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Self-Expression – Voices 32



“Drawing is a personal experience for me. My works are the emotions that I sometimes cannot put into words.”
Salisbury, MD
I am usually not one of those artistic people who study artists or desire to inspire others. I first started drawing my freshman year of high school and it was mostly out of boredom. Similarly to anyone else, I would doodle when there was nothing else to do or if I am distracted in class.

However, the more I continued to doodle, the more I found myself committing to my drawings. Erasing this mistake, correcting this line. Rather than just placing a smiley face in the corner, I produced small cartoons along the page that mimic my own emotions.

Now, as a sophomore in college, I continue to draw when the stress of school work becomes too much. Oftentimes, my work reflects my own emotions of that time.

When I am happy or experiencing a great day, little cartoons appear on my page. When something or someone infuriates or depresses me, my sketches include dreary weather or other dejected images.

My pieces allow me to express myself.

That is part of the reason why I only show others my pieces sometimes. I do not necessarily fear rejection or criticism. Alternatively, I simply want to receive my peace from drawing, not seek the approval of others.

It is for this same reason that I do not plan to join an art class. I do not require the acceptance of a teacher to verify my self-expression.

However, I am always more inclined to share sketches with my friends. This act is more to display to them my emotions, rather than get compliments.

Drawing is a personal experience for me. My works are the emotions that I sometimes cannot put into words, including tension.

As a student, trying to perfect every piece of homework can be stressful and tiring. With my method of self-expression, I do not feel as pressured to perfect every aspect.

Moreover, when I do want to obtain the ideal image, I do not feel exhausted in my endeavour. I can just go at my own pace to fix the image. Due to its therapeutic effect, I would definitely recommend drawing to someone else.