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Self-Expression – Voices

“I love every aspect of the experience. From the creative aspect of cooking to the end result of giving it to someone and seeing their reaction. It’s all part of the package.”
Queens, NY
I feel like I can express myself through cooking and entertaining. It’s enjoyable to me to organize and plan when I’m hosting people.

I pay attention to the minor details, and I like to make everything comfortable and accessible.

My cooking is a central part of the entertaining. I really like to make food for people.

I like to give people what they like to eat, and I also like it when they try new things.

When I make something they’ve never had before and they like it, then I’ve introduced them to something new. That makes me very happy.

I love every aspect of the experience. From the creative aspect of cooking to the end result of giving it to someone and seeing their reaction. It’s all part of the package.

You put it together for your guests. Then, you present it the right way. When they eat it and say “Wow!”, that’s a home run.

I like to bring a lot of food to work. They love me for that. I think I’ve introduced a lot of my coworkers to Indian food and spices.

Incorporating Indian flavors into everything I make is something I like to do. I feel like I can introduce people to my culture that way.

I don’t only cook Indian, I cook all kinds of food. Cooking foods from different countries helps me learn about different cuisines and cultures.

Since I’ve traveled a lot this year, I’ve been studying all kinds of different foods and flavors. It’s interesting to learn why different foods are more common in certain countries and what climate has to do with it.

Cooking helps me de-stress. That’s why I come home all the time looking for things to cook.

Sometimes, when I don’t have anything to do, I like looking in the refrigerator and figuring out what I can make with what I have. I’ve been able to come up with some cool stuff that way.



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