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The 50 Best Gifts for a New Big Sister – The Ultimate Guide

Don’t know what to get a new big sister in your life? Here are the best 50 big sister gifts. She’ll absolutely love them.

Viviana Freyer



Older sister giving her younger sister a gift

Becoming a big sister is always cause for celebration; it is a special time when a new baby comes home, and she takes on a new family role. But what do you get this new and young big sister in your life? Here is the ultimate guide with 50 gifts that a new big sister will love! They will help mark this exciting new time. 


Best Gifts for a Big Sister (Overall)


1. Customizable Shirt

Personalized Unicorn Shirt for Big Sister Pink Raglan Gift Girl

This pink and white long-sleeved shirt has the word “big sister” on the front with a cute unicorn design. However, the fun part about this big sister gift is you can customize this shirt to feature the big sister’s name on the front, too. This shirt is a useful and personal gift that lets everyone know who the big sister is!



2. Personalized Big Sister Book

Going to Be a Big Sister Gift, Sibling New Baby, Personalized, SOFTCOVER

The perfect big sister gift for a little one learning how to read and spell! This personalized book called The Super, Incredible Big Sister allows the buyer to personalize it with the big sister’s name. It also comes with a “super, incredible big sister” medal she can wear too!



3. Big Sister Outfit 


Toddler Girls Sister Floral Pants Set Baby Promoted to Big Sister Short Sleeve Shirt+Floral Pants+Headband 3Pcs Outfits (Big Sister-A, 18-24 Months)

She’ll be the best-dressed big sister around! This set features a t-shirt that reads “promoted to big sister” as well as matching leggings and a bow. It also comes in a variety of patterns and colors- I especially like the strawberry set and the sunflower set.



4. Big Sister Unicorn 


Flutter Hut I’m The Big Sister Unicorn Plush Pink Sparkles Message T-Shirt 8 Inches

Who doesn’t love getting a unicorn for a gift? This plush pink and white unicorn has a removable t-shirt with a rainbow print that says “I’m the Big Sister!” Any big sister will love her soft, sparkly new friend and it’s a great gift to let her know a new baby is coming!



5. Big Sister Tiara and Sash


Big Sister Big Sister Crown Sash and Pin, I am Going to be Big Sister Tiara, Daughter Get Promoted to Big Sisters Idea Gift Set, Big Sister to Be for Baby Shower Sash, Big Sister Party Supplies

This is the ideal big sister gift for a little girl who loves princesses and the color pink! The set comes with a pink rhinestone “Big Sister” tiara, a silky pink “Big Sister to Be” sash and a pink “Big Sister” ribbon. Any big sister will love being able to stand out while also joining the party. Becoming a big sister is cause for celebration!



6. Promoted to Big Sister Coloring Book 


Promoted to Big Sister Coloring Book: New Baby Color Book for Big Sisters Ages 2-6 with Unicorns and Mermaids – Perfect Gift for Little Girls with a New Sibling!

If your big sister is a future artist, this is the perfect gift for her. Promoted to Big Sister is a coloring book with 30 single-sided images of unicorns and mermaids that she can color to her heart’s content. This will surely keep any big sister entertained for hours on end while parents take care of the new baby.



7. Baby Brother Book 


You’re Getting a Baby Brother!

It’s a boy! You’re Getting a Baby Brother teaches a big sister what to expect when her baby brother comes home. She’ll have fun looking at the delightful illustrations and reading the clever rhymes. There is also a space at the end to write about her baby brother.



8. Baby Sister Book


You’re Getting a Baby Sister!

It’s a girl! Help the big sister prepare for another little girl around the house with You’re Getting a Baby Sister. Written by the same team as You’re Getting a Big Brother, you’ll get the same experience, but only this time the book is about a baby sister. Both options are right here and ready to read!



9. Accessories Bundle


Melissa & Doug Doll Accessories Bundle Pink, 7.30 high x 11.20 wide x 14.30 deep

This big sister gift has two baby sets in one! The accessories bundle comes with a diaper bag and a baby and food bottle set. The diaper bag set comes with seven pieces including cloth diapers and wipes, and the food and bottle set comes with eight pieces including food jars and a bib. What a spoiled big sister!



