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80 Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts – The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Are you struggling in a long distance relationship? ? Check out these amazing long distance relationship gifts that will bring you and your partner together like never before!



Couple in a long distance relationship a woman giving a gift to the man sitting on a couch

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

Being away from your significant other can be really difficult. It does not matter how far apart you are, being separated is never easy. You can talk on the phone, video chat, text, and so on, but it’s never the same.

However, giving gifts is one way that you can keep in touch and let your significant other know you are thinking of them, even when you are apart.

You may know that it could keep the two of you connected until you can be together, but still be unsure of what to get your significant other. 

In this article, I tell you 80 different gift ideas for those in long distance relationships. At least one gift on this list will, for sure, be perfect for your loved one!

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Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Her

1. Long Distance Messages in a Bottle

Orimit Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle Glass with Gift Box - Gifts for Boyfriend/Girlfriend(Mixed Color 100PCS)

This is a great gift to let your girlfriend know that you are thinking about her, no matter how far apart you are. This is pill bottle contains different messages that remind your loved one about your relationship and how special it is.

They can open one daily or just when they are thinking of you. It’s super simple and cute – a long distance relationship gift that anyone will love. 


2. Couples Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic Couple Bracelets King&Queen Crown Couple Bracelets His and Her Friendship 8mm Beads Bracelet (Aate)

This next gift is a great couple's gift. It is two separate bracelets that magnetize to one another when put together.

That way, you always have something that connects the two of you.

You can both wear your bracelets and know that the two of you are thinking of one another, even when you are apart.

Then, when the two of you are together, you can connect the two bracelets, symbolizing that you two have connected once again.


3. You’re My Person Pillow

Best Friends State to State Pillow - Long Distance Friendship Gift - Birthday Gift for Sister

A cute pillow is always a great gift idea. This “You’re My Person” pillow is especially great for a long distance relationship gift.

This can be personalized with your locations and an arrow connecting them. The phrase emphasizes how special your girlfriend is.

Whenever she looks at the pillow or uses it, she will think of you. Plus, it will make a great decoration in her room or apartment.


4. Relaxation Gift Box

Spa Gift Baskets for Women, Spa Luxetique Spa Gifts for Women, Birthday Gifts for Women, 12pc Vanilla Bath Gift Set, Self Care Gifts for Women, Spa Kit for Women, Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Being in a long-distance relationship can be stressful, which is what this next long distance relationship gift can help with.

This gift box contains several different items that will help her relax, including a soap, a bath bomb, lip balm, and much more.

These are all items she can use to help her unwind after a stressful day, or just to treat herself to some self-care.

She will for sure appreciate you thinking about her mental health and wanting to help her relax. 


5. Promise Necklace

HOPE LOVE SHINE Promise Necklace (Sterling-Silver)

This next gift idea is cute and simple, but is still full of sentimental value. This is a promise necklace with two interlocking circles, representing the relationship between the two of you.

This necklace means that no matter where the two of you go, you will always be together – that you two are a team, and will make it together. Your love is strong and cannot be broken. You are each other's partners in crime and that will never change. 


6. Magic Box: Project a Custom Message

Personalized Gift for Women Long Distance Relationship Gift | Etsy

This next gift is cute, clever, and unique. It is a small box that projects a custom message onto a wall, or any other surface. You can make it display your own message that has meaning for the two of you.

Then, your girlfriend can project the message whenever she misses you so she always has a piece of you with her, and she’ll absolutely adore it.

Plus, it is only about five inches on any side, so it will not take up much space in her room. It can fit almost anywhere, so she can easily take it with her wherever she goes. 


7. Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me 

Hug This Pillow Until You can Hug me Going Away Gift Long Distance Relationship Gift

One of the hardest parts about being in a long distance relationship is not being able to hug, or have any physical touch with, your significant other.

You want to be able to give them a hug whenever you miss them, but you cannot – which is where this pillow comes in handy.

This pillow will give her something to hug until she can give you an actual hug. Of course, it isn’t the same thing, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, it will make giving them an actual hug when you are finally together even better. 


8. I Miss Your Face So Effin Much Teddy Bear

I Miss Your Face So Effin Much (Brown) 10 Inch Teddy Bear & Gift Bag - Funny Cute Stuffed Animal Plush for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Best Friend - Birthday, Anniversary, Long Distance Gifts - Witty B...

This next gift is cute and funny. This teddy bear is holding a heart that says, “I miss your face so effin much”, a statement people in long distance relationships will surely relate to.

You miss them every minute of every day, because you are not around them. This bear will remind them of that fact, and who doesn’t love a teddy bear?

I know I love getting a cute stuffed animal as a gift, and I’m sure your girlfriend would love getting one, too. 


9. Anxiety Bracelet

Calming ANXIETY Crystals Set, Gift For Anxiety | Stress Relief Crystal Set Stones | Healing Crystals For Anxiety | Set For Anxiety Gemstones

This next long distance relationship gift is another one that shows you care about your girlfriend's mental health. Being in a long distance relationship is stressful and can bring anxiety.

Also, work, school, family, and just life in general can cause anxiety, which is why she will appreciate this anxiety bracelet. It has lava stones and turquoise stones that are meant to help with anxiety and to calm down feelings of rage and anger.

So, you may not be there to help calm her down in person, but you can give her a bracelet that may be able to help – and because it was a gift from you, it’s extra special. 


10. Custom Line Drawing

Custom Line Drawing, family portrait, new parent gift, sketch from photo, portrait from photo, sketch from photo, Add Loved One

Artwork is always a great gift option, so choosing to get your girlfriend a custom line drawing is a perfect gift idea.

