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Self-Expression – Voices 59



“Collecting newspapers helps me express myself because it is one of the ways I can convey my love of history and nostalgia.”
New York, NY
I collect historic newspapers. I’ve been doing it since I was around 11 years old.

I started this hobby because I’m a history buff. I like historic things and watching history documentaries and things like that on television.

At the same time that I began collecting, I was a newspaper delivery boy on my bicycle. Back then, there was no internet. If you wanted to find out facts about a historical event, the best place to get that would be from a newspaper.

The oldest newspapers I have are probably from World War II. I have a few from the early 1940s. Most of the newspapers I have, I bought when they were published at the time of the events.

I like to save newspapers from big events in my life like the day I got married or the birth of my daughters. I just started doing that more recently, though. Other than that, I liked to collect papers from events that occurred during my lifetime that I felt would be enduring news stories.

Some of my favorite papers that I’ve saved are: the resignation of Richard Nixon, the 1977 New York City blackout. I have many newspapers from when the Son of Sam serial killer was active in New York.

Aside from that, I also have newspapers from the most significant sports moment in my life which was the 1986 World Series. The Mets won that year.

I also have the last edition ever printed of the Long Island Press. As well as the first edition of the Trib. This was published to try and fill the void when all the other major New York City newspapers went on strike.

Collecting newspapers helps me express myself because it is one of the ways I can convey my love of history and nostalgia. Beyond the headlines, I do like to the TV listings and the prices in advertisements and the sports teams and who was playing at the time. It’s a nice way to reminisce.