10. Goodnight New Baby


Good Night New Baby (Good Night Our World)

This sweet book captures everything a new baby may experience. It celebrates the baby’s first checkup, walks in the stroller, feeding time and even peek-a-boo. This will be a great exercise for big sisters walking in others’ shoes.



Birthday Gifts for Big Sister 


11. Super Big Sis Set 


Golray Super Big Sister Gifts Set with Superhero Cape Eyemask Unicorn Slap Bracelets Necklace, Drawstring Backpack, Unicorn Keychain, Insulated Plastic Tumbler Cup Big Sister Gifts for Little Girls

Big sisters are often their little sibling’s hero, and this big sister gift helps her get ready for the part. The Super Big Sister Giftset comes with a matching pink cape and medal reading “Super Big Sister,” as well as a matching eye mask. Plus it comes with a unicorn slap bracelet, keychain and Big Sister tumbler cup. This big sister gift has it all!



12. Big Sister Photo Album 


The Grandparent Gift Co. Brag Book, Big Sister

Make the big sister a part of capturing the memories with this adorable, kid-friendly photo album. She’ll love filling up the pages with this pink, fuzzy album full of photos of her and her new baby sibling. Hopefully, either Mom or Dad has the camera ready!



13. You’re the Biggest Chapter Book


Youre The Biggest

Looking for a whimsical big sister gift for a little girl who likes to read? You’re The Biggest is an adorable and colorful chapter book that celebrates this new stage in a big sister’s life through it’s endearing fox protagonists. It also comes with writing space at the end for some personal thoughts and reflections. She’ll be looking forward to bedtime!



14. Big Sister Bracelet 


Infinity Collection Sister Bracelet -Sister Jewelry- Big Sister Charm Bracelet, Pink Big Sister Bracelet- Gift for Sisters

This lovely bracelet includes many fun and textile beads for Big Sister to play with. It is pink and silver with a “Big Sister” charm as the centerpiece. Any big sister can dress herself up with her new bracelet on special occasions, and always have a reminder of her new important role in the family.



15. Hello In There!


Hello in There!: A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting (Growing Hearts)

This is the perfect big sister gift for a little girl counting down the minutes until her little sibling gets home! Hello In There! features a big sister starting early, and sticking close to her mother as she talks to her unborn baby sibling. This interactive book perfectly captures the excitement and anticipation of watching Mom’s belly get bigger.



16. Camera for Kids


Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera, Christmas Birthday Gifts for Girls Age 3-9, HD Digital Video Cameras for Toddler, Portable Toy for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girl with 32GB SD Card (Pink)

Does your big sister love making appearances in Mom and Dad’s camera roll? If yes, she’ll love this bubblegum pink camera for kids. With this camera, she can take pictures of herself and the family with the new baby. Maybe you’ve got a future photographer on your hands!



17. Big Sisters Are the Best


Big Sisters Are the Best (Fiction Picture Books)

Help assure any big sister about the awesomeness of her role. Big sisters can possibly feel left out at times with Mom and Dad paying so much attention to the new baby, but Big Sisters Are the Best reminds her that there are many things she can do that a baby sibling can’t. Big sisters are special!



Christmas Gifts for Big Sister


18. Big Sister Elsa Shirt


Disney Frozen Elsa I'm The Big Sister Shirt (5/6), Purple

There are few fictional big sisters more famous than Elsa, and soon, your little one will have something in common with everyone’s favorite snow queen. This lavender t-shirt comes with an Elsa print reading “I’m the big sister.” You can’t go wrong with Frozen!



19. Big Sister Journal 


Welcome to the Family!: A Celebratory Journal for a New Big Sister or Brother

Becoming a big sister comes with a lot of big feelings, and this journal will surely help your big sister sort them out. Welcome to the Family! makes space for your big sister to draw, write and color their thoughts about having a new sibling. There are even pages that get the rest of the family involved, too!



20. Barbie Babysitter


Barbie Babysitting Playset with Skipper Doll, Color-Change Baby Doll, High Chair, Crib and Themed Accessories [Amazon Exclusive]

The Barbie Babysitter set comes with the Skipper Barbie, a Barbie baby doll, a high chair and a crib. While this isn’t an official big sister Barbie, it still makes for a great sister gift! I would have loved to learn how to take care of my baby siblings with a Barbie doll.



