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40 Best Gifts for Athletes That They Will Absolutely Love

We’ve gathered some of the most popular and most effective gifts for athletes that are sure to help them achieve their goals.



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This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

Are you in need of gifts for the athletes in your life? I’ve gathered some of the most popular and most effective items that are sure to help the athletes you know achieve their goals and be their very best.

This article contains a variety of products and prices to help everyone find the best gift for those who are always ready to get up and go!



Our Most Popular Gifts: 

1. Apple Wireless Earphones

Apple AirPods

Wireless Bluetooth airphones are the ultimate ideal gift for any athlete who is constantly on the go . I wear my AirPods every single day, and I can confidently say that they are worth the price.

There are more cheaper options out there, but trust me they are not worth it. They easily break and do not last very long.

I bought my airpods three years ago and they are still like new. They work perfectly well and they are so EASY to use. Plus, they are water and sweat-resistant.


2. Fitbit

Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker

Gift a fitness tracker for your athletic friend so that they can track their activities throughout the day.

If an Apple Watch is too far out of your price range, Fitbit’s Inspire 2 is a slightly less expensive option that allows users to track their heart rates and activity.

Everyone I know with fitness trackers uses them every day, so I would argue that it’s a worthwhile investment.


3. Gym Bag

Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment

Every athlete needs a way to transport their gear to and from the gym or the field.

This gym bag is an affordable, customizable option with fantastic reviews and lots of helpful storage space.

Not only is this item affordable, but your purchase will also help a small business!


4. Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel, Reusable Water Bottle

Another personalizable option with a wide variety of colors, this product has shining reviews.

It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic water bottles.

As someone who is never seen without a water bottle, I prefer metal insulated bottles like this one because they manage to keep my drinks cool long after I’ve left the house. 


5. Bluetooth Speaker 

JBL Flip 4, Black – Waterproof, Portable & Durable Bluetooth Speaker – Up to 12 Hours of Wireless Streaming – Includes Noise-Cancelling Speakerphone, Voice Assistant & JBL Connect+
This speaker is small, but you’ll be surprised by how big it sounds! It is a convenient gift for anyone that loves to workout outdoors or at home. The speaker is compact and easy to use. You will be able to take your music anywhere while working out with the JBL portable speaker.

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Best Overall Gifts:

6. Cookbooks 

Recipes for Real Life

“Healthyish” is a solid choice of cookbook for those athletes who are trying to hone their cooking skills without sacrificing nutrition.

This cookbook offers quick meal options and meals that are travel-friendly for the go-getter in your life.

For those who are looking into expanding their cooking skills but are concerned about financial strains, “The Working Class Foodies Cookbook” contains recipes for inexpensive meals.

Its reviews rave about the ease in which people were able to make new dishes.


7. Sweatpants

G Gradual Men's Sweatpants with Zipper Pockets

I can confidently say that I don’t believe someone can have too many pairs of sweatpants. My absolute favorite sweats when working out are tapered, have pockets and are made from breathable material.

I would argue the G Gradual tapered sweatpants are a high-quality item with a low price tag. 

Some things I look for when searching for new athletic sweats are light material, color range and zippable pockets to hold my phone, all of which are available with this product.

These sweatpants have great reviews and would be a perfect gift for any athlete.


8. KT Tape

Kinesio Tape – Tex Classic Strong – Elastic Therapeutic Athletic Tape – Super Stick for Extended Wear – 2 in. x 49.2 ft Roll

Every athlete I know has at least one roll of KT Tape in their gym bag.

Designed to target and alleviate pain, KT Tape remains in place throughout intense workouts and all conditions and can stay on the skin to combat soreness for up to three days.

Not only is this product helpful for mitigating pain, but its website also includes step-by-step instructions on how and where to apply to ensure pain relief.


9. Small Weights

CAP Barbell 32 LB Set of Neoprene Dumbbells with Rack | 3, 5, 8 LB pairs

Not everyone has a gym membership or a personal gym in their home.

Small weights like personal dumbbells are an affordable workout option that are just as effective as a larger gym setup.

These are also great for anyone who is trying to ease their way into working out more regularly.

These dumbbells are an easily accessible and easy-to-store option that can be applied to your workout in a multitude of ways.


