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The Best Sex Education Resources for Students

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Everyone enters college at a different place in their personal development. Knowledge of sexual health and wellness is no different. 

While a lot of schools may provide short programs on consent and STI prevention, they often don’t go into the depth that college students — and other people — really need.

Though the lack of sex education in schools may be fine for you, maybe you’re looking for forbidden sex education resources that classrooms are not willing to divulge. And with such a taboo topic, it can be hard to get any straight answers.

Why Sex Education Should Not Be Taught in Schools

Many have gone so far as to say why sex education should not be taught in schools, and that it should instead be taught by parents or researched independently. This way, the sensitivity and weirdness of changing bodies and minds can be kept private.

Besides; who wants to sit in the back of a stressful class while the teacher spits uncomfortable knowledge you may not be ready for? We’ve all been there, where nobody wants to ask questions because of the awkwardness of the environment.

If you feel sex education should not be taught in schools, you’re probably looking for alternative sources of instruction.

This is where the internet comes into play. Recently, a vibrant community of sex education and sex educators has flourished entirely digitally by serving as a font of information of every kind.

They provide resources for anyone and everyone confused about some of the most taboo subjects of discussion in the world.

For anyone asking those questions with no one to answer them, here’s a whole list of resources to draw on to figure out the things people probably never told you to ask about.

Online Sex Education Resources 


Tabú is an online hub for sex education resources of all varieties.

It includes a bank of articles written by qualified sex educators about anything you could ask for, as well as purchasable online class sessions if you’re looking for a more regimented learning structure that lack of sex education in schools doesn’t teach.

The topics discussed include tips for anal sex, sex toy recommendations, and realistic body expectations for an age saturated by airbrushed and edited media.

Additionally, they have accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube where you can connect with other people out there in the world.


O.school is a school for learning about orgasms, both from a factual standpoint and in a more hands-on manner. The company was founded by Andrea Barrica, a woman raised in a conservative family that promoted abstinence-only education.

It focuses on producing medically accurate information about sex and sexuality that is actually useful to people who are curious about — or engaging in — sexual activity.

Article topics include how to get more pleasure out of sex, relationship advice, information on the actual biological portion of sex, and pieces written by people from a variety of backgrounds about their experiences with sex and sex education.

O.school is a one-stop-shop for building a strong, healthy relationship with sex.


Afrosexology is dedicated to talking about and often reclaiming, Black sexuality, along with the intrinsic links within it to oppression.

The company’s founders, Dalychia and Rafaella, believe that sexuality is a positive and important aspect of people’s lives and that it’s crucial for people to be supported on their journey of self-discovery.

They offer workshops on everything from masturbation to self-love and also have a blog where they answer submitted questions about any topic you can think of.

Killer And A Sweet Thang

A bit different than the other entries on this list, Killer And A Sweet Thang is a collection of people’s — generally millennials — experiences with sex and sexuality in their lives.

From healing from sexual trauma to discovering a new identity as demisexual, Killer And A Sweet Thang is a great place to find short-form stories of people’s real lives.

It might include things that you’ve never thought of, or that you relate to intimately, and it can be the personal response to a lack of sex education in schools.

Sex Education Youtube Channels


One of the best online sex education resources, Sexplanations is a YouTube channel hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe, a clinical sexologist who has been posting videos since 2013.

The channel has covered topics as far-reaching as masturbation tips, dealing with sexual shame, and (a topical one) tips for sexually active college students. With hundreds of videos that are both strictly factual and utterly useful, Sexplanations is an excellent stop for online sex ed.

Stevie Boebi

Stevie Boebi is an out and proud lesbian who is an important queer sex educator on YouTube. 

She has a series called “Lesbian Sex Ed” that focuses on exactly what you’d expect, as well as a huge list of other videos about queer and lesbian sex, from tips for flirting as a lesbian to how to go down on someone.

College is a place where people learn more about themselves, including their sexuality. If you’re starting to question your sexuality or have questions about what to do now, Stevie Boebi’s YouTube channel is a helpful place to start.

Shannon Boodram

Shannon Boodram, known online as Shan Boody, is a sexologist and intimacy expert, as well as a published author of a book about relationship advice.

Her YouTube channel covers the realities of sex, the questions that everyone who’s sexually active will have from time to time, as well as the questions that anyone in a relationship (or looking for one) is going to ask. Chances are, if you’ve asked it, Shan Boody can answer it.

Ash Hardell

Ash Hardell is a queer, trans person who posts a lot of content centered on their own history of coming to terms with their gender identity and sexuality, as well as their journey to where they are at present.

Ash Hardell uses their personal experience to talk about what at least some trans and queer people experience. Hardell’s videos include a series on having and recovering from top surgery, as well as discussions about pronouns and deadnames.

If you’re looking for more information about those topics, whether to get educated or because you’re wondering about your own identity, Ash Hardell is a great resource to have on your journey of self-discovery.

Watts The Safeword

If you’re looking for a YouTube channel about queerness and kink, this is one of the best. Hosted by a gay couple in a BDSM relationship, Watts The Safeword emphasizes safety and information in all things sexual; “Safeword” is literally in the name.

Watts The Safeword has videos of sex education resources on all sorts of aspects of kink, some more extreme than others, so delve with caution. Regardless, if you’re looking for open discussion of some of the most taboo topics in society, this is a good place to start.

Sex Education Podcasts


Gayish is a podcast about gayness, as the title implies. Hosted by Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz, Gayish takes a gay stereotype each week and picks it apart for its truth and its blatant falsehoods. 

With various guests including ex-Mormons, gay pornstars, and other sex educators, Gayish is a great way to learn about the experiences of gay men. It is available on Apple, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.

Turn Me On

Turn Me On Hosted by Jeremie and Bryde, a married, poly, adventurous couple, Turn Me On is a no-holds-barred open discussion on everything sex.

From swinging to butt stuff to claiming a sexual identity, Turn Me On is happy to talk sex, minus the shame, in an unabashed way that utterly owns the reality of being a sexually active person.

If you’ve got questions from a lack of sex education in schools, need sex education resources, or want to live vicariously through others, this is a good place to look. Their podcast is available on Apple and Spotify.

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