21. Baby Accessories 


JC Toys Deluxe Doll Accessory Bundle | High Chair, Crib, Bath and Extra Accessories for Dolls up to 11″ | Fits 11″ La Baby & Other Similar Sized Dolls, Pink (81453)

If your big sister wants the baby accessories minus the baby, this has her covered. This accessory bundle comes with a high chair, crib and bathtub that fit a smaller-sized doll. They also come with teeny tiny add-ons like a rubber duck, a pacifier and soap!



22. Bathtime 


Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. Feeding and Bath-Time Playset with Color-Change Baby Doll, Tub and 6 Accessories

Big Sisters can practice feeding and bathtime with this cute set! The Barbie baby comes with adorable accessories like a duck towel, a duck-shaped bathtub, bottles and bowls. The food even temporarily colors the baby’s mouth green, like she was actually eating!



23. The Big Sibling Book 


The Big Sibling Book: Baby’s First Year According to ME

This big sister gift lets her record a baby’s first year entirely in her point of view! Baby’s First Year According to ME is organized in chronological order to help your big sister record baby’s firsts through drawings, stickers and thought bubbles. Fun!



Last-Minute Gifts for Big Sister


24. Big Sister Teddy Bear 


GUND I’m the Big Sister T-Shirt Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush, Pink, 12”

Everyone remembers their childhood stuffed animal, plus, this one marks an important occasion in a big sister’s life! This plush high-quality teddy bear comes with a removable shirt that says “I’m the Big Sister.” And it can go in the laundry safely for the occasional wash!



25. Big Sister Jewelry Set


Big Sister Gifts Charm Bracelet Big Sis Shiny Crystal Charm Bracelet Bangle Jewelry and Heart Big Sister Necklace for Women Girls Sister Necklace Charm with Unicorn Box Greeting Card (Pink Series)

Big Sister’s getting glam! This big sister gift comes with a pink rhinestone necklace, and a pink chunky “Sister” charm bracelet.

If you’re in a pinch for gifts, she’ll love getting some fun necklaces and bracelets.



26. Big Sister Bows 


Baby Shower Decoration for Big sister To Be, Premium Metal Blue Tiara + blue Sash + Premium Metal big sister blue & white pin, Maternity Christmas Gift for Her

This big sister gift makes for some unique accessories! These little white bows have “big sister” written in pink.

If a big sister likes getting her hair done, these are a quick and easy choice. She’ll appreciate this small detail from you.



27. Big Sister Sippy Cup


C.R. Gibson ‘Super Big Sister’ Pink Insulated Small Plastic Tumbler for Girls, 8 oz.

This big sister gift is perfect for lunchtime at school! The 8 oz. “Super Big Sister” tumbler is not too heavy and great for little hands. It comes with a lid and a straw to protect from any spills.



28. Big Sister Tote


Ihopes Big Sister Reusable Tote Bag | Cute Big Sister Canvas Tote Bag Gifts for Girls Daughter Sister | Perfect birthday gifts/Birth Announcement/New Pregnancy Gift

This playful reusable tote bag features a “Big Sister” design that can fit anything she needs, from dolls, to books, to coloring supplies. Plus, it’s made from 100% natural materials.



29. Double Sister Bear


Bearington Ima Big Sister Teddy Bear, 12 Inch Big Sister Stuffed Animal

This teddy bear comes with a pink onesie, that says “Big Sister” on one of the feet, and it has a plush bear-shaped rattle in its front pocket. A bear-y sweet big sister gift indeed!



30. Big Sister Activity and Coloring Book 


Big Sister Coloring Book: I am a Big Sister Book, New Baby Sibling Gifts, Cute Gift For New Sisters

The Big Sister Activity and Coloring Book come with coloring pages and “dot-to-dot” activities to have the big sister entertained while her parents take care of the baby. The pages also come with cute big-sister-related captions!