10. Agility Ladder 

GHB Agility Ladder Speed Training Ladder 20 Feet 12 Rung Exercise Ladder, 10 Disc Cones,Resistance Parachute,Football Training Equipment Set

Again, almost every athlete I know integrates an agility ladder into their training and workout routines in some way.

This product is a great way to build up speed, stamina, concentration and balance. It can be used in a variety of workouts.

From my experience, a workout isn’t complete without a few sets of running through an agility ladder, so I think this product is a perfect gift for any athlete.


11. Foam Roller 

Amazon Basics Round Foam Roller

My sister is an avid athlete who absolutely swears by the foam roller we have at home, which is designed to help with flexibility, strength, balance and physical therapy.

Not only is this product super affordable, but it may also become a post-workout staple for the athlete in your life looking to unwind after a long workout.


12. Resistance Bands

RENRANRING Resistance Bands for Working Out, Exercise Bands for Physical Therapy, Stretch, Recovery, Pilates, Rehab, Strength Training and Yoga Starter Set

When I was recovering from two knee injuries, resistance bands were an integral part of my rehabilitation process—and for good reason.

Resistance bands take weights out of the equation and allow you to use the weight of your own body in tandem with the resistance of the band to strengthen your muscles. 

With differing resistance levels depending on the intensity of the workout you would like to do, these bands are perfect for any type of athlete. 


13. Odor Eliminators 

Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bags 4 Pack

As anyone who knows athletes can attest, gym bags and workout shoes radiate a different level of stinky.

These bamboo charcoal bags freshen the air by removing impurities, and their effectiveness can be seen in the overwhelming amount of positive reviews this item has. 


14. Coconut Water 

Zico 100% Coconut Water, NO added Sugar, Refreshingly Delicious, Hydration with Electrolytes, 16.9 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

Normally when you think of sports drinks, you think of brands like Gatorade and Powerade, right?

Well, coconut water is a more natural, antioxidant-filled option that replenishes electrolytes and restores hydration after a long workout. 


15. Pre-Wrap


It’s not too bold to say that the possibilities of pre-wrap usage are limitless.

In my experience, pre-wrap can be used as a hair tie or headband, with ice packs, with socks and various equipment to secure them in place and as padding when wearing braces.

This product, which has a variety of positive reviews, is a staple for those who are active and is a perfect gift for any athlete. 



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Best Gifts for Baseball and Softball Players: 

16. Gloves and Mitts

Like any good sports equipment, gloves and mitts are an investment that facilitate good play and allow athletes to better hone their skills.

If the athlete in your life is ready to move on from their hand-me-down mitt, head to a local sports shop.

Speak with a professional about the best-suited gloves and mitts for the position your athlete plays.

Amazon has a wide variety of baseball and softball equipment and knowledgeable staff who can answer any question you may have.

17. Bag 

Athletico Baseball Bat Bag

As with any sport, the baseball or softball player in your life needs a decent bag to help them carry all their equipment.

With storage for two bats, a helmet, cleats, gloves and more, this product has a multitude of outstanding reviews in addition to a variety of colors. 


18. Helmet 

Rawlings Coolflo Molded Baseball Batting Helmet

Similar to mitts, I recommend visiting a local sports shop to speak with a professional about the exact type of helmet you should purchase.

For more affordable options, check out the Easton Gametime II batting helmet for baseball and the EvoShield Senior XVT Scion helmet for softball, both of which are from Amazon.

While you’re browsing for helmets, it’s important to remember that safety equipment is an important investment when it comes to making sure the athlete in your life stays safe.


19. Evoshield Elbow Guard

EvoShield EvoCharge Batter's Elbow Guard

Again, safety equipment is an important concern that makes a good gift for any athlete. This elbow guard molds to the arm of the wearer and will disperse any contact that is made by the ball.

With a variety of colors to match your athlete’s preference or team colors, this product also has numerous positive reviews about keeping players safe. 



Best Gifts for Soccer Players:

20. Training Cones

GHB Disc Cones 50 Pack Agility Soccer Cones with Carry Bag and Holder for Sports Training, Football, Basketball, Coaching, Practice Equipment Includes Cone Drills Guide

Anyone who has ever played soccer knows that cones are an integral part of any practice or training session.

Cones help players work on their speed and accuracy by giving them obstacles to avoid in preparation for a real-life obstacle during a game.

