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Grateful for Trump Series

Different Perspectives of Trump’s Presidency

Citizens get real and share with us their perspective on Trump’s presidency.



Trump's Presidency

Despite the election of Biden this last year, Trump’s presidency is still fresh in our minds and conversations–and will probably stay that way for a long time. A lot of us will probably look back in forty years and say, “well that was quite something.” And wasn’t it?

Here, we collected the responses of citizens right after Trump’s election back in 2016. The voices of the citizens during the time are testaments to the state of America, and hearing them directly is the most interesting way for us to understand the different perspectives that made Trump’s presidency such a contentious era in American history. 

This isn’t dry history; you can hear the anxiety and hope that Trump represented in these people’s statements. Perhaps these stories can help you understand why some people loved or hated this most unusual of American presidents, and what aspects of him they each focused on the most.

Probably you have strong feelings about Trump, too. But taking a moment to consider all sides of the story can give you a deeper understanding about yourself and others. 

Maybe it won’t change your mind, but having empathy for other people is always important, especially when it comes to some of the loudest and most heated topics of our generation.

1-America is land of the free yet we live in fright.

grateful trump

“Intoxicated by how America’s bonded as a nation, Donald Trump is our president. That’s no celebration! Almost as if my say didn’t even count, being weighed down damn near all my life.

This struggle, I just want to make it out. I’m a young black adolescent with dreams and a goal but being young and black, I’ve got to prove my worth some more.

There’s no easy way to come to terms with this reality but I can’t let the fault of a nation become my fatality; racism is real and I can’t be any more clear.

I just don’t want my people oppressed or living in fear. Now, by ‘my people’ I don’t mean just blacks. I mean everyone who shares my belief in flimsy government.

Acts say what you will and exploit my rights. America is a land of the free yet we live in fright.

Donald Trump is a joke, ransacked through the nation, convincing you and your friends, that he wants to make America ‘great again.’ As I bring this to a conclusion, this big idea of our president being fit, is just an illusion.”


2-What it Means to Be American

grateful trump

“Along with other lists of concerns the world has when it comes to Donald Trump, his lack of professionalism is a big one. There have been so many times when he’d say something on twitter and then the following day, or even the following hours, the internet would go ahead and debunk his words.

I do not think Donald Trump embodies what it means to be an American. I do not think he embraces people from different walks of life, different races, and ethnicities.

He doesn’t value anyone other than himself, which is really sad because of instead of moving forward, we’re moving backward.”

3-A Sense of Security

grateful trump

“9/11 was a defining moment for me. All of the sudden I felt more than I ever had—I had a lot of instability in my life growing up—but I felt so helpless that day, and so scared.

I didn’t know what was happening. All I knew was that, as a mother and a grandmother, I wanted to protect my family, and that’s when I became very interested in what was going on politically.

I never had a sense of security and safety when Obama was president because I felt like he was weak and he didn’t really have our best interest in mind, and I feel like Trump does.

Even though he’s not perfect and he’s done a lot of things wrong, I think he still, deep down, has a real interest in helping Americans and exalting us in the eyes of the world again and working together with other countries in order to make us all better off.

I feel so grateful for one thing: not that Trump is perfect, but that Hillary didn’t get elected because I feel like it would have been such a nightmare if she had gotten elected.”

Final Thoughts on Trump’s Presidency

As you can see, fear and hope played a large role in the 2016 election. 

For some, it was a concern about America remaining strong and safe in a post 9/11 world and the intricacies of modern international relations. But others had concerns about America as a home–fears about oppression, inequality, and the accountability of the government.

Trump’s presidency will go down in history as a volatile one. With some of our interviewee’s claiming that Trump had America’s best interest at heart, and others saying Trump cared only for himself or didn’t understand today’s diverse America, we can be sure that resolving current bipartisan debates is going to be difficult. 

We’ve already seen this in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Each side seems to hold up opposite claims as the truth.

Now, more than ever, we need stories like these. If the healing process is ever going to begin, each side has to begin by understanding what the other side thinks and why they think it. 

Only then can we begin to sit at the same table and work things out.

Hatred and dismissal will get us nowhere. Gathering together stories like these, where people from different walks of life express disparate opinions, might mark the first steps for many in empathizing with the people they previously only understood by biased preaching and polarized media .

All the issues in the stories have histories in America going way back before Trump. Racism, international relations, and rights debates have caused deep wounds already. We can’t waste all the progress and healing we’ve been through already.

It’s time to get people from all walks of life together, and ask for their story.