31. Big Sister Accessory Set


3 Pieces Big Sister Accessory Set, Include Big Sister Pink Satin Sash, Badge Pin and Flower Crown for Baby Shower Big Sister to be Party

The Big Sister Accessory Set includes a Big Sister satin sash, a Big Sister ribbon and a flower crown (all pink, of course). I would have loved getting a flower crown as a big sister gift. I would have felt like a little fairy!



32. Baby Carrying Bag and Accessories 


3 Pieces Big Sister Accessory Set, Include Big Sister Pink Satin Sash, Badge Pin and Flower Crown for Baby Shower Big Sister to be Party

The Big Sister Accessory Set includes a Big Sister satin sash, a Big Sister ribbon and a flower crown (all pink, of course). I would have loved getting a flower crown as a big sister gift. I would have felt like a little fairy!



Older Big Sister Gifts

33. Sister Bracelets 


Sister Bracelets Set of 2 Big Sister Little Sister Bracelet Sister Jewelry Set Sister Gifts (595)

This is a big and little sister gift all in one! The matching silver bracelets come with a pink heart charm, a “sister” charm and one larger charm with an engraving about sisterhood. Any big sister will love being able to match with her little sister, and this will help them feel more connected from the beginning.



34. Big Sister Little Sister Matching Shirts


Big Sister Little Sister Matching Outfits Shirt Gifts Girls Newborn Baby Set (Mauve, Kid (2Y) / Baby (1-3M))

Now the big and little sister can match from the very beginning! This matching gift set features a “big sister” t-shirt and a “little sister” bodysuit. They come in mauve, pink and purple. The matching outfits will make for the cutest holiday cards. Maybe you can get the big sister involved and ask her what color she likes best!



35. How To Be a Big Sister


How to Be a Big Sister: A Guide to Being the Best Older Sibling Ever

Help her become the best big sister she can be! How To Be A Big Sister has three sections about becoming a big sister, helping the family and playing with her new sibling that will hopefully answer all her questions about this new and exciting time. This unique book also features fun, playful and diverse drawings.



36. Picture Frame 


The Grandparent Gift Co. Sweet Something Frame for Big Sister

This big sister gift makes for a sweet alternative for an iPhone camera roll. The picture frame holds space for a 4×6 horizontal photograph, and also features a “big sister poem.” The picture frame can help capture such a new and exciting time for everyone, especially for a big sister.



37. When We Became Four


When We Became Four: A Memory Book for the Whole Family

This is a gift a big sister can share with Mom. When We Became Four is a family-friendly keepsake journal with checklists, prompts and imaginative sections to help chronicle the early days with another child in the house. The big sister, Mom and Dad can bond by filling it out together and create memories for years to come.



38. Big Sister Flower Bracelet


Katie Loxton A Little Big Sister Pink Flowers Girls’ Stretch Adjustable Band Charm Bracelet

If your big sister likes playing in Mom’s jewelry box, this is the perfect gift for her. This stretchy pink bracelet comes with a flower charm and a small dedication to big sisters. You can even buy the corresponding bracelet for the little sister if they want to match!



39. Future Big Sister Pearl Necklace


Promoted to Big Sister Gift, Single Pearl Necklace with Meaningful Message, 14K Rose or Yellow Gold Filled or Sterling Silver

The special aspect about this big sister gift is that it presumably comes from the “baby bump.” This dainty necklace comes with a note from their future baby sibling telling her how excited they are to be loved by her and to join the family. I would have loved to get gifts from my little siblings!



40. Big Sis Necklace


lauhonmin Family Jewelry Silver Alloy Pink Crystal Love Heart Big Sister Charm Pendant Necklace Women Girl Gift (Pink Crystal Big Sister)

This makes for one sparkly big sister gift! The Big Sis Necklace comes with a pink, bedazzled heart charm reading “Big Sis.” If she’s a budding fashionista, she can make a statement with this eye-catching necklace, all while proudly displaying her sisterly love.



Young Big Sister Gifts

41. Big Sister Gift Set 


Big Sister Gift Set- I Hereby Crown You Big Sister Book, Doll, and Child Size Crown

Nothing makes a big sister feel special like an official crowning ceremony! The Big Sister Gift Set includes a “Big Sister” crown, a soft doll with a matching crown and a little book called I Hereby Crown You Big Sister, detailing the special aspects of a new baby sibling. Having an official title will help any big sister feel more excited about her new role. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a crown!


