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50 Best Gifts For Grandpa That Will Melt His Heart in 2024

Are you looking for gifts that would be best for your grandfather? Here is a list of the 50 best gifts for grandpa that will melt his heart.

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This article was updated on 12/06/2023.

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

When it comes to finding gifts for grandpa, it’s always important to pick something that truly shows how much you care.

From practical gifts to personalized gifts, there are many ideas to choose from to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, or any other grandpa-related celebration!

Check out our list below to search for the best gift for grandpa!

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Practical Gifts for Grandpa

1. Tile Pro

Tile Pro (2020)

Does your grandpa tend to lose things a little more often nowadays? For the forgetful grandpa, a Tile Pro is the perfect gift! Attach the Tile Tracker to his keys, wallet, medicine, or any other essentials.

You can use the Tile app on his phone to ring the Tracker, and the Tile rings until it’s found. If you combine this gift with an Alexa product, you can also connect the Tile Pro to Alexa and control it using a voice command. 


2. Cell Phone Screen Magnifier

12″ Screen Magnifier

This is another useful gift for grandpa that he’s sure to love! Enlarge his small cell phone screen with a portable, adjustable screen magnifier. It’ll definitely be a sight for sore eyes!

The linked screen magnifier is compatible with a multitude of smartphones, from iPhones to Samsung Galaxy Note phones. It also comes in different colors, with a sleek design that’s slim and foldable.


3. Doohickey

Nite Ize KMT-11-R3 Sized DoohicKey Key Keychain

If Grandpa works a lot in the garage on his car or other fun, hands-on projects, a Doohickey will be perfect! This tool has recently been popularized over the past few years among tech nerds.

Its cheap price (only $5!) makes the Doohickey a great thank you gift or additional present to a larger surprise.

There are a few options to choose from, with different variations on the keychain multi-tool product.

You can select multi-tools with features anywhere from screwdrivers, rulers, bottle openers, box cutters, wrenches, and more!


4. Digital Tape Measure

eTape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure

Help Grandpa measure things easier with this digital tape measure, which digitizes measurements onto a screen, to make it larger and more readable.

It can also record and save certain measurements with its “memory function”. Struggling with measurement conversions?

The digital tape measure will save your grandpa lots of time and allow him to have more fun on his project!


5. Tool Storage Organizer

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer

Get Grandpa another great practical gift with this tool storage and organizer. This organizer is flexible and has double drawers, so Grandpa can manage all of his trusty tools in the order that he needs them most.

While the linked one is not portable, you can also go ahead and purchase a portable toolbox if he needs one or needs to update his old one!

Still, Grandpa might need a stationary organizer to make sure everything stays in one place, which this gift will surely provide for him.


6. No-Touch Door Opener

No Touch Door Opener Tool 4 Pack – Premium Multitool Keychain with Touchscreen Stylus and Bottle Opener

Take care of Grandpa’s health and hygiene with this multi-tool door opener, button pusher, and stylus.

Its small size means Grandpa can easily keep it in his pocket and take it out to hold the door open for Grandma.

With most stores using screens for signing off purchases, the stylus feature is a great tool to use, rather than touching the stylus pen that hundreds of other customers have already put their hands on.


7. TimerCaps Pill Bottles

TimerCap Automatically Displays Time Since Last Opened – Built-in Stopwatch Smart Pill Bottle Cap Medication Reminder Case (Qty 2-4.0 oz Amber Bottles) CRC

Grandpa struggling to keep track of his meds? TimerCaps will solve that problem!

Just organize his medicine into each TimerCaps Pill Bottle, write the type of medicine and dose instructions, and voila!

The TimerCap will record the last time Grandpa took his medicine.


8. Pain Relief Shoe Insoles

iFitna Full Length Orthotic Shoes Insoles Classic with Arch Support Unisex- Relieve Metatarsal, Arch and Heel Pain Inserts

Looking for a gift for the grandpa who has everything, including flat feet? Opt for keeping him comfortable with shoe insoles.

Whether he’s walking, running, or just on his feet all day, these Magnetic Shoe Insoles will help relieve any foot-related pain, through the use of a deep heel cup and a high-density foam layer.


9. Ingrown Toenail Treatment Drops

URIEL Advanced Treatment Ingrown Toenail Drops,11ml

Since we’re already on the topic of feet, pair those shoe insoles with these treatment drops and teach your grandpa a little more about self-care.