You can find her favorite picture of the two of you and have it made into a line drawing. It will be a cute decoration for wherever she is living, different than a normal photograph.

You could even get a cute message and a date on it that has meaning to the two of you. This is a unique, cute, and simple gift idea that she will love. 


11. Long Distance Candle

Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Women and Men | 9 OZ Lavender Soy Candle | Farewell Gifts, Miss You Presents, Couples, Going Away Party, Distant Friendship, Best Friend, BFF Gifts

Candles are always a great gift idea, so this gift is perfect for your long distance girlfriend. The words “light this whenever you miss me” are written on this candle, along with a message about how distance cannot extinguish the flame of your relationship.

Not only will the candle bring some nice smells to her place, it will also remind her of how strong your relationship is – how you can survive the distance, and that you will be okay. 


12. Preserved Rose with Necklace

Lebana Preserved Red Real Rose with I Love You Necklace - Birthday Gifts for Her Mom Wife Girlfriend Valentines Day Gifts For Her Mothers Day -Red

This next gift, I absolutely love. I think it is cool, unique, and sweet. It is a preserved rose in a box on top of the jewelry box that will last for years. It also comes with a necklace that is engraved with one hundred ways to say “I love you.”

This is incredibly sweet and will definitely showcase how much you care about her. She can keep the rose on display as a reminder of your love for her.

Then, she can wear the necklace, as a way to keep you with her at all times. This is a unique gift that will definitely make her feel loved.  


13. You are the…Wall Plaque

P. Graham Dunn You are The Peanut to My Butter Love of My Life 18 x 9 Wood Wall Plaque Sign

This next gift doubles as a decoration. It plays on the “you are the blank to my blank” analogy by listing several different analogies, ending with “the love of my life.”

It is cute and cheesy and something that she will love. The several different fonts and pictures on it bring it to life.

It will look cute in her new apartment or dorm room, or wherever she is living. Plus, who doesn’t love a good cheesy gift? 


14. I F*cking Love You Bracelet

Joycuff Inspirational Bracelets for Women Mom Personalized Gift for Her Engraved Mantra Cuff Bangle Crown Birthday Jewelry

You can never go wrong with jewelry as a gift, especially when it is jewelry with a hidden message. So, this bracelet with “I f*cking love you” written on the inside is the perfect gift for your long distance girlfriend.

It looks normal on the outside, but has a message on the inside just for her, so whenever she needs a reminder of how much you love her, she can just look at the inside of her bracelet.

Plus, it is silver, so it will go with almost anything, and simple so it can go with casual and fancy outfits. 


15. Long Distance Relationship Basket

Lovebox Black & White | Love Note Messenger | Meaningful for Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Grandma, Grandpa, Kids, Couple Gift, Long Distance Relationship Gift

Sometimes one gift is just not enough, and you have to put together a bunch of little things. Go for something like this long distance relationship basket, and let it do the work for you.

This basket has everything: a faux plant, a canvas with a stand, a mug, candle, crate letters, notebook, a jar of kisses, a stuffed animal, chocolates, and a complimentary note.

That’s everything you need to show how much you love and miss that special someone in your life. She will love it and appreciate you thinking about her. 


16. Best Girlfriend Ever T-Shirt

Best Girlfriend Ever - Valentines Gift For Her T-Shirt

Sometimes simple is better, which is why just getting your long distance girlfriend a “Best. Girlfriend. Ever.” t-shirt is the perfect gift idea.

You do not have to go all out all the time; sometimes, just letting her know she is the best is enough.

Whether going out or just lounging around, she can rep the shirt wherever, and let everyone know she is the best girlfriend and already has the perfect guy in her life. Or, she can just put it on whenever she’s missing you. 


17. Our Adventure Book

T-HAOHUA Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook - Our Adventure Book Wedding Photo Album Scrapping 11.6"x7.5" inches, 80 Pages - Includes Bonus 5 Postcards and 5 Self-Adhesive Photo Corners

I definitely think that if you’re a couple who likes to take a bunch of pictures of all your adventures, this is one of the best gifts you could get your girlfriend.

You can print pictures of your favorite adventures throughout the year – and just that year – and put them into this beautiful and convenient little scrapbook!

This gift also prompts many gifts to come over the years because you can make a tradition of putting your adventures throughout that year together, so over the years, you start to create a collection of all your favorite memories! 


18. Comfy Loungewear Set

Eurivicy Women's Loungewear Set Solid 2 Piece Long Sleeve Pullover and Drawstring Sweatpants Sport Outfits Sets

Being comfy is always the way to go – way better than being in uncomfortable jeans or dresses, or any uncomfortable clothes in general.

That’s why your girlfriend will love a new set of comfy clothes to lay around in. She can wear these to bed, when she is on FaceTime with you, while she’s running errands, or just when hanging out at home.

You can choose from a variety of different sets, all of which she will love. Keep it simple with some loungewear to make her happy.


19. Yoda Best Girlfriend Mug

Yoda Best Girlfriend - 11 Oz Mug - Girlfriend Gift - Girlfriend Mug - Funny Girlfriend Gift

Who doesn’t love a good pun? This mug is perfect for your girlfriend who loves puns and Star Wars. It says “Yoda Best Girlfriend”.

She will definitely get a kick out of the pun and appreciate the thought and you calling her the best girlfriend.

Plus, a mug is something she can use everyday, which makes it an extremely sweet and useful gift all in one. 


20. Reasons Why I Love You Box

10 Reasons why I Love You Box. Love You Mom. Personalized present for mother. Birthday Gift Box for Her or Him

This next long distance gift is one that will definitely make your girlfriend emotional and understand how much you love her.