42. Big Sister Fox Set 


Mud Pie Mini”I’m A Big Sister” Fox Set, Pink, 4.5″ x 3″x 1.5″

This gift will surely put a smile on any big sister’s face. It features a cotton-linen fox wearing a t-shirt that says “Big Sister,” as well as a baby fox. They come with a pink case that says “I’m a Big Sister!” on the front, and there is a sweet poem on the back. I’m sure she’ll love playing with the cute foxes and reading the clever poem!


43. Big Sister Bundle


Tickle & Main Big Sister Gift Set, I Hereby Crown You Big Sister Book, Doll, and Child Size Crown

The Big Sister Bundle is the perfect gift for bedtime with two books about being a big sister and a small teddy bear with a pink t-shirt that reads “I’m the big sister.”

She can pick one of the stories to read before bed then snuggle up with her new teddy bear.


44. Diaper Bag Gift Set


10 Piece Deluxe Diaper Bag Gift Set | Feat. 13″ Realistic Smiling Baby Newborn Doll | La Newborn – JC Toys | All Vinyl | Washable | Ages 2+, Pink

This gift will help give any big sister a glimpse of what her parents will be doing for the next few months. The Diaper Bag Gift Set comes with many goodies including a baby doll, a sippy cup, a rattle and a birth certificate. Having a little one of her own to take will help any big sister feel included!


45. Big Sister Doll and Book 


10 Piece Deluxe Diaper Bag Gift Set | Feat. 13″ Realistic Smiling Baby Newborn Doll | La Newborn – JC Toys | All Vinyl | Washable | Ages 2+, Pink

This gift will help give any big sister a glimpse of what her parents will be doing for the next few months. The Diaper Bag Gift Set comes with many goodies including a baby doll, a sippy cup, a rattle and a birth certificate. Having a little one of her own to take will help any big sister feel included!


46. Sister Dolls 


Little Darlings Sweet Sisters, 18” Big Sister & 12” Baby Sister (8647l)

This big sister gift comes with a regular-sized doll and a baby doll. The dolls also come with several accessories, including baby bottles, a brush and a stuffed bunny. There’s so much here to play with, the big sister will never get bored!


47. Mommy & Me Dolls


Mommy & Me Newborn Set of 8 Assorted 5″ Mini Baby Dolls with Accessories, High Chair, Stroller, Crib, Car Infant Seat, Bath, Potty, Swing

Oh, baby! If your big sister has an affinity for baby dolls, then this is the gift for her. The Mommy & Me Newborn set comes with eight miniature baby dolls as well as a swing, crib, stroller, car set and bottle. Their tiny size makes them great for traveling!


48. Stroller


Precious Toys Pink & White Polka Dots Foldable Doll Stroller With Hood

The big sister is going to need a way to take all her new dolls around town! This pink and white polka-dot stroller is just the right height for a small child, and it is easy to fold and unfold. It also comes fully assembled, so less work for Mom and Dad!


49. Baby Doll


Little Darlings: 19″ Cuddle Baby – Pink Kitty – Talking Baby Doll Set w/Accessories, Makes 6 Different Baby Sounds

A classic baby doll will always make for an awesome big sister gift.

The baby doll comes with an adorable matching hat and pajama set, and if you press its chest you can hear it make six different sounds.

It looks like such a great doll for a cuddly big sister to hug!


50. Twin Baby Dolls 


Twins 13″ Realistic Soft Body Baby Dolls | JC Toys – Berenguer Boutique | Twins Gift Set with Removable Outfits and Accessories | Pink and Blue | Caucasian | Ages 2+

This big sister gift comes with two babies, which means double the fun. Each baby has its own outfit, one with a blue outfit and bottle, and the other baby with a pink outfit and bottle. The bear design on the outfit is adorable!


Whether your big sister likes to read, accessorize, or play with dolls or teddy bears, these big sister gifts are sure to make her smile. With the new baby needing tons of attention, it’s easy for a big sister to potentially feel forgotten. These big sister gifts will let her know she’ll always have a special place in the family, and in your heart.

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