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Self-Expression – Voices 54



Last Updated on September 3, 2020 by blendtw

“People still have this idea that motorcycles should be for either men or for tomboys, and I am neither.”
Queens, NY
Riding motorcycles is something that has become one of my biggest passions. My love for motorcycles stemmed from being able to ride on the back of my uncle’s motorcycle. He works as a mechanic repairing motorcycles.

Whenever I was over at his job, when I was younger, I was always drawn to one particular bike. This bike was the first model I saved up to buy, and I still ride it to this day.

I mostly ride on the weekends, and go for day trips when the weather is nice. Something about riding on an open road is so liberating and relaxing to me.

It allows me to clear my thoughts, and just enjoy myself without any real-world distractions. Life can be so busy, but when I’m riding I just focus on the road and nothing else.

However, there are people who do not approve of me riding. I get a lot of dirty looks when I bring up my motorcycles at the work place or around new people I meet.

People still have this idea that motorcycles should be for either men or for tomboys, and I am neither. The truth is I am very girly. I enjoy romantic comedies, and I love dressing up and watching makeup tutorials in my spare time.

Therefore, I do understand where the confusion can stem from since I am not the “stereotypical” biker. This though does not stop me from doing what I love. In fact, I have found that it encourages me to embrace this passion even more.

Expressing myself through my love for motorcycles has given me confidence. Being able to speak about different models, riding, and fixing people’s bikes is something that I am really proud of.

Besides this, being a biker has helped me to make great friends and business connections. Meeting people who have the same love for bikes as I do at events I ride is special. Hopefully, my story can inspire girls like myself to look into motorcycles and being involved in the biker community!