It is also another simple gift. It is just a box containing wooden hearts with some reasons why you love her written on them.

She can keep this on her desk or dresser and open it whenever she misses you or needs a reminder of how much you care about her.

You can customize what you put on the hearts, so it can be meaningful to her, and to your relationship.

This is something she will love and definitely look at often, a great way to remain connected in long distance relationships even though you are apart. 


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Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Him

21. Personalized Wallet Card

Idea for Boyfriend Engraved Wallet Insert, Anniversary Card for Men, I Love You, Metal Wallet Card Insert, Mini Love Note, Anniversary Card from Wife, Anniversary Cards for Husband, Deployment Idea

A wallet is something that your boyfriend will carry pretty much everywhere, so a gift that goes in their wallet would be a great choice.

This is a card that you can have personalized with whatever message you would like. It could be something that has special meaning for the two of you, something sweet, something funny, song lyrics, a quote – whatever you want.

This would be a message he would see daily and think of you. Something that would put a smile on his face and let him know how much you care about him. It is something simple but also meaningful. 


22. Personalized Minimalist Wallet

Carbon Fiber RFID Engraved Wallets for Men from Wife with Money Clip Personalized Slim Minimalist Card Holder Gifts for Men Husband Boyfriend Gifts for Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine's...

Everyone needs a wallet. So, why not get your boyfriend one that’s brand new, simple, and personalized?

This wallet is great for when you just need to take some cards with you, like your ID, some credit/debit cards, an insurance card, etc.

You could even put a personalized wallet card in there. The wallet can be engraved with his name, a quote, a date, etc. It is something simple and useful, which makes for great gifts. 


23. Engraved Pocket Knife

BoyFriend Gift Custom Engraved I Love You More Wood Handle Folding Pocket Knife (Black)

If your boyfriend is into pocket knives or needs a new one, then give this one a try. This is a pocket knife engraved on the handle.

You can decide what you want to have engraved – a quote, a simple message, a special date, etc. As long as it is meaningful to you, that is all that matters.

This gift is useful and something that your boyfriend may want or need anyway. So why not make his new knife one with a special message on it?


24.Drive Safe Handsome” Keychain

WISHOW Drive Safe Keychain Handsome I Love You Trucker Husband father Gifts Keychain

Of course you want your significant other to be safe. However, if you are doing long distance, you cannot always be there to wish him well, which is where this keychain comes into play.

This has the message “Drive Safe Handsome. I love You” engraved into it. By adding this onto his keys, he will know you are always thinking of him and that you are hoping he is okay.

He knows you do, anyway, but having that keychain is an extra bit of security. 


25.My Girlfriend is Hotter Than My Coffee” Mug

My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Funny Mug - Best Boyfriend Gag Gifts - Unique Valentines Day, Anniversary or Birthday Present Idea For Him From Girlfriend - 11 oz Tea Cup White

This next long distance relationship gift idea is one that has some humor behind it. This mug has the phrase “my girlfriend is hotter than my coffee” written on the front, which is, of course, what your boyfriend believes.

However, why not get him a mug that lets everyone know that he is taken when he’s drinking from this mug? This will quickly become his favorite mug, for sure. 


26. Engraved Compass

Engraved Compass, Gift for Husband,Anniversary,Wedding Gift for Him, Long Distance Boyfriend Gift, Fiance Gift I Miss You Long Distance Relationship Gift for Army Boyfriend Gift

I find this next gift something incredibly cool and unique. It is a compass that boasts a message about your significant other being your soulmate and someone who has changed your life.

This compass has a cool antique look to it that makes it a really cool gift that is something that he most likely has never received before.

Even if he does not actually use the compass when he is hiking or doing some sort of outdoor activity, it will still be something that he can put on display. It will look awesome as a decoration and will definitely grab people’s attention. 


27. Beard Grooming Kit

Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit

Does your boyfriend have a beard? Are you worried that he will not keep up with the care if you are not there? Then get him a beard grooming kit as a gift.

This kit has everything that he could possibly need to keep up with his beard care: beard oil, balm, conditioner, a brush, beard wash, and so on.

You may have to give him some tips on how to use each product, but that is doable. You can instruct him over video chat.

So, this gift is really one for both of you. He gets to care for his beard, and you get peace of mind that he is taking care of himself.  


28. “I Will Always Be With You” Docking Station

Long Distance Relationships Gifts, I'll Always Be with You, Docking Station Nightstand Organizer for Boyfriend Girlfriend Gifts, Best Friends Sister Gift I Love You Gifts

Staying organized can be difficult. If your boyfriend is one that may need some help keeping all of his belongings organized and in one place, and you are worried that if you are not there to help, he will struggle, then this is perfect.

This long distance relationship gift idea is a docking station that can fit his phone and charger, his watch, keys, glasses, earbuds, and whatever else he may need in one place. It even has a cute message about you always being with him on the front.

He can place this on his desk, dresser, next to his front door, wherever is convenient for him. You can even have him show you that he is using it when you video chat. 


29. Long Distance Keychain Bottle Opener

PiercingJ Bottle Opener Keychain Personalized Picture Opener Keyring Accessories for Dad Husband Birthday Father's Day Gifts

This next gift idea is simple, but useful. It is a keychain that doubles as a bottle opener, so your boyfriend will always be able to open bottles, no matter where he is. It is also engraved with the places that you two live and a line connecting both of them.

You can even get a cute phrase of your choosing added on. It is simple and handy, which makes for a great gift. 


30. Long Distance Couple Socks

Long Distance Couples Gifts 2 Pairs Couples Matching Socks Long Distance Relationships Gifts for Best Friend Family (2 Pairs Long Distance Socks)

I love a good pun or play on words, which is exactly what this next gift is. Which is funny because they are socks! Aren't they cute? Well, even if you do not think it’s as funny or cute as I do, your boyfriend will, because you gave him the socks.