These are a super affordable option that can help add another level of intensity and fun to a workout.


21. Mini Soccer Ball

Select Super Mini Skills V22 Soccer Ball, White/Blue/Red, Size 1

While you won’t be playing with a tiny soccer ball in a real game, learning to handle a ball that is much smaller than the game ball helps athletes improve their dribbling and ball-handling skills.

The small size also allows players to bring this product anywhere, whether it be to practice to build their dexterity or just to play in their freetime.


22. Cleats

Under Armour mens Spotlight Franchise Rm Football Shoe, White/Black, 7.5 US

Because comfort is key while playing soccer, cleats are an investment that heavily impacts a player’s performance on the field.

However, cleat prices can cost up to $300 depending on what type you’re looking for.

I currently recommend these cleats. These are a sleek option and are more of a middleground price-wise.

As with any other sporting equipment, I suggest getting input from the athlete they’re for and/or a professional.


23. Keeper’s Gloves

Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeepers need extra support and protection when they’re defending the goal, which is why I think the Sportout keeper gloves would be a great gift.

Where many goalie gloves can be upwards of $80, these gloves are an affordable option that are also a good quality.

In addition to wear-resistant palms, they offer protection against hypertension and strain, evidenced by the vast majority of positive reviews. 



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Best Gifts for Basketball Players:

24. Socks

Elite Basketball Socks

The high tops on most basketball shoes can cause chafing and discomfort, which makes tall socks a necessity for any player.

These socks are not only breathable and provide cushion, but are also good for everyday wear.

I personally wear these whenever I need black socks because I haven’t been able to find another pair that can compete with the cushion and softness they offer.

These also come in other colors that you can match to your friend’s team. 


25. Shoes

Adidas Harden Vol. 4 GCA Shoes Core Black/Pink Tint 8

As with choosing any new sports equipment, buying basketball sneakers can be an investment that requires some research.

Our research shows that the Adidas Harden Vol. 4 is an excellent choice of shoe that won’t break the bank the way some higher-end shoes can.

Reviews describe these shoes as “supportive, lightweight, fast,” with good traction and impact protection. 


26.  Duffel Bag

Adidas Team Medium Duffel Bag Orange

Carrying a water bottle, extra shoes, a ball and a host of other equipment can be difficult without a good gym bag.

Some players opt for a backpack, but I recommend a duffel for the extra space they offer.

With raving reviews, this product is a perfect gift for any basketball player. 


27. Reversible Jerseys

Liberty Imports Reversible Men's Mesh Basketball Jersey

Anyone who has ever played a team sport can tell you that scrimmages and team practices require having multiple different colored shirts handy to split teams into.

Having reversible jerseys makes scrimmaging easier and gives your athlete one less thing to worry about when it comes to wearing the right color to practice.

Made from a breathable fabric, this product is an inexpensive and easy gift for any athlete on a team.


Best Gifts for Football Players:

28. Mouth Guard

Number-one 3 Pack Soft Mouth Guard, Professional Sports Mouthguard for Boxing, Jujitsu, MMA, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Karate, Rugby Teeth Armor to Protect Braces for Adult & Youth

The importance of safety—especially in football—cannot be overstated.

I recommend this comfortable mouthguard because it is affordable and effective and has earned almost five-out-of-five stars from all buyers.


29. Cooling Towels

[4 Pack] Cooling Towel Ice Towel,Soft Breathable Chilly Towel

I cannot even begin to describe what a lifesaver cooling towels are when you’re sweating buckets from running around playing contact sports.

Every athlete I know uses this product as their go-to cool-down tool after an especially intense workout. I think they are the perfect gift for any football player in your life.


30. Football 

Wilson NFL Super Grip Official Football

This Wilson football is designed to help players sharpen their skills and dexterity by mimicking the gripless effect that comes with wet weather conditions.

This website offers a variety of training footballs, ranging from ones that simulate weather conditions to those that offer weight training to improve throwing strength.

It’s important that each athlete trains their bodies to adapt to new situations in order to improve their game. Training footballs are a great way to cover all the bases, making this an excellent gift for the athletes you know.


31. Receiver Gloves 

Adidas ADIZERO 8.0 Football Reciever's Gloves

An important piece of equipment for receiving throws is a decent pair of receiver gloves. These gloves are one of the top sellers from Amazon.

