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Why Millennials Need To Vote More Than Ever

Source: Letta Wren

Midterm Season is upon us all and now is the time to educate yourselves on both the candidates and voting itself. On November 6th, go to the polls understanding the issues you care about and that your vote does matter.

“Voting is your power to say that you have a voice and it is going to be heard,” CSU Northridge student, Michael Valenzuela, said.

Voting is a fundamental right for citizens of the United States. 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 35 seats in the United States Senate are up for election this midterm cycle.

If you don’t vote, then someone else will be making this big decision without you.

Voter turnout is especially important for younger voters, better known as millennials. A recent NPR report shows that “millennials continue to have the lowest voter turnout of any age group.” When it comes to midterm elections, the turnout is scarcer.

According to polling data collected by NBC News and GenForward, 55% of millennials intend to vote while 19% are unlikely to vote in the 2018 midterms. If those 55% vote, it is possible to see a shift in the house. However, it remains to be seen whether they will actually show up at the polls on November 6th.

Millennials are all of voting age, yet the majority do not vote. Why is that? The problem traces back to trust.

“Candidates are good at masking what they support making it hard for voters to know exactly where they stand,” UC Santa Barbara student, Jahan Atebar, said.

“They are working to disillusion the American voter.”

Because of the internet, voters have more access than ever before to politically educate themselves.  Though research is an extra step, it will clarify which candidate best align with what you want to see the government accomplish.

There are websites dedicated to clearly listing the candidates’ stances. With this research, you will be confident in your choices as you enter the voting booth.

“I’m voting because I’m angry, and I have the chance to do something about it,” UC Santa Barbara student, Catherine Weatherly, said. “Voting allows me to channel my frustration with this current administration into productive action.”

“My complaints mean nothing without my vote,” Weatherly said.

Referring to social media, a simple retweet, favorite, or share does not constitute a vote. If change is what young people seek, it must come through voting. Social media can be an outlet for education and activism, but it is only the first step towards change.

Your vote does matter. Voting has a direct impact on your life, both present and future. Elect candidates who align with what you hope to see in your future.

Vote for you, don’t let someone else do it for you.

Register to vote now at: Vote.org

There are deadlines to register to vote, so check yours HERE.

By: Vivianna Shields



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