Either way, he will love the thought and rock these socks, and think of you whenever he wears them – which he will all the time. I can guarantee it. 


31. Long Distance Birthday Box

Unique Birthday Gift Box, Gift Box Set With Birth Month Flower Glass Cup, Friendship Gift Box, Holiday Basket for Her

Having to be away from your significant other on their birthday can be difficult. You can not give them their gift personally and spend all day with them.

However, this next gift idea allows you to still show how much you care, even if you cannot be there. Inside the box is a card, a personalized message in a bottle, a birthday confetti postcard, a keychain, and a roadmap that shows your two cities connected by a red string.

This is an extremely sweet and meaningful gift that your boyfriend will love. It is not the same as you being there, but it still shows how much you love and care for him. 


32. Personalized Leather Keychain 

MeMeDIY Personalized Leather Keychain Gifts for Men Boyfriend Dad Husband Custom Photo Picture Date Name Text Father's Day

This next gift idea is subtle, but still meaningful. It is a leather keychain that you can get personalized with your own photo.

It can be a picture of you or a picture of the two of you. That way, he can always have a photo of you with him. The photo is printed directly onto the stainless steel insert, then bound in with the leather.

So, it is not completely obvious what it is, but your boyfriend will know that it is there, like your own little secret. 


33. Engraved Bullet Pen

Long Distance Boyfriend Gift Real Bullet Pen & Custom box | Etsy

This next gift is one that not everyone will be into, but those who will be will love. It is a real bullet pen that can be engraved, both the pen and box.

So, you have two opportunities to have special messages put onto them. He will love this gift, and it will look great on display and great for writing with.

Plus, it is not something that everyone may think of as a gift, making it unique. 


34. Breathe Morse Code Bracelet

JoycuFF Morse Code Bracelets for Men Women Friendship Gifts Inspirational Encouragement Funny Jewelry Gifts for Teen Girls Daughter Sister Best Friend Adjustable Dainty Silk Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Being long distance means that it’s extra hard to know your loved one is struggling, and you cannot rush over and be by their side.

However, this morse code bracelet will remind them to take a minute and to breathe. It spells out “breathe” in morse code.

They can wear this and think about what you would tell them to do, and breathe. Plus, only they will know what the bracelet means. It is not the same as you being there, but it is something until you can be there with them again. 


35. Engraved Vertical Bar Necklace

Love Jewelry Personalized Couple Stainless Steel Necklace Engraved Initial Name Vertical Bar Necklace Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend (Silver)

This next long distance relationship gift idea is a piece of jewelry that is personalized to your relationship.

It is a black vertical bar necklace that you can have engraved with your anniversary date, coordinates, nicknames, inspirational words, initials, or anything else.

All four sides can be engraved with something different, if you would like, so it can be a piece of jewelry that represents your entire relationship. Plus, the necklace will be near his heart, which makes it even more special. 


36. Comfy Hoodie

Champion Men's Powerblend Fleece Hoodie, C Logo at Amazon Men’s Clothing store

This next gift is just something simple that any guy will love: a simple hoodie that he can wear at home or when he is out.

You can get whatever color he will like, and it will be a special hoodie because it came from you. He can wear it when he misses you to be reminded of a gift that you got for him.

Gifts do not always have to be extravagant. Something useful and practical can mean just as much as something expensive or extremely customized. 


37. “To My Boyfriend” Blanket

InterestPrint Personalized Long Distance Blanket, Flannel Throw Blanket for Sister, Custom Any Relationship or Name, Ultra-Soft Blanket for Couch Bedroom Home Decor, 30x40-60x80 Inch

Who doesn’t love a good comfy blanket? I know I do, which is why your boyfriend will love this warm and cozy blanket with a message just for him.

This one has a message about being close to him, even when you are not there. He can wrap himself up in the blanket and imagine it is you until you can be there.

It is probably extremely cheesy, but that is what makes it cute. Plus, it is something to cuddle with until you two are together once again. It is not as good as having you, of course, but it will have to do. 


38. Custom Boxers

Custom Face Boxers Property of Girlfriend Face White Personalized Face Briefs Underwear for Men

This next gift will get laughs, guaranteed. However, I think this is a brilliant long distance relationship gift. It is a pair of boxers that you can have your face printed all over.

Plus, it says “property of” right above your picture. Now, whether your boyfriend wears them or not is up to him, but they will for sure grab his attention and get a laugh or two.

He will still love them, of course – who wouldn’t? Plus, everyone needs underwear, so why not some with your girlfriend’s face all over them? I think it is a great idea. 


39. Hidden Message Leather Bracelet

Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet Personalized with Custom Quote Date or Coordinates with Strong Hypoallergenic Magnetic Clasp

Gifts that you can use/wear everyday that still have a personal meaning behind them, even if it is just something you know, are always great, just like this next gift idea.

This leather bracelet has your own personal message written on the inside. It can be whatever message you want, making this another example of a “secret message” gift. 


40. “You’re My Favorite Person to Text 47 Times A Day” Card

You're My Favorite Person to Text Funny Love Card | Etsy

Every gift needs a card to go with it, so this next gift idea can go with pretty much any of the gifts on this list.

It is a card that says “you’re my favorite person to text 47 times a day” – which is most likely true, to some extent. When you are in a long distance relationship, you want to constantly be in touch.

You may spend your entire day texting everything your partner that happens, when you are happy, sad, or angry. This could easily add up to more than 47 texts a day. Either way, this gift is perfect to give to your long distance boyfriend. 


