle from Husband,Anniversary Wedding Gifts for Wife,Birthday Gifts for Wife,Christmas Candle Gifts for Wife,Unique Gifts for Wife,to My Wife Candle

This candle set is a great gift from husband to wife. When you put the two candles together they form a heart. This shows that you two complete one another.

The message is that while you may not live in a Disney fairytale, she is still your queen. You still love and appreciate her, and she is perfect in your eyes.

It is a sweet and nice message that she will appreciate hearing, especially on her milestone birthday.

These will look great displayed in your home, and everyone who visits will know the special relationship that the two of you have. 


50. To My Wife Wallet Insert

Resdink To My Gorgeous Wife, Engraved Wallet Cards for wife, Love Gifts for Wife, Anniversary Present Card for Wife Her, I Love You With All My Heart, Wife Gift from Husband, Birthday Valentines

This next 50th birthday gift idea is a gift that allows your wife to know how much you love and appreciate her at all times.

This is a wallet insert that she can keep in her purse or wallet that has a special message from you. It is the size of a credit card, so it will easily fit in any wallet or purse.

This is a great small gift to incorporate with a larger gift.

It is something that she would never think of or expect to get. Plus, it is incredibly cute, in my opinion.


51. Personalized Wooden Recipe Binder

Personalized Wooden Recipe Book Binder Custom Journal Cookbook | Etsy

If your wife loves to bake or cook, this is a great 50th birthday gift idea. This is a wooden recipe binder that has their name on it and paper to put the recipes on.

You can choose both the cover and paper style inside the binder. Whatever style you think your wife would love. That way she can write down all of her recipes in one place.

This can then be passed down to others through the years, so the recipes continue on. It is sweet, thoughtful, and unique--the perfect gift for a milestone birthday.


52. Automatic Wine Opener

Vin Fresco Electric Wine Opener Rechargeable with Charging Base & Foil Cutter - Automatic Wine Bottle Opener - Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener - Wine Gift for Wine Lovers (Black & Rose Gold)

If your wife loves wine, this is an exceedingly useful gift you should consider getting her. It is an automatic wine opener.

It easily removes corks from her favorite wine bottles with one button. A foil cutter is even included in the stand.

No more struggling with opening up wine bottles with a normal wine opener. It can be stored easily on a counter, drawer, or cabinet.

She will love this gift and quickly enjoy her favorite bottle of wine--she will maybe even include you in the gift as soon as she opens it. 


53. Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker

KOTLIE Single Serve Coffee Maker,4in1 Espresso Machine for Nespresso original/K cups/L'OR/Ground Coffee/illy Coffee ESE,19Bar Espresso Maker,1450W Fast Heat Coffee Machine(Black)

This next 50th birthday gift idea will help your wife save money. It is a Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker.

She can make all of her favorite coffee beverages at home, so she does not have to go out and buy coffee from a coffee shop.

It is easy to use and makes many different beverages. It can accommodate tall glasses, and the capsules are easy to dispose of. This will turn your wife into a home barista. 


54. Anti-Stress Microwavable Comfort Wrap

REVIX Microwave Heating Pad for Neck Shoulders and Back Pain Relief with Moist Heat, Weighted Microwavable Heated Neck Wrap Warmer, Scented

This next gift idea is great for relieve pain, tension, and swelling. It can be microwaved or put in the freezer before applying to painful areas to help with swelling.

This can be used in many different scenarios, and it is great to have on hand for those moments. Your wife will love this gift and use it often.

This is even good when you are just cold or hot and need to warm up or cool down. Plus, it can be folded up and stored easily when it is not needed. 


55. Essential Oils Set

Essential Oils by PURE AROMA 100% Pure Oils kit- Top 6 Aromatherapy Oils Gift Set-6 Pack, 10ML(Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree)

Essential oils are great to have on hand to use when you are sick, stressed, or just like to smell good.

If your wife loves essential oils or is interested in them, consider getting her some as part of her 50th birthday gift. They come in a variety of sets and each one has their own use.

Figure out what she would consider using them for and get her ones that fit that.

They can be put into a diffuser, smelled, or rubbed onto different areas of the skin. They are also not expensive, making it an affordable gift option. 


56. Portable Cocktail Set 

BARE BARREL® Mixology Bartender Kit Bar Set | Martini Cocktail Shaker Set | Barware Mixing Tools for Home Bartending | Farmhouse Rustic Portable Caddy & 35 Recipe Cards | Gift Set (Silver)

Making cocktails can be a fun activity. It is great for parties, and it is fun to experiment with different recipes.

