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How Studying Psychology Helped me Overcome My Depression and Anxiety

“I want to become a therapist in psychology because I want to help people to find their courage and feel better”

Raleigh, NC

A young lady overcomes depression and anxiety by studying psychology.

Being the oldest child in my family, I am supposed to be the best and take responsibilities to my siblings from my parents’ side.

I know I need to be a model, but I was a child at that time, and I was born as a sensitive child.

However, my parents thought being sensitive meant incapability. My father teased me expecting me to get used to unhappy situations.

I became more closed to myself, tried to hide everything inside. Gradually, under high-stress circumstance, I became depressed and extremely anxious towards my life. I started to hurt myself.

Then I could relieve the pain from my heart. Thanks to my best friend, who noticed my differences and let me express myself, I learnt how to control myself and change the way to face my anxiety.

Even though I had the feeling to kill myself, I still have a strong will to succeed in my life. I fought with my mind back and forth. I noticed that whenever I think about nature and love, I will feel happier. I know I love the world.

I tried to manage my bad feelings instead of overcoming it directly. I set up several plans for me to do in the next week, tomorrow, or this evening.

 These goals could be small and simple like read a book or take a walk in the woods. These things made my life not that empty, and I could control these and changed my focus to some real things.

After studying psychology, I had a better understanding of depression, stress, and anxiety. Instead of facing my passive emotions directly, I am able to trick my brain. Anger and determination stimulate the same electronic waves in our brain so I tried to change my anger into determination.

My advice to overcome depression and anxiety is to try to find things that you really like. Find your courage and confidence from there. Then, you will feel more love from the world.




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