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Meaningful Long-Distance Relationship Gifts 

41. Long Distance Relationship Envelopes

Romantic & Funny Love Notes Card Set - 24 Cards with Envelopes - 12 Cute & Sassy Designs for Valentines Day & Anniversaries

What’s better than opening a letter from your loved one at a time when you need it the most? That is exactly what this next long distance relationship gift idea is.

It is an envelope that you fill with letters to your partner to fit the situation described on the envelope.

There can be one for when you feel lonely, when you can’t sleep, when you miss each other, when you need a laugh, etc. I think this is such a sweet and simple idea. Writing letters is rare nowadays and these are things you can keep for years.


42. Personalized Long Distance Relationship Picture Frame

Lifetime Creations Personalized Long Distance Relationship Picture Frame: Long Distance Relationship Gift, Long Distance Couples Gift for Girlfriend or Boyfriend, Holds 5"x7" Photo (Landscap...

A picture frame is a classic gift that is perfect for any couple. They are a great way to capture your relationship and keep it near you.

You can pick your favorite picture and a frame that has a quote that encapsulates how you feel about one another.

You can get matching ones for both of you, or you can each have your own unique frame. Either way, it is a classic gift that every long distance couple should have. 


43. Reasons Why I Love You Cards

Valentines Day Gift for her, Reasons why I love you, Birthday gifts for her, Girlfriend gift, Puzzle in Box, Personalized Anniversary gifts

This next gift is another one that can keep on giving. These are cards, and on each one, you write a reason why you love the other person.

It can be simple, like “I love your smile,” or “your dimples.” Or, it can also be really specific details about the other person, or anecdotes from your time together.

You can read one whenever you need a reminder of why they love you. Something you keep for when you are really missing the other person. 


44. Where We Met Map

Personalised Gifts Love Map Where It All Began Where We Met Romantic Gift Minimalist Map Custom Gift Personalized First Meeting Date Memory on Valentine's Day, Honey Gifts

I think this next one is extremely cute and unique. It is a piece of wall art that is a map, marked where the two of you met. It is the location that changed both of your lives and has great meaning.

It is something that you can hang up and look at and remember the person who you care the most about.

A constant reminder of the most important place in your life. A place that you can always go back to with that special person. 


45. Long Distance Couple Bracelets

Memgift Mother Daughter Bracelet Set of 2 Bangles Cuff Long Distance Gifts for Her Boyfriend Girlfriend Jewelry

This next gift is one super romantic and it serves to remind you that the distance is only temporary. That it may suck right now, but it will all work out in the end.

The couple bracelets are engraved with a beautiful message so it is a meaningful gift that you will both cherish. 


46. Red String for Fate Couple’s Bracelet

DESIMTION Red String of Fate Good Luck Protection Couples Bracelets for Boyfriend and Girlfriend Him and Her Long Distance Relationships Gifts

This red string is connected to a legend that there is an invisible red thread that connects us to the people that we are destined to meet.

The thread symbolizes good luck, protection, and love, no matter the distance. These red string bracelets allow you to keep the red string symbolism close to you, to remember that the distance does not mean that you love each other any less.

It reminds you that you love and care for another. It will bring you and your partner good luck and protection. 


47. 3D Moon Crystal 

HOCHANCE 3D Moon Crystal with LED Colourful Light Base,Birthday Presents Mothers Day Gifts for Mother Girlfriend Woman Aunt Wife Mom, Love Memorial Unique Anniversary Long Distance Friendship

This next long distance relationship gift is really cool looking and one that not many other people are likely to have.

It is a 3D crystal with a moon engraved into it that says, “I love you to the moon and back.” It also has an LED light in it.

It comes in different colors, so you can each have one in your favorite color or your partner’s favorite color, to remind you of them.

This will make for a great decoration in your room, on your desk, dresser, etc. It is a fun gift that hits home about how much you care and love that special person. 


48. To My Soulmate Necklace 

Stylish Gears to My Soulmate Love You Forever and Always Custom Photo Text Heart Necklace with Message Card and Back Engraving, Necklace for Wife, Present for Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas

This next gift has extreme sentimental value and will, for sure, have great meaning to your partner. It is a necklace that has a picture of the two of you on the pendant, and you can have the back engraved.

The box has a message about how you want to be there forever. The person that they can count on, the person who will be by their side through thick and thin. They will love this necklace and cherish it forever. 


49. Same sky, Same moon” Bracelet

Long Distance Relationship Gifts, Always Remember We are Under The Same Sky Bracelet Best Friends Couple Military Birthday Anniversary

This bracelet rings true: even though you two are apart, you are still together. You are under the same sky and looking at the same moon.

It may not always be at the same time or in the same spot, but it is still the same sky. It is something that connects the two of you.

This is just a simple black bracelet that can be worn daily, but it is something that will be a constant reminder that the distance is temporary and will not stop you two from loving and thinking about each other.


50. Sky Chart Art Print

Personalized Star Constellation Map Print, Minimal Star Chart, Night Sky Poster 8st (8x10" black frame)

This next gift is one that has become popular over the last few years, but is still something that is extremely meaningful.

It is a snapshot of what the sky looked like on the day you met. It shows all of the constellations and their locations.

It marks a special day in your life: the day that your life changed and you met that special person.

The person that you care the most about. The person for whom you are willing to make long distance work. The person who you would do anything for. 


Cute Long Distance Relationship Gifts

51. Long Distance Couple Necklace

Wolentty Couple His Hers Distance Necklaces for Valentine's Day Gift

This next long distance relationship gift is stunning. These couple relationship necklaces symbolize your eternal love and commitment. The couple pendants are crafted with 2 stainless steel monogram charms in black and rose gold color.