If your wife enjoys making cocktails, this portable cocktail set is a great 50th birthday gift idea. It has a shaker, jigger, ice tongs, strainer, olive picks, vermouth steamer, stirrer and traveling case, and martini glasses.

Everything she needs to make delicious cocktails on the go! Plus, the carrying case makes storing everything easy because it is all in one place. So, help your wife become a mixologist with this cocktail maker kit for her 50th birthday. 


57. Loungewear Pants

Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight Lounge Terry Jogger Pajama Pant (Available in Plus Size), Blush, Large

Everyone likes to be comfy, which is why this next 50th birthday gift idea is a pair of comfy pants.

These are great for hanging out at home, running errands, working out, pajamas, or wherever you want to wear them.

They are soft, comfortable, and great for just relaxing--which is what you should do on your birthday. Give the gift of relaxation on her birthday with these pants. 


58. Lavender Sleep Essentials

Dr Teal's Sleep Spray with Melatonin & Essential Oil Blend, 6 fl oz (Pack of 3)

Not being able to sleep is not fun. It can be frustrating, and being frustrated makes sleeping even more difficult.

That is why this sleep essentials set is the perfect birthday gift. It has a sleep essential oil, sleep roll-on, lavender linen spray, an eye mask, and a bag.

Before bed, you could use the oil, spray the lavender spray, use the roll-on and/or put on the mask, relax, and let sleep take over.

No one should not be able to sleep, especially on their birthday, making this a must have birthday gift. 


59. Bath Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow - Supports Head, Neck and Back in Tub - Bathtub Cushion

This 50th birthday gift idea is for the wife who loves to take long baths to relax. I can speak from experience, laying on the hard bathtub is not very fun or comfortable.

It can be painful, and you get uncomfortable fast. So, for her birthday, a bath pillow would be a great investment.

She can place it in the bath and experience a much more comfortable bath experience. It has suction cups to prevent it from falling, and the mesh design makes drying fast and easy.

It saves time adjusting, and she gets more time in the bath now that she is comfortable. 


60. 3D Rose Crystal

HOCHANCE 3D Rose Crystal with LED Colourful Light Base,Birthday Presents Mothers Day Gifts for Mother Girlfriend Woman Aunt Wife Mom, Love Memorial Unique Anniversary Long Distance Friendship

Why get her flowers that will eventually fade when you can get her this 3D rose that will last forever?

This LED Light is a 3D crystal with a rose engraved on it.

Underneath it says, “I Love You,” demonstrating your love for her.

No more having to worry about trying to get the flowers to last as long as possible with this gift.

It can be displayed and last forever.

A flower that you got her that lasts forever. A unique and special idea for a special birthday. 


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50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

61. 50th Birthday Shirt

50th Birthday Gift for Men Husband Dad 50 Year Old Legend | Etsy

I always say you can never have too many T-shirts, which is why this T-shirt is a great 50th birthday gift idea.

It says, “Husband, dad, 50-year-old, legend” on the front. It sums up all the different hats he wears, plus it shows off that he is a legend and should be appreciated on his birthday.

He can wear it when it is not his birthday and let everyone know he is a legend. Plus it is comfy, which makes it even better. 


62. “To My Wonderful Husband” Birthday Card

50th Birthday Card to My Wonderful Husband Heartfelt Sentiment | Etsy

Cards are a staple for any birthday gift, so make sure to get a special one for your husband to include in his birthday gift.

Inside you can write a special message to him on this big birthday.

You can also make it funny because not everything has to be super sweet and serious.

Just make sure it represents the relationship that you two have. Plus, cards can be saved to look back on later. 


63. BBQ Grilling Set

POLIGO 26 PCS BBQ Set Grilling Tool with Case - Camping Grill Set Stainless Steel Barbeque Grill Accessories for Outdoor Grill - Premium Grill Utensils Set Ideal Fathers Day Grilling Gifts for Men

Does your husband love to grill? If so, this grilling set is the perfect 50th birthday gift. It has all the tools and utensils he will need to cook some great BBQ.

It has tongs, mats, skewers, spatula, cleaning brush, etc. He will be set for the summer grilling season.

This is also a gift for you because you will get to enjoy the delicious food after he is done cooking. So it is a win for him and a win for you. 


64. Memory Foam Slipper

VeraCosy Men's Two-Tone Memory Foam House Slippers w/Indoor Outdoor Durable Rubber Sole (Dark Gray/Blue, 9-10 US)

I know I love when my feet are comfortable. So why not help your husband make his feet comfortable by getting him a pair of memory foam slippers for his 50th birthday?

These are great to just slip on to wear around the house. The memory foam will form to his feet, and they will fit better.

