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Self-Expression – Voices 50



“It allows my actions to be more geared towards what I think will make me more content with myself.”
Chicago, IL
I’m able to express myself to others through the teachings of Islam. With the teachings and reflecting on it, and embodying Islam in my actions, I use it as a medium.

I’ve always been raised practicing through my parents. From a young age, Islam was probably the biggest part of my life.

Islam picks me up when I’m down. It allows me to express myself with confidence to others.

If I’m uncomfortable with something, instead of sitting down, thinking, ‘maybe I should do something,’ Islam pushes me forward to make my concerns known. It motivates me to be myself even if it’s not the popular opinion.

I was in a group of people and one guy made a mistake that affected a couple of other people. Their reactions were above and beyond an equal retaliation. Basically, you could say it was bullying.

And then, I was like I don’t know if I should do anything. Especially since it was a whole squad ganging up.

In the end, I was like, what type of person am I to just sit with the crowd only when I’m comfortable? From my own religion, I learn that you either actively help the oppressed or you’re helping the oppressor.

Things worked out in the end. That was a time where Islam pushed me to stand up for myself and for others.

It was probably around 9th grade when Islam started influencing my own character. I began to think through the lens of Islam even outside of worship. It was a natural progression.

I think Islam pushes me to seek validation from myself and not through others. I’m not looking towards other people to feel happy and feel satisfied with myself.

It allows my actions to be more geared towards what I think will make me more content with myself.