You can carry this necklace with your significant other at all times. Your lover will surely think of you when wearing the necklace.



52. See You Soon Couple Keychain

See You Soon Heart Cutout Keychain Set | Long Distance Relationship, Friendship | Birthday, Christmas Gift for Him, Her | Personalized

Matching gifts are always a great option. Each keychain has a map with a beautiful love message so you and your significant other feel closer to each other at all times despite the distance.

This is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day or anytime you need to say 'i love you' to your other half.


53. Pocket Hug

Pocket Hug Token Long Distance Relationship Keepsake Stainless Steel Double Sided Inspirational Gift with PU Leather Keychain (I'm Always With You)

Hugging your significant other may be one of the things, if not the thing, you miss the most while being apart.All you want to do is just give them a big hug, but you cannot. Well, this next long distance relationship gift idea tries to fix that. It is a pocket hug.

You just stick this in your pocket as a way to always have your significant other with you. You can just feel it and think about them and how special they are. It is something small and simple, so it can easily be taken with you everywhere. It is not the same as having them with you, but it is something. 


54. Pinky Promise Distance Couple Bracelets

MANVEN Best Friend Gifts for Women Pinky Promise Matching String Bff Bracelets for 2 Women Men Wish Teens Boy Girls Couple (Ver.2)

This next gift idea is kind of cheesy, but I am a sucker for cheesiness. It is a pinky promise distance matching bracelets. These bracelets are perfect for long distance lovers or friends.

The bracelets are made of high-quality smooth Korea black cord and can adjust to your wrist size so they are super comfortable and easy to use.


55. Long Distance Card

Long Distance Card for boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband. | Original card with envelope for long distance relationship or friendship | Unique present for someone who is going away

This is a cute and nice note card that will surely put a smile on the face of your partner or your friend who you miss very much. Tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you in a very original way. 


56. Kisses for When I am Not Around Jar 

Kisses For When I'm not Around Mason Jar / Kisses Jar / | Etsy

You cannot go wrong with candy as a gift. So, why not give candy in a cute jar? This jar painted with the phrase “kisses for when I am not around” can be filled with Hershey Kisses.

You could fill it with a variety of different flavors, or all just the classic – whatever your partner likes.

Even if they are not a big fan of Hershey Kisses, this is still a cute gift idea and decoration. You can use different candy if you want, but Hershey Kisses work best for this punny gift. 


57. Couple’s Pillow Case

BOLDLOFT Say I Love You Too Couples Pillowcases (King Size)- Matching Couples Gifts Boyfriend Gifts Husband Gifts Cotton for Him for Him Fiance Gifts Engagement Gifts

This pillow case set is another play on the people using a string and cup to talk. Except, this time, you each have your half of the gift to use in your separate rooms.

Then, when you two are back together, you can put them back together to complete the picture. The drawings are cute and I think this is just a sweet and unique idea.

Even if it does not go with the decor of your bedroom perfectly, it will still look great in your room.

Plus, you will probably miss your significant other at night, and this will help you know they are also thinking about you.  


58. Stir Your Tea and Think of Me

Stir Your Tea & Think of Me Long Distance Gift Valentine gift Best Selling Item Coffee Lover Gift Customized Spoon

You are probably thinking about your boyfriend or girlfriend at all times when you are apart, so this next gift idea just hits home.

Even when doing the simplest tasks like making your tea, you are thinking about how much you miss them. Plus, a spoon is just a useful gift.

Everyone needs spoons, so why not get one that reminds you of the person you care about most? 


59. Heartbeat Ring

Heartbeat Rings for Couples I Love You Matching Promise Rings Wedding Bands Sets for Him and Her with Box Stainless Steel Comfort Fit

This next gift idea, in my opinion, is one of the coolest gifts on this list. It is a ring that you can have made to match the heartbeat of your partner.

Plus, it has a message engraved on the inside of it, meant just for you. The heartbeat forms a heart on the band as well.

This ring allows you to keep your partner’s heart close to you, even if you two are miles apart. This is such a special gift that you both will cherish forever.

It is a gift that you can wear for years and remember how much you love them and how much they love you. 


60. Dandelion Seed Necklace

J.C Arts Real Dandelion Dandelion Necklace Real Dandelion Seed, Wish Necklace Nature Jewelery Good Luck Charm

A dandelion seed is meant to represent youthful joy, getting your wish fulfilled, long lasting happiness, and surviving challenges and difficulties.

So by giving your significant other this necklace, you are giving them lasting joy, happiness, the ability to survive challenges and difficulties, and the chance to have their wishes fulfilled.

All of these wishes mean that they can be happy even though you are apart, and wish for you two to be together soon.

They can wear this and remember that they can survive the distance and one day, you two can be together, and never have to leave one another again.


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Useful Long Distance Relationship Gifts

61. Long Distance Lamps

Long Distance Friendship Lamps by LuvLink (Set of Two)

This next long distance relationship gift idea is an item that has been on the rise in popularity. It is a lava lamp, and you can change the color of both lamps by touching one.

You can even give each color a specific meaning, so all you have to do is touch the lamp to change the color, and your partner will know that you are thinking of them.

You can say good morning, good night, I love you, I miss you, etc., all with the lamp. Plus, a lamp is a useful gift, so it is useful and meaningful: the perfect combination.


62. Bond Touch Bracelets

BOND TOUCH Long Distance Touch Bracelets For Couples - Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere - Unique Relationship Gifts With Real Time Messaging And Customizable Colors - Single Tap Bracelet

Here is the perfect gift for all my long-distance couples! My boyfriend and I actually have these Bond Touch bracelets, and we use them when we are long-distance for part of the year when we’re at school and when he travels for soccer.