Plus, the rubber sole makes it so he can step outside to grab things quickly or let the dog out or in. They will be great to throw on after a long day to give his feet a break. Maybe pick up a pair for yourself as well. 


65. Cologne

Jean Marc Paris HOMME NOIR Eau de Toilette Spray 6 oz JUMBO Size

Cologne is a classic gift that is always a safe option when you are unsure of what else to get someone.

You can get them a bottle of their favorite scent or a bottle of one they have been wanting to try or have been searching for.

Cologne is always good to have on hand. You have a bottle right there in case you ever run out. Your husband will love the gift for sure. 


66. Car Phone Mount

VICSEED Car Phone Mount, [Thick Case & Big Phones Friendly] Long Arm Suction Cup Phone Holder for Car Dashboard Windshield Air Vent Hands Free Clip Cell Phone Holder Compatible with All Mobile Pho...

This is a great 50th birthday gift idea if your husband is guilty of checking his phone while driving, uses his phone for GPS, or anything like that. It is a phone mount that he can place on his dashboard.

It is sturdy and fits any size of phone with any type of case. He can place the phone on the mount when he gets in his car to have the map, music, or whatever on display without having to hold it and stare at it. No more staring at the phone in hand or lap. 


67. Luxury Razor Shaving Kit

Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit - Includes Double Edge Safety Razor, Stand, Bowl, After-Shave Balm, Pre-Shave Oil, Badger Brush - Safety Razor Kit

This kit has everything your husband will need to upgrade his shaving game. It has a safety razor with 10 razor blades, razor holder, shaving brush, shaving bowl, shaving soap, pre-shave oil, and aftershave balm.

He can have a nice little setup in the bathroom when he shaves so he can get the best shave possible. Just make sure he cleans up when he is finished because you do not want to clean up any of his mess after. 


68. Beer Tasting Set

Houseables Beer Flight Board, Tasting Kit, 13”X8”, Set Of 2 Boards With 8 Glasses, Wood Paddle, Drink Serving Tray, Chalkboard Labels, Craft Brew Sampler, For Bar, Brewery, Gifts, Party, Education

If your husband loves beer, this is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea. This beer tasting set comes with four taster-sized glasses, a wood panel, and a taster guide.

All you need is the beer. This will be great to host a party or just for him to use. Either way, he will love this and love having the chance to expand his beer palate because of your gift. It is unique and will get plenty of use for sure. 


69. Grill Master Apron

Rosoz Funny BBQ Black Chef Aprons for Men, Grill Master, Adjustable Kitchen Cooking Aprons with Pocket Waterproof Oil Proof Father’s Day/Birthday

This gift will go great with the BBQ grilling set from earlier. This apron lets everyone know that your husband is the grill master.

He will grill the best food, and no one should mess with him. He can wear this whenever he grills to get the message across.

This is a fun 50th birthday gift idea that will definitely get some smiles and laughs from your friends and husband for sure. 


70. Bullet Pen

50th Birthday Gift for Men Dad Bullet Pen & Engraved Box | Etsy

This pen is made out of a brass casing that was fired by the US Military. It comes in a box that is engraved with “Start your 50th with a bang.”

This will look great on an office desk, and it is something they will love and cherish. It is a unique gift idea and something no one else will probably think to get him.

A special birthday deserves a special gift like this. 


71. Personalized Comic Book

Personalized Comic Book Husband Gift Husband Valentine's Day Gift Anniversary Husband Gift Husband Birthday Gift - Etsy

This next 50th birthday gift idea is a personalized comic book. You just have to provide the photos and the story you want to tell, and they create the comic book for you.

You could tell a story about the two of you, a story about him, or whatever you want. You can make it funny, sweet, both, or whatever you want.

You just have to provide the information, and they can create it for you. He will definitely not be expecting it, and that will make the gift even better. It is an exceptionally personalized gift that he will love.


72. Hot Sauce Making Kit

Premium Hot Sauce Making Kit, 5 Varieties of Peppers, Jalapeno Habanero, Gourmet Spice Blend, 4 Bottles, Fun Labels, Make your own hot sauce, Father's Day Gift for Dad

Does your husband love hot sauce? If the answer is “yes,” this is the gift idea for him. It is a hot sauce making kit.

This kit has everything he needs to make his very own hot sauce. It comes with multiple bottles and labels so he can experiment and create different recipes.

Some may be good, some may be bad, but that is the fun of it. You may have to try them, but that is okay. You never know, he may create the best new hot sauce. 


73. Indoor Putting Green

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return, 9 Feet x 16.25 Inches

This 50th birthday gift idea is for the husband who loves to golf. It is a 9-foot putting green with a continuous ball return.