These are designed to provide a strong grip to ensure sturdier catches and are a more affordable option in comparison to receiver gloves that go for $50 or more.


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Best Gifts for Runners:

32. Epsom Salts

Epsoak Epsom Salt 19 lb. Bag

While many athletes will enjoy gifts such as equipment and workout clothes, epsom salts are the perfect gift for any athlete recovering from a long workout and rigorous exercise.

An epsom salt bath can help mitigate muscle soreness and aching limbs while it also cleanses the skin. This gift is ideal for those who are constantly working to better themselves and those who need to unwind every once in a while. 


33. Sneakers 

Autper Mens Air Athletic Running Tennis Shoes Lightweight Sport Gym Jogging Walking Sneakers(Darkblue US 9.5)

Buying shoes for other people can be unnecessarily stressful, what with the fluctuation in size, style and price.

So, I think the running shoes from UBFEN are a safe and reliable option.

These sneakers come in a variety of colors, making it easy to tailor them to almost any taste.

By extension, these shoes have overwhelmingly good reviews about the lightweight nature and breathability of the shoe, two factors that are of the utmost importance when looking for good-quality shoes. 


34. Breathable Shirts

Neleus Men's Dry Fit Mesh Athletic Shirts

A must-have when it comes to running, these shirts allow for rapid ventilation and moisture wicking to keep you cool while exercising.

For those who prefer a more feminine cut, I like the icyzone Workout Running Shirts, which offer a similar fast-cooling and moisture-wicking design. Both products would make good gifts for those who love to be active. 


35. Phone Holder

Phone Armband Sleeve

Running with your phone in your pocket can be uncomfortable and distracting, so a phone holder is always a good gift for the active people you know.

The sturdy harness keeps the phone secure while allowing users to listen to music and track their movement if desired.

This product also has a variety of immensely positive reviews about its comfort and performance, making it a good gift choice for any runner or training athlete.


36. Reflective Gear

Reflective Vest (2 Pack) – Lightweight, Adjustable & Elastic Safety Vest

Due to its lack of physical contact, running sometimes doesn’t come with safety concerns. But road safety is a serious issue that should be taken into consideration.

Reflective gear is the perfect tool for making sure that your loved one stays safe and easy to see in low visibility.

This vest is a lightweight and highly reflective option that comes in different colors, so the athlete in your life doesn’t necessarily have to wear fluorescent yellow in order to stay safe.

If the strappy design of Apace Vision isn’t your style, Mountain Warehouse offers an incredibly cycling jacket that’s impossible to miss and highly reviewed. 



Best Gifts for Gymnasts and Yoga Enthusiasts:

37. Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print Extra Thick

Another affordable option from a small business, these yoga mats are high quality and customizable.

These handmade mats offer no-slip protection while being adequately soft and “squishy.”

A yoga mat is a perfect gift for any athlete, allowing them to meditate, do yoga or practice no-equipment exercises like planks and lunges.


38. Sports Bras

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras for Women

As with sweatpants, I don’t think anyone can have too many sports bras. I recommend the FITTIN racerbacks not only because of their breathable material, but also because they are an ideal gift for a variety of body types.

So often clothing products are only available to a select few sizes, but this product is appropriate for large and small chests, making it a perfect fit for any athlete.


39. Yoga Mat Cleaner

ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Making sure your yoga mat stays sanitary is of the utmost importance, which is why I would use ASUTRA’s natural and organic mat cleaning spray.

Not only does this product use natural ingredients, it also includes aromatic lavender oil to promote relaxation.

This product has a lot of good reviews, and its small size makes it easily portable. 


40. Motivational Water Bottle

Elvira 32oz Motivational Fitness Sports Water Bottle

While I prefer insulated water bottles, my partner swears by their motivational water bottle, which encourages them to drink a certain amount of water by a certain time each day.

This gift is perfect for the athletes in your life who are chronically dehydrated or are sports drink enthusiasts. 

Not only is this product customizable, but it’s also a favorite from another small business with great reviews!


Final Thoughts 

When in doubt, it’s always best to check with the athlete in question to make sure you got their preferences and needs right.

But for surprises and gifts, these items are an almost foolproof way to make sure the fitness enthusiast in your life gets the most out of their workout and activities!




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