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10 Best Project Management Apps – The Ultimate 2023 Guide

Looking for project management apps that will make your work much easier? We have compiled the best apps to help you find the perfect one for your needs.



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Smartphones and tablets have become an essential work tool for millions of people around the world, even completely replacing computers in some specific cases.

Something that could not be possible without the many apps to work that exist today. Managing multiple projects at once, delegating tasks, and collaborating across teams is difficult on a typical day, but it can become downright impossible when unforeseen roadblocks come your way. 

Miscommunication and inefficiencies in your project management processes can lead to confusing and stressful experiences for employees.

In addition, they can hamper your company’s ability to meet customer needs or meet annual goals, which can lead to huge waste of time and money.

Fortunately, there are plenty of project management apps out there to keep your team on track. Within this category, we can find apps to manage projects, which can help us carry out our most ambitious ideas and plans.

So here I leave you with the best project management apps for you to have your head in the game and not waste your valuable time.


Table of Contents

Best Free Management Apps 

  1. Asana 

  2. Podio 

  3. Smartsheet 

  4. nTask 

  5. Freedcamp 

Best Paid Project Management Apps 

  1. GanttPRO 

  2. Hive 

  3. Favro 

  4. WorkflowMax 

  5. OmniPlan 4 


Best Free Management Apps

1. Asana




Overview: Asana is used to administer and manage in a centralized and organized way all the tasks and/or activities to be carried out in a project, through it it is possible to form work teams, with which the planning of each project will be shared.

Asana integrates with the tools you already use, making it even easier to track your work and get results.


  • Communication:  Turn conversations into actionable tasks in Asana, right from your team’s chat tool, whether it’s Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Share Files: Attach files directly to tasks and conversations from your favorite file-sharing tools, so your team always has the latest version.
  • Development: Whether you’re designing software or integrations, Asana connects with development tools like GitHub, Phabricator, and tray.io to keep your workflows moving forward seamlessly.
  • Reports: Integrate your favorite reporting tools with Asana so you can take a closer look at your team’s work, how long tasks are taking, and project progress.



  • Basic Plan (Free) : This plan contains the basic features of the app and you are able to collaborate with up to 15 team members. 
  • Premium Plan ($10,99): This plan lets you work with free unlimited guests. Also contains the option to work in private projects and teams.  
  • Business Plan ($24,99): Contains all the functions from the premium plan plus Advanced integrations with Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau and Power BI. 


Platforms: iOS, Android, Web


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2. Podio




Overview: Podio provides the necessary information to know if the project is on the right track. The team can define the entire structure of its content, reports and general information.

It enables companies to execute projects their way without the shackles of rigid software.


A new level of project visibility:

Podio makes deadlines, responsibilities and goals clear to everyone and always up to date. With transparent and organized projects, the team never has to interrupt their work to send status updates.

It provides the necessary information to know if the project is on the right track.


Incredible flexibility:

The team can define the entire structure of its content, reports and general information. It enables companies to execute projects their way without the shackles of rigid software. Podio adapts to the way companies and teams work, communicate and think.


In real time and at the moment: 

When the company wants to get an immediate response from the team or simply share resources and information, Podio brings all the conversations together in one place within the context of work.

This feature allows you to strengthen communication without increasing the email load for everyone.



  • Free: Basic services such as app/workspace creation and task management are available for up to 5 employees.  
  • Task management
  • Build apps and workspaces for your team
  • Basic ($7.20): A simple start for everyone: 
  • Task management
  • Build custom apps and workspaces for your team
  • Unlimited items
  • Enable flexible user managment
  • Unlimited external users to amplify your customers’ experience
  • Plus ($11.20): Its got everything that the basic plan contains plus: 
  • Automated workflows
  • Read-only access to apps and workspaces
  • Premium ($19.20): Everything the plus plan contains plus: 
  • Visual reports and dashboards
  • Advanced workflow automations that integrate with 3rd party applications to accelerate business processes.


Platforms: iOS, Android, Web


3. Smartsheet




Overview: Smartsheet is an online tool to manage projects and facilitate teamwork.

The application allows you to optimize processes, offering predesigned templates, data crossing between the different worksheets and assigning roles to each member of the team. 


Collaborate with your team: 

Efficiently create, share and collaborate on projects with your team, from anywhere, on a computer or mobile device.


Collect information from anyone: 

Collect information thanks to forms, upload images, or scan barcodes with your mobile device.