I love Bond Touch because it really is hard to find the time to text all the time or talk as much as most long-distance couples would probably like.

You can send touches from your bracelet to the bracelet of your partner just as a reminder that you’re thinking about each other!

My favorite feature? On the Bond Touch app that you set up with the bracelet, you can make specific touches mean certain things. So, when my boyfriend and I send one really long touch, it means “I miss you,” and a bunch of little touches is “I love you.”

This is the most perfect gift for couples who want to make sure their partner always feels special even if they far apart or super busy!


63. Love Box Color and Photo

LoveBox Color & Photo

This next long distance relationship gift allows you to send a message, photo, drawing, or animation to your significant other at any time.

Once you send the message, the heat starts to turn, and your partner can open the lid. The screen will display the message.

They can then turn the heart to send you hearts back. This is such a sweet idea that they will love. You can send them pictures of the two of you, a sweet message, something you drew for them, whatever you want.

It is a different way to communicate than through a phone, which is always a great idea. While it is pricier, it is worth the money. 


64. Portable Charger

Portable Charger 38800mAh,LCD Display Power Bank,4 USB Outputs Battery Pack Backup, USB-C in&out Dual Input Phone Charging Compatible with iPhone 15/14/13 Pro Max/12,Android Samsung Galaxy Pixel N...

Being in a long distance relationship means that you will be on your phone a lot. You will be texting, calling, Snapchatting, and video chatting all the time, which means your phone battery will probably drain quickly.

You do not want to miss a call because your phone is dead, or be stuck in a place just because it has access to an outlet, which is why a portable charger will be great to have.

You can charge your phone from wherever and take it with you in your bag to charge your phone if you do not have access to an outlet.

This is a simple gift that will be great to have in many situations, and they will use all the time. I use my portable charger almost every day, so I know they will, too. 


65. Weighted Blanket

Bare Home Weighted Blanket for Adults 25lb (80" x 87") - All-Natural 100% Cotton - Premium Heavy Blanket Nontoxic Glass Beads (Light Grey, 80"x87")

When you are used to sleeping with someone at night, when you have to sleep apart from that person, it can be difficult to sleep.

You are used to cuddling with them and having their weight present, which is why a weighted blanket may come in handy.

It lets you feel the weight of having someone else in your bed when you don’t actually have that person with you.

Of course, it is not the same, but it is better than nothing. Plus, then you have a blanket to sleep with. 


66. Phone Holder with Gooseneck Mount

Phone Holder Bed Gooseneck Mount - Lamicall Cell Phone Clamp Clip for Desk, Flexible Lazy Long Arm Headboard Bedside, Overhead Mount Stand, Compatible with Phone 12 Mini 11 Pro Xs Max XR X 8 7 6 Plus

Holding your phone can make your hand tired, which is where this next gift comes into play. It is a phone holder that has a gooseneck mount so you can move it to fit whatever position you need.

It can also be clipped to a counter, desk, table, bed frame, etc.

This allows you to be on the phone or video chat with your significant other and not have to worry about your arm getting tired.

You do not want to end a call early because your hand hurts, which is why this is a great gift idea. 


67. Bluetooth Earbuds

Kurdene Wireless Earbuds,Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case Bass Sounds IPX8 Waterproof Sports Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Touch Control 24H Playtime -Black

This next long distance relationship gift idea is great for those who live with other people. This is a pair of bluetooth earbuds that they can wear when they are on the phone with you.

Simply by pairing these to their phone and when they are talking to you on the phone or on video chat, they can make the volume louder and not have to worry about bothering anyone who is around. 


68. Long Distance Relationship Coupon Book

Love Coupon Book handmade | Long Distance Relationship Gift, Love letter, custom gift, personalised gift for him, gift for her, anniversary

When you are in a long-distance relationship, it can be hard to find things that you can do together even though you are not in the same place.

That is where this long-distance relationship coupon book comes in.

You can come up with different things to put on the coupons and have your partner redeem them whenever they want.

It could be a virtual dinner date, buying them takeout from their favorite place, sending them a care package, etc.

You can come up with your own and get creative with it.

As long as it fits your partner and your relationship, that is what matters. 


69. Ring Light

13" Selfie Ring Light with 63" Tripod Stand & 3 Phone Holder, LED Camera Ringlight with 48 RGB Colors Modes & Musical Rhythm Mode and 12 Brightness Dimmable for Makeup/Photography/Vi...

When videochat is the only way you can see your long distance loved one, it is important that they can see you. A ring light is so handy for that, because if you hook your phone up to the tripod, the ring light will make you look great.

You will notice the difference, and your significant other will love you and the gift. Plus, then they can use it to launch their TikTok career, and when they go viral, it will be because of the ring light you got them. 


70. Photo String Lights

Photo Clip 17Ft - 50 LED Fairy String Lights with 50 Clear Clips for Hanging Pictures, Photo String Lights with Clips - Perfect Dorm Bedroom Wall Decor Wedding Decorations

Photos are some of the most important items you have when you are in a long distance relationship.

You are going to want to have them on full display wherever you are living, so these photo string lights are going to be a great gift idea.

Your loved one can have these pretty fairy light decorations while also being able to hang up the many photos the two of you have together.

They can look at the photos and be reminded of all the good times you shared, and look forward to all the memories you are going to make in the future. 


Personalized Long Distance Relationship Gifts

71. Custom Soundwave Art

Artblox Soundwave Art Custom Gifts | Any Recording Or Song On Acrylic Block | Unique Birthday Gift | Anniversary Gifts

This next long distance relationship gift idea is not something that I have seen done before. It is an acrylic block that is printed with the sound wave of your own personal message, so you could get anything that you want to say to your partner printed onto the block.

