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How to Find Your True Self

“You are not weak for asking for help; you are stronger than I could ever tell you!”

Marion, Indiana

It's OK to express the thoughts and feelings you are having! Be your true self

I have to say this past year has been a crazy ride, and I’m truly surprised I’m still on the ride sometimes! There have been so many times I’ve wanted to just take my seat belt off and jump off while it was going.

For some reason, I’ve gained enough strength to retreat from that idea in my head. Still this disease is something else; it has no preference on who it picks to take on its dark twisted journey. It takes you away from your true self, only to leave you with a misguided mind.

“Why did I not want to live?” I would ask myself, “look at what I have: a beautiful family, friends, a girlfriend that touched my soul, a good job that has me well off.”

That was the thing that just confused me the most. No matter how beautiful my life was in reality, all I saw was the ugly, the hate, and the worst in life. The moment I walked into a mental hospital was the strongest moment I’ve ever had in my life.

Rather than giving into a temptation, I fought like hell to learn what was going on with myself. You are not weak for asking for help; you are stronger than I could ever tell you!

As weeks passed, I grew stronger mentally and was able to notice those low moments and be able to cope with them a little better than before.

Furthermore, I have so much love and support behind me that it is truly a blessing, and I’ll forever be thankful for it. What has really helped me is the love I have in me to help people.

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do to help people a few years ago, but now I’m driven to help raise awareness of mental health in our society!

If you have something that you’re truly passionate about, nothing can truly stop you but yourself. Yes, there is still a lot of hard work ahead, but it won’t feel like work if it’s something you love!



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