Act and achieve more: 

View notifications, respond to requests, or update task status in card view, from anywhere.


View job status in real time: 

Easily view your dashboards, sheets, and more in real time on your phone so you’re always up to date.


Work efficiently with your favorite applications: 

Smartsheet’s out-of-the-box integrations enable real-time syncing and visibility into the many apps you’re already using.



  • Free (contains in- app purchases) 


Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop, Web


4. nTask




Overview: nTask is a free task and project management system designed to bring together all the tools teams use daily into one agile collaboration platform.

To make task management easy, nTask supports collaboration, tracking, monitoring, reporting and feedback technology, as well as time tracking, Gantt charts, task comments, meeting management, etc. issue tracking, project risk management, and much more.


Workgroups and Workspaces:

At nTask, your project is defined by your teams and workspaces. That’s a clever method to schedule resources, manage projects, and so much more all at the same time without risking jumbling crucial information.

  • Form teams to encourage people to participate in a project or a range of responsibilities.
  • Establish dedicated workstations and assign them to the appropriate team (s).
  • Prioritize key tasks by identifying them.
  • Collaborate with members from various teams in a workspace that is identical to their own.
  • Maintain a sense of calm by keeping everything in rhythm.


Management of Issues:

Issue management aids in the identification of any pending issues that may jeopardize your capacity to achieve critical deadlines.

  • Immediately create issues and assign team members to handle them.
  • Under the issue panel, collaborate with relevant team members to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Our exclusive ‘@’ highlight feature allows you to get real-time updates from your ‘assignees.’
  • Resolve issues without causing any red flags to appear!


Management of Tasks:

Depending on your needs, you may use nTask as a personal to-do list app or as a complex task manager for your team.

  • Create, manage, and assign tasks to projects already in progress.
  • Use checklists to guarantee that critical steps in a task are completed.
  • View project activity log to keep track of all activities



  • Free: Contains 100 MB Storage, 5 members per team, unlimited workspaces, unlimited tasks, meetings, timesheets and issue tracking. 
  • Premium ($2.99 per/m): Everything on the free plan plus: 5 GB storage, projects, Gantt, Kanban Board, and Bulk Actions. 
  • Business ($ 7.99 per/m): Everything in the premium plan plus: 10GB storage, save custom filters, risk management, custom roles and permissions, custom status, and Kanban Board templates. 


Platforms: Android, iOS

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5. Freedcamp




Overview: Freedcamp is a project management software. It’s designed to help businesses create customizable widgets and collaborate with staff members on projects.

It also allows planning, organizing and managing tasks from a unified platform.

Administrators can store files, contacts, and leads in a centralized repository. They can also view multiple document versions, track issues across tasks, and break larger tasks into subtasks based on organizational requirements.

Freedcamp allows businesses to manage tasks on Gantt chart and Kanban board, set goals for team members, and track upcoming events, projects, or milestones on a calendar.

Supervisors can add customizable URLs and brand logos to the platform, view projects or assignments on a task board, and securely share passwords with staff.

Businesses can use project templates to duplicate tasks, backup or store data for offline access. They can also track the time spent completing tasks for billing purposes.

It also makes it easy to integrate with various third-party systems like Google Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.



  • Free: Unlimited projects, tasks, storage, and users. It is free forever with all essential features included.
  • Pro ( $1.49/m) : Everything on the free plan plus:
    • Email- In: Create tasks, discussions, issues and upload files from emails.
  • Business ( $ 7.49/m): Everything on the pro plan plus:
    • Wiki:  Long term memory, all in one spot
    • Issue Tracker:  Simple issue tracking tool you’ll enjoy using.
    • Reports: Generate beautiful Reports and see the progress of your projects and    team members.

Platforms: iOS, Android


1. GanttPRO




Overview: GanttPRO is a cross-platform desktop tool that allows the creation of GANTT diagrams in order to plan a project and manage resources.

It is a very complete tool when planning a project, since it allows an absolute visualization of it.

Everything is under the control of the program, from the necessary resources in personal matters, as well as holidays, to dividing the project into a tree of tasks and assigning each one the appropriate resources.

GanttPRO allows you to establish dependencies that interrelate tasks, that is, a task cannot start until the previous one finishes. It allows you to export the completed task to a JPG, PNG, PDF and HTML image.