You could get “I love you” or “I miss you”, or something that means something to just the two of you. Your significant other can easily play the recording by scanning the encoded QR code with almost any smartphone camera. This is definitely one of a kind gift that they will love. 


72. Custom Wood Photo Alarm Clock

Valentines Day Gifts for him - for her- Wood Burned Desk Photo Clock - Personalized Gifts - Gifts for Boyfriend - Girlfriend - Romantic Gifts for Wife - Husband - I Love You Gifts - Customized Gifts

I have never seen a gift like this one before. It is a clock that you can have burned to display an image of the two of you on it. I think this is so unique and would mean so much to your partner.

Plus, you can have the time set to whatever time it is where you live if your partner is in a different time zone, so they will always know what time it is where you are. It is another way to keep you two connected. 


73. Custom Song Plaque

Personalized Acrylic Song with Photo Customized Transparent Song Plaque Custom Picture Album Cover Scannable Spotify Code LED Night Light Lamp for Music Lovers

If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have a special song, then you will love this next long distance relationship gift idea.

This is a plaque that looks like the Spotify interface, and you can have it customized so the artwork to your special song is a picture of the two of you.

This would look great as a wall decoration, on a shelf, desk, dresser, table, etc.

Then, whenever they look at it, they will think of the song and you, the special person in their life who also has a connection to that song.


74. Custom Photo Film Roll

Personalized Custom Photo Picture Camera Film Roll Keychains with Photo Reel Album, Personalized Gifts with MultiPhoto

This next gift idea hops on the trend of disposable film. It is a film cartridge with a pull-out tab of what looks like film, but it is actually a string of pictures.

It is tiny and can easily be taken with you wherever you go if you want a reminder of your special person.

It is like having a little photo album that you can keep in your pocket or purse and pull out when needed.

I love the vintage feel of it looking like disposable film. Plus, you can personalize it to your own taste. Your significant other will love this.


75. Personalized Memory Box

Let’s Make Memories Where It All Began Memento Box – For Couples – Wedding Gift – Anniversary

This gift idea also goes along with the idea of photos being great gifts. This custom keepsake box not only reflects a one-of-a-kind love; it safely stores reminders of the beautiful journey behind your unique love story.

You can engrave this box with any message with an optional date. The words “It All Began” will always appear. It is sweet and very meaningful. What more could you ask for in a gift? 


76. Coordinates Bracelet

Coordinate Bracelets For Couples, Couples Bracelets Set, Latitude Longitude Bracelet, Location Bracelet, Gps, Valentines Day Gift For Him, Long Distance Relationship Jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver

You can never go wrong with giving jewelry as a gift, which is what this next gift idea is. These are coordinate bracelets that you and your partner can wear.

You could get the coordinates of the same place, like the place you met, or you could get the coordinates of where your partner lives, to remind you of them.

Either way, the bracelets are cute, simple, and have so much meaning behind them. These can easily be worn everyday, and that way, you will always have your partner in your heart 


77. Custom Photo Blanket

InterestPrint Customized Blanket with Picture Your Text Here 10 Photos Blankets Personalized Gifts for Adults Family Dad Mom Couples,Custom Photo Blanket Memorial Gifts for Christmas Birthday

This blanket is totally customizable. Whether you choose a sweet couple's photo or a ridiculous candid, this blanket will bring a smile to your man’s face.

You can either make a photo collage with up to nine photos, or make one big photo blanket!


78. Long Distance Art Print

Personalized Two State Paper Art Print | Any Two States Long Distance Relationship Gift | Valentine's Day Gift | Wedding State | Custom Location | Long Distance Map

This next gift idea demonstrates how even though you are in two different cities, you are still connected by your love.

Each piece is a map of the area each of you are in, then where they overlap is shaded with a heart, symbolizing that the love that you share is what keeps you connected through the distance.

You two are strong enough to survive anything. You will work hard, and soon enough, you will be together.

This art print will make a great wall decoration wherever you end up living and will be something you two can put up when you can finally live together in the same city. 


79. Personalized Comic Book

Valentine's Day Sale!! Custom Comic Book Covers - Personalized Comic Book Cover Perfect Gift BEST QUALITY ON WEB

Who does not want a comic book starring themselves? If your boyfriend or girlfriend loves comic books or would love to star in their own, this is the perfect gift idea.

This will be something the two of you will cherish forever and something you can show all of your friends and family. It is a unique, one of a kind gift that your significant other will love. 


80. Song Lyrics Wall Art

Custom Anniversary Gift for Husband Song Lyrics Print, Wedding Song Lyric, First Dance Song Poster, Wall Art Decor, Valentines Day Gifts

I think that using song lyrics as decoration, specifically in the form of wall art, is so lovely, which is why this last long distance relationship gift idea is just that.

This is a piece of wall art where you can have the lyrics to whatever song you want written out and put both of your names in the middle.

Pick a song that has a lot of meaning to the two of you, and you have a beautiful and meaningful piece of wall art.

This would be great as a centerpiece on a wall, one that can bring conversation when people visit. They can talk about how it was gifted to them by their favorite person, and how they cannot wait until they can display it in a home they share with you. 


Final Thoughts

Being in a long-distance relationship is never easy. Finding a gift that will show how much you care for them is also never easy. However, hopefully, something on this list will help guide you in the right direction.

No matter what you choose to get that special person in your life, they will love it because it came from you. They will cherish it because you took the time to show you care and that you were thinking of them.

But of course, nothing will beat the feeling when you two are finally able to be together again.




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