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Self-Expression – Voices 57



“To me, drawing was a necessity but as I got older, it became a hobby and a passion.”
Staten Island, NY
Drawing has been my favorite way to express myself ever since I can remember.

When I was younger, I had a speech problem and people had a hard time understanding me. However, through drawing, I was able to express my thoughts and feelings with everyone I wanted. To me, drawing was a necessity but as I got older, it became a hobby and a passion.

By the time I was eight, I was done with speech classes, but I had not given up art. I would doodle in my notebooks basically anywhere I could!

All of my art teachers were always encouraging of my art and I went on to win many art contests. Their support was what I needed to help propel me forward and I will always be thankful for them.

Now, I currently trade and sell art when I find the time. I have made friends with so many talented artists who I trade work with. Seeing other styles and learning other artist’s techniques has continued to make me a more versatile artist.

Personally, I tend to draw people, but my best friend really enjoys to draw landscapes and is amazing at it. Finding your knack when it comes to drawing really will give you a starting point to branch off of. Also, I enjoy playing around with different color schemes and time periods for different collections I put together.

For instance, my last collection was made up of a lot of pastels and depicted people from the Victorian Era. Narrowing in on different colors and time periods gives me a starting point and I enjoy this method a lot.

Drawing is such a beautiful way of expressing one’s self. For me, it really helps convey my feelings in a way that I believe words never will. I know that without drawing, my life would not have been as nearly as bright and as understood.

Therefore, I will always be grateful for the people in my life who encouraged me to pursue this passion. Self-expression is so important, and I really hope that everyone has a positive outlet to express themselves.