  • Basic ($7.99/m): This plan features: Gantt and Board view, auto scheduling, virtual resources, project calendar.
  • PRO ($12.99/m): Everything on the basic plan plus: custom project templates, bulk change, custom fields and filters, overdue tasks.
  • Business ($19.99/m): Everything in PRO, plus: Workload management, portfolios and reports, time tracking, Jira cloud integration. 


Platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Android (móvil), iPhone (móvil)


2. Hive



Overview: Hive is a productivity program for small businesses that aims to help them operate more efficiently.

Small firms may use this sophisticated and straightforward project management software to streamline their work, track time more efficiently, and use data to identify inefficiencies.

This centralized platform allows companies to plan, execute and track projects in real time. Predictive analytics monitor your activity and send alerts at thresholds you set so you can continually adapt and make improvements.

With group messaging, file sharing, and over 1,000 app integrations, Hive connects every aspect of your work. You don’t have to switch between five different tools to understand what you need to do. 

Hive is ridiculously user friendly. Teams can collaborate on different tasks and know who is doing what and when. Also know when everything is due and what is to be done next.

It makes communication and completing tasks practically effortless. Users can focus less on the lists and to-dos because of Hive; now, they have more time to focus on actually completing the tasks themselves.

Because of Hive, users can get jobs completed for customers on time. It contains a time clock feature, where users can log their hours for different tasks and clients.

Plus, anytime they have questions or troubles, the Hive customer support team is right there, ready to help.

Price: Free 14-day trial with plans starting at $12 per user, per month. 

Platforms: iOS, Android


3. Favro


Overview: Favro is a comprehensive project management and collaboration tool that developers, marketers, and executives can use to quickly and easily plan, track, and develop ideas.

Designed to fit the size and needs of any project, Favro allows users to add popular features and integrations as needed.

By incorporating team dashboards, scalable backlogs, and aggregated reporting along with integrated Kanban and SCRUM support, Favro aims to deliver a simple, yet robust project management solution for game developers, creatives, adult startups, professional services, and enterprises. agile.

While Favro gives teams the flexibility to plan how they want with powerful hierarchical backlogs and customizable boards, Favro also gives managers greater visibility and transparency over their multiple teams and projects.

To further improve user efficiency, Favro offers users a native mobile app for iOS and Android. Using the Favro mobile app, teams can conveniently track their progress on the go from any smartphone, laptop or tablet.

In addition to flexible communication, Favro facilitates productive collaboration by allowing users to share dashboards and workspaces with external partners and clients, as well as internal teams.


Advantages of Favro: 

Customizable Platform: 

Favro allows you to customize a large number of features. You can integrate the tools and applications you want.

You can configure the software however you want, creating automated workflows or unique dashboards. You can also integrate Kanban and SCRUM features into your projects to make them even more efficient.


Fluid and instant collaborative work: 

Planning and drafting in the tool is always done in real time. This makes collaboration extremely seamless, whether the tool is used remotely or in the office. Each team can follow the work of the others live and thus work in perfect collaboration.


Workflow automation: 

With Favro, you can automate your workflows to meet the needs of your teams. Notifications and task assignments are automatically generated, saving you a lot of time.


Article Synchronization: 

Favro can sync a task, goal, or user story across different boards. You can then share these items between different teams without having to worry about updating them on each board, it’s all automated.


Price: Free download, Subscriptions:

  • Lite ($10.2/m): 5 collections, unlimited boards, unlimited backlogs, basic support, and OAuth via Google and GitHub. 
  • Standard ($13.6/m): Unlimited collections, unlimited private collection, unlimited boards and backlogs, unlimited apps and integrations, unlimited storage, reports, guest accounts, 1 000 API calls per hour, standard support, and OAuth via Google and GitHub.
  • Enterprise ($25.5/m): Everything on the standard plan plus: Manage collections, SAML based single sign-on (SSO), SCIM user provisioning, DPA and enhanced GDPR support. 


Platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android


4. WorkflowMax




Overview: WorkflowMax is a Xero product used by more than 10,000 companies worldwide.

It provides a fully cloud-based business solution for construction companies, creative agencies, architects, engineers, surveyors, lawyers, IT companies, consultants, and anyone who bills on time.

It allows you to create quotes and complex invoices in minutes and send them electronically to clients. With just one click, the client can accept a quote that turns into work in WorkflowMax.

The team can track the time spent on each job, even in the field. The company