He can continuously practice his putting and not have to worry about having to go get the ball. He can set this up in the basement, garage, office, etc.

This gift is great for the winter when he is not able to golf so he can keep his skills up. This will also keep him occupied so he does not bother you.

It is a win-win situation. As long as he does not accidentally break anything, it will be a great gift. 


74. Frosty Beer 2 Go Vacuum Insulated Double Walled Stainless Steel Beer Can and Bottle Cooler

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Vacuum Insulated Double Walled Stainless Steel Beer Can and Bottle Cooler with Beer Opener Eco Friendly and Bpa Free (Silver)

This gift is perfect for the beer-loving husband. This cooler will allow the beer to be cold for hours on end. It works for both beer bottles and beer cans.

It even comes with a beer opener. Whenever he enjoys a beer, the beer will be cold the whole time he is drinking it.

There are no worries about the beer getting warm. He can take his time drinking the beer and enjoy it. 


75. Mini Hammer Multitool

HANSHI Adjustable Wrench Multitool Hammer for Survival,16 in 1 Multitools Pliers with Nylon Sheath,Pocket Knife Multi Screwdriver Tool All in One Camping Accessories for Stocking Stuffers for Men

If your husband is a handyman, this is the perfect gift for him. This multitool can fit in his pocket so he can work on projects on the go.

It has many of the basic tools he would need in one place. It has 12 tools all in one place.

He does not have to run back and forth to look for tools because he has them in his pocket ready to go. This is a great small gi​​ft to include with other gifts. 


76. What I Love About You Fill in the Blank Book

Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal, 4.5 x 3.25-Inches

This next gift idea is meant to be a sweet gift to show your husband how much you care about him.

This book provides prompts for you to fill in with things that relate to you and your husband. It can be funny and sweet--a nice mix of both.

This is a great gift to show how much you love and appreciate him on his birthday. 


77. Whiskey Decanter Globe

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

If your husband enjoys drinking whiskey, this is a great gift for him. This is a whiskey decanter that is the shape of a globe.

This will look great on a desk or alcohol cart in your house. It will for sure start conversations while also enhancing the whiskey drinking experience.

It is a unique shape and design that will grab people’s attention. All you need are some nice glasses, and you have an evening enjoying some nice whiskey. 


78. Whiskey Glass Set

Whiskey Glasses Set of 2 with Whiskey Stones & Coasters – Whiskey Set Gifts for Men – Bourbon Glass – The Whiskey Gift for Men Dad Boss Boyfriend on Retirement, Anniversary & Birthday

If your husband enjoys drinking whiskey, this is a great gift for him. This is a whiskey decanter that is the shape of a globe.

This will look great on a desk or alcohol cart in your house. It will for sure start conversations while also enhancing the whiskey-drinking experience.

It is a unique shape and design that will grab people’s attention. All you need are some nice glasses, and you have an evening enjoying some nice whiskey.


79. Neck Massager Pillow

VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow Shiatsu Deep Kneading Shoulder Back and Foot Massager with Heat-Relaxation Gifts for Women/Men/Dad/Mom

Only because they´re 15 years old doesn´t mean they are not going through a lot of stress in their life.

15- year-old boys have so many things inside their heads that gifting them with a neck massage pillow can really be a savior for them.

It can be used after playing some sports too, it´ll helps relax their muscles and leave them fresh for the next day!

This massager fits perfectly behind the neck and body, contours of shoulder, lower- & upper-back, abdomen, calves, and thigh areas.


80. Never Forget that I Love You Wallet Insert

Husband Wife Wallet Card Insert Valentine Christmas Gifts for Him Her Men Husband Anniversary from Wife Girlfriend Stocking Suffers Birthday Gift I Love You Note Wedding Engagement Gifts Fiance Groom

This last 50th birthday gift idea is a wallet insert that describes how much you love and appreciate your husband. It is the size of a credit card and can easily fit inside any wallet.

That way he always knows how much you love him. That you are happy that you two found one another, and you cannot imagine being with anyone else.

It is something small and simple, but it is something that he will love very much. 


Final Thoughts

Turning 50 is a milestone. It is a birthday that should be celebrated, and a chance for you to show how much you appreciate that special person in your life.

That is why you want to find them a gift that shows just that, which is where hopefully this list of 50th birthday gift ideas comes along.

This list will help you come up with the perfect gift idea, something that they will absolutely love. A gift that shows how much you care and appreciate them while also being something that completely fits them.

Of course, they will love anything you get them because it came from you. Gift buying can be stressful and overwhelming. Hopefully, this article helps ease that stress at least a little bit. 




80 most amazing 50th birthday gift ideas the ultimate guide

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