Preventing pain in his feet and toes means that he can stay moving and on his feet, which is one of the best gifts to give Grandpa!


10. Pistachio Pedestal

Southern Homewares Double Dish Pedestal

I know. It seems weird, but you have to trust me on this one. My Dad and Grandpa absolutely love eating nuts, as well as any other little snacks they can get their hands on.

This little container will be incredibly helpful to keep off the “hangriness” while dinner is being made.

The specific pistachio pedestal linked has two sections: one for the pistachios and the other for the shells!

It can be used for any other snacks that involve peeling or pits, like sunflower seeds or cherries. It’s also detachable, so Grandpa can end up just using it as a snack bowl for chips if he’d like to!



Custom Gifts for Grandpa

11. Personalized Recipe Book

BPFY 2 Pack 5.5″ x 8.5″ Recipe Book to Write in Your Own Recipes, Blank Recipe Notebook, Spiral Cookbook Recipe Journal Notebook Include 120 Recipes Page

Have you been searching high and low for the perfect personalized gift for Grandpa? Does Grandpa love cooking?

This personalized recipe book can serve as a record for all of Grandpa’s delicious family recipes. He can add and change it however he wants, so the next time you’re craving something from home, he’ll have it right on hand!


12. Personalized Golf Balls

Photo or Logo on White Golf Balls 12 Pack

For the golf-loving grandpa, a set of personalized golf balls will surely show how much you care. Add a family picture or throw in a few of his classic dad jokes.

Whether he decides to actually play with them or not, they’ll still serve as a beautiful reminder of his family and love for sports!

If Grandpa isn’t too fond of golf, you can also search for personalized basketballs, volleyballs, or any other sports-related merchandise.


13. Personalized Playing Cards

Playing Cards (Poker Size Deck)

Play poker or other card games with these personalized playing cards! You can change the photos for each card to family members, so he can have fun while being reminded of all of the family and friends that love him.

If you’re a little more artistic and looking for a DIY gift for Grandpa, you can also opt for designing and making your own playing cards for him!


14. Personalized Pillow

Shop&Three Custom Design Photos

This pillow is another fantastic personalized gift for any grandpa. You can design the pillow to showcase a memorable, sweet photo of your family and Grandpa or write special text for him! Grandpa can easily place this custom pillow as a decorative piece on his couch, chair, or bed.


15. Personalized Calendar

Custom Desk Calendar 2023/2024 Personalized Calendar with Your Own Pictures 12 Months for Office Home Family Desktop Photo Album 8.3″ x 6.7″

What could be better than a cute family photo for every month of the year?

This is a beautiful, sentimental gift for Grandpa which might have him tearing up over all of the family’s wonderful faces!

Is Grandpa not a photo guy? No worries!

You can still personalize it with his favorite movies, television shows, or jokes!


16. Custom Photo Mug

Custom Photo Coffee Mugs

Fuel Grandpa’s day with a custom mug. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or good old water, this mug can also hold a super sweet photo of the family or a memory you’ve captured with Grandpa.

If you don’t have any photos, you can also choose a premade mug with Grandpa-related slogans


17. Customized Paint-By-Numbers Kit

Texture of Dreams Personalized Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults

I’ve always been a fan for Paint-By-Numbers Kits, so if your Grandpa loves painting as much as me, he’ll definitely enjoy this activity-based gift.

Just select a photo from your family album, send it in to be converted into a Paint-By-Numbers Kit, and they’ll ship the customized version back to you.

Your Grandpa can paint and enjoy the process of recreating one of your favorite memories with him. By the end, you’ll have a beautiful painting to be framed up in Grandpa’s house!


18. DIY Grandpa Sweets/Snacks Stash Jars

Half Gallon Glass Mason Jar (64 Oz – 2 Quart)

Here’s another great DIY gift for Grandpa! If you have any paints and mason jars lying around, put them to use by creating personalized Stash Jars.

Paint out Grandpa’s name with hearts or just doodle on the jars in any way you like. You can also fill the jars with Grandpa’s favorite snacks for an extra little surprise!



19.  Personalized Ornament

Let's Make Memories Personalized Photo Christmas Ornament – Photo Ornament – – Christmas 2023 Keepsake Ornament – Customize with Photo – Round

This will absolutely get you on the Nice List if you get it as a Christmas gift for Grandpa.

