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Guns in America

Why Civilian Gun Possession Should Be Limited



Four young children doing marshal arts
Goshen, NY

The current gun laws are terrible. The NRA needs to step up and take responsibility for how easy it is to obtain a gun. Seeing how they reacted to the Parkland protest was disgusting.

It really showed that they value guns and money over human life. The problem is that America is such a capitalist country that it doesn’t matter what happens since it’s always money over everything.

There are so many things wrong with this country. I would never have thought that the safety of kids at school would be a problem.

I think one thing that we can do is to limit what kind of guns civilians are allowed to possess. A lot of these shootings are done with deadly assault rifles that are military grade. So why are they allowed to be owned by civilians?

Why is it that I feel like our government is preparing us for another civil war? A lot of things can be avoided too if there is some type of security or police officer on duty at the schools.

The way this year alone has gone makes you wonder if our officials actually care about us or just our pockets. Our president hasn’t really done much to help the situation. He has done one press conference about Parkland and that was it.

I haven’t even really heard about them either in the news. It’s like everything just blew over as if kids didn’t lose their young lives.

We need to find better ways to solve this problem: a new screening process, mental and emotional testing before issuing a gun permit. We have to fix the whole procedure on how to obtain a gun.

We’re losing our young early because our government feels like they have bigger problems on their hands in foreign countries instead of worrying about what’s going on at home.

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