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Self-Expression – Voices 45



“Soon enough, I found myself wishing that my words could have such an impact over others.”
New York, NY
Undoubtedly, words drive my passion; in all their shapes and forms. This was something that I discovered later in my life amid my on-going process of self-discovery.

Whether it is through reading them or writing them, through touching song lyrics or comedy; words establish strong connections. Even as an aspiring author, I believe that words can be very dynamic and inspiring. I am in awe of the power they hold to emotionally affect readers or connect with them in surreal ways.

Personally too, I feel like words have brought me consistent joy in many ways. For me, words have always been my refuge. As a child I would read endlessly, and it brought me so much joy and comfort.

My mother taught me to read from a very early age and this was my initial introduction to words. By the time I was seven, my mother started taking my brother and I to the library. We soon became regulars with our own cards to take out books with.

This library is forever cemented in my heart as one of my favorite places in my childhood. It felt like there was no end to the diverse options of books at my fingertips. It seemed as I read more, I quickly developed higher capacities.

I was in awe of the ability that authors had to move me. I was often moved to tears or chuckling reflexively to the words of my favorite authors. Soon enough, I found myself wishing that my words could have such an impact over others.

Also, using my words as a means of expressing myself has given me a voice. It’s just so helpful to be able to channel strong emotions in a positive way. Through writing prose, poetry and spoken word pieces that I present, I am able to share my love for words.

Posting my writing on social media, also has also helped me realize people can relate to my words. It also helps me reach a common ground of understanding within my words, and that is meaningful to me. This passion offers me a chance at not only being heard but also being understood.