You can click the link above and easily insert a special photo to personalize the Christmas ornament, or you can settle down and try making one on your own.

Either way, it’ll be a beautiful surprise on Christmas morning.


20. Personalized Journal

Personalized Leather Journal, Gray, Lined Pages

Last but not least, get your Grandpa a journal! A customized journal with his name on it will make it extra special and meaningful.

Plus, he can write anything and everything to his heart’s desire: random notes, story ideas, memories that he wants to pass on to you in the future.

If your Grandpa has an inner artist, he can use this journal to do little sketches or designs as well. The linked journal also comes in many colors, including pink, brown, and black.



Sentimental Gifts for Grandpa

21. Fun T-Shirt

Mens Im Not Retired Im A Professional Grandpa T Shirt

Looking for a funny gift for grandpa? Get him a hilarious printed T-shirt that’ll make him laugh! I’ve linked one of the many available Grandpa-related shirts on Amazon, so you can search the web for whichever ones will get a good chuckle.

A Grandpa T-shirt also makes a terrific gift for Father’s Day or Grandparents’ Day, since it’ll show how much fun you have with him!


22. Patterned Socks

Amazon Brand – Goodthreads Men's 5-Pack Patterned Socks

Dolphins, bananas, polka dots, stars. What do these all have in common? They’re sock patterns! Buy Grandpa a collection of fun, patterned socks for his birthday or any other celebration.

If you already know a few of his favorite things, like his favorite animal, food, or color, get them in sock form, and he’ll definitely love them!


23. Magnetic Chess Set

Kangaroo – Best Folding Wooden Chess Board Set with Magnetic Closure I with Storage for Pieces I Portable Felt Interior – for Adults & Kids | 15.5 inches, 2 players

Test his skills with this classy chess set! If Grandpa loves board games, he’ll definitely love a portable chess set that he can take and play anywhere.

This chess board’s magnetic component will also assure him that chess pieces won’t easily go missing and get lost underneath the couch.

Even more so, once he unwraps this wonderful gift, he can play it and spend time with you, and  quality time is always the best gift.


24. Digital Picture Frame

AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame

If you or Grandpa have a large amount of photos to showcase and not enough room, this digital picture frame will help to solve all of your problems.

Since it’s digital, you can upload specific pictures of Grandpa and the family on the frame (and through your phone!).

Mount this gift on your wall or set it on the kitchen table. The frame can auto-rotate and has a high definition touch screen.

There is a large internal storage, so you can also show off as many pictures as you want!


25. Grandpa Is Grillin’ Kitchen Apron

Stand Back Grandpa is Grilling Apron, Funny Apron for Men, BBQ Grill Apron, Funny Apron for Grandpas Black

For the cooking or grill-enthusiast Grandpa, this fun apron will be best to make him laugh or remind him of your appreciation for his grilling skills. The apron is fully adjustable and comes in one size.


26. What I Love About Grandpa Fill-In-The-Blank Journal

Knock Knock What I Love about Grandpa Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

Looking for something a little more customizable? This journal makes a great sentimental gift for grandpa, as it allows you to fill-in-the-blank of all the reasons why you love Grandpa.

It is a hardcover and consists of over 100 pages. Grandpa will surely tear up over this one!


27. Disney Grandpa Baseball Cap

Disney Men's Mickey Mouse Grandpa Fan Baseball Cap

Adventurous grandpas will definitely fall in love with this gift. Whether your Grandpa loves Disney parks or any other amusement park, he’ll appreciate this classic Disney merch to remind him of his youthful joy.

The baseball cap is soft and 100% cotton, with a hook and loop closure, so it’s easily adjustable for any grandpa’s head.


28. Grandpa Keychain

Grandpa Keychain

If Grandpa can’t fix it, no one can! This gift is for the grandpas who fix everything, from cars to toys to squeaky hinges.

He can easily clip this keychain gift to his car keys, house keys, or even backpacks or laptop bags.

This makes a cute little gift to show him how much you love and care for his advice and handy technical knowledge!


29. World’s Best Grandpa Mug

World's Best Grandpa Mug

What else can make Grandpa’s heart feel warm and fuzzy but a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate? Pour one for him into this hand-painted mug.

It will surely remind him of all the best things about being a grandpa, like sharing a conversation and cozy, hot beverage with his grandchild and family.


30. Grandpa Knows Everything Tumbler

Grandpa Knows Everything 20 OZ Tumbler

For the Grandpa that’s always on the go and still needs that morning coffee, buy him this tumbler! It makes the best gift for Grandpa since it’s heat and cold resistant and easily hand-washable.

The text also adds a great sense of humor to it, so Grandpa will have a hearty laugh with the gift too!



Last-Minute Gifts for Grandpa

31. Bedside Pocket Caddy

HAKACC Bedside Caddy/Bedside Storage Organizer

A pocket caddy is the best gift for Grandpa to keep his essentials organized and easily accessible.

He can attach it to his bed, couch, desk, or armrest, and effortlessly reach his eyeglasses, remote control, or book.

The linked pocket caddy has three main compartments, with varying sizes, and offers brown and black colors.


32. Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

CarbonKlean Peeps Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Buy Grandpa an expert lens cleaner, which will make a great gift for Father’s Day or Grandparents’ Day! Rather than having him use lens wipes, this Lens Cleaner is reusable, compact and portable.

It boasts microfiber technology with its cleaning brush and can clean off oil or other glasses residue. Hopefully with this gift, Grandpa can see a little clearer!


33. Weighted Blanket

Heavy Blanket with Premium Glass Beads

Everyone needs a blanket. A weighted blanket is a unique blanket that contains a layer of glass beads that makes the blanket heavier.

The blanket is supposed to help you relax and sleep better. The dorm beds are not always the comfiest, and adjusting to a new bed may be difficult. 

I know for me, adjusting to sleeping in a new environment can be difficult. So, this blanket may help make adjusting easier.

The weighted blanket has become popular over the last few years, making this a top gift for any college girl.


34. Fresh Linen Sheets

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

If you’re a neat and organized person, the minimalist look might be what you want. A simple, decluttered room can help you feel calm. Plus, white will never go out of style. You can always easily add color if the look isn’t for you!


35. Pillows

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping

Noticing your grandparents’ pillows are looking a little too old and flimsy? These pillows will make a practical gift for Grandpa and ensure that his neck and head stay cozy and safe in bed.

There are a variety of different pillow options to choose from, whether it be memory foam or gel-based.

The linked pillows are gel-based, cooling, and allergy-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about midnight sneezes.


36. Towel Warmer

Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Bucket-Style Towel Warmer

Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Roll them up instead and slide them into this neat towel warmer for Grandpa. Time it for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, and he’ll have nice, heated towels in no time.

The linked towel warmer also has enough space for throw blankets, pajamas, and any other linens that Grandpa might want to have extra warm for a cold night.


37. Comfy Robe

NY Threads Luxurious Men's Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe Spa Robe

This soft, luxurious robe is another wonderful gift for Grandpa.

Whether he’s coming straight from the shower or just wants to lounge around, a robe is the best bet to provide him with ultimate comfort.

This robe has an adjustable waist belt, front pockets, and is machine washable.


38. New Pajamas

DAVID ARCHY Men's Cotton Sleepwear Button-Down Pajamas Set

With all the wear and tear that comes with clothes, buying your grandpa a set of new pajamas can keep him feeling and looking fresh!

Grab him a matching pajama set, or mix and match your own if you know his style. Make sure to pay attention to quality, though, so that the pajamas will stay long-lasting and comfortable.


39. Utility Work Gloves

Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG

Protect your grandpa’s hands with these high-performance utility gloves. They offer a strong grip and a sweat management feature, so that Grandpa can stay working on his project safely.

From working in the garden to fixing up the old truck, Grandpa will love the secure, flexible material. Plus, it’s machine washable!



Christmas Gifts for Grandpa

40. Amazon Kindle

Kindle Paperwhite

This has got to be one of the most practical tech gifts to give your grandpa, especially if he loves reading. With a Kindle, he can download as many e-books as he wants.

Plus, it’s easy on the eyes: Grandpa can increase the letter and word size to his preference, and that’s certainly something he can’t do with a physical book.


41. Audible Plus

Maybe your grandpa doesn’t feel like kicking back and reading tonight.

That’s okay! With Audible Plus, he can opt for listening to an audiobook instead, or maybe a new podcast. 

Audible features over 500,000 titles, with five different subscriber options.

With Audible Plus, you only need to pay $7.95/month to have access to their Audible Plus catalog.

For $14.95/month, you can upgrade to Audible Premium Plus to select from Audible’s Premium selections. 

There are many more options that you can choose from with Audible, but the best part is that your grandpa will enjoy listening to it all!

42. Amazon Prime/Disney+/HBO/Netflix Subscription

Speaking of subscriptions, Grandpa will be sure to appreciate access to a popular streaming platform. 

After all, there’s so many new things to watch, and older titles are constantly being added, so he can enjoy all his classic favorites. 

Subscription gifts also allow you more flexibility. If Grandpa ends up not liking it, you can always end it after a month or year.

43. MasterClass Membership

Struggling with finding a gift for a grandpa who has everything? Try MasterClass!

From business to sports to technology, MasterClass provides over 100 classes from world-renowned experts. 

The company boasts classes from the likes of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Disney’s Bob Iger.

If your grandpa loves learning from the best, MasterClass is the best fit for him!

44. Echo Dot / Alexa

All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release)

If he doesn’t already have one already, grab an Echo Dot for your grandpa! With this Smart speaker, Amazon’s Alexa program is already included. All you need to do is set it up and show Grandpa how easy it is to operate it.

With this Echo Dot, you can ask Alexa anything, control your entertainment system and smart home, or call your family! This is a wonderful gift for Grandpa that will help make life so much easier.


45. FitBit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4

Looking for an exercise gift for grandpa? Or maybe a present to track his health? The FitBit Charge 4 is the latest fitness and activity tracker that will ensure Grandpa stays healthy in style.

This FitBit comes in one size, and has a variety of functions to choose from. Whether it be recording your grandpa’s heart rate or using the GPS to make sure he stays safe, this gift can help with all sorts of health-related tracking!


46. Eufy Robot Vacuum

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super Thin, Powerful Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets, Black

Help Grandpa and Grandma out with an automated robot vacuum! No more bending over backwards to get tight, narrow spots with dusters or hand vacuums.

Instead, let them sit back and relax as the robot vacuum does all the work. The Eufy Vacuum is self-chargeable, which means that, when it’s low on battery, it will return to its charging station on its own. The linked version can clean on hard floors and “medium-pile carpets”.


47. Neck/Back or Feet Massagers

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

If a chair is not quite the right fit, a neck and back massager could be the perfect alternative.

In terms of quality and pricing, this was the best alternative I found (especially if you are eyeing the first massage chair on this list, but found it a bit pricey).

This is certainly more portable than a chair and is great for an elderly woman on the go.

The therapeutic heat function is great for facilitating blood circulation, and the three strength levels are easy to switch between depending on her individual preference. 

This gift is specifically suited to seniors, not purely because of its health benefits, but comes with auto shut-off protection.

Because this product includes a heat function, it turns itself off automatically if left running too long.

It can be shut off manually, of course, but the auto shut-off means memory mishaps will not lead to any complications.


48. Ergonomic Walking Stick

RMS Walking Cane – Adjustable Walking Stick

Whether your grandpa is having trouble walking or just loves hiking in the great outdoors, an ergonomic walking stick can help him with his balance.

This cane is easily adjustable in height and weight, and has an anti-slip rubber cane base. You can keep it a solid black or choose from a variety of other colors as well.


49. Smart Wallet

FIDELO Minimalist Wallets Card Wallet

Is your grandpa a minimalist? Is he easily frustrated with clutter? Get him a Smart Wallet! This Wallet will eliminate the stress that comes with searching for his ID or credit card at the bank or grocery store.

Instead, Grandpa can focus on the essentials and keep it easily accessible. The Smart Wallet offers a variety of features, including a card pop-up button, cash band, and a water-resistant, leather design.

The Fidelo Minimalist Wallet linked specifically has “RFID blocking technology”, which blocks any high frequency attacks by thieves on your grandpa’s debit or credit cards. Keep Grandpa and his valuables safe with this wonderful gift!


Here are a few of my personal favorite ideas for gifts for Grandpa:

Any and all of the above listed gifts will be sure to melt Grandpa’s heart!

I hope you’re as excited as me to buy or make the best gift for Grandpa.

Be sure to share and let others know if this helped!

That’s a wrap. This post was all about gifts for grandpa. Did you like it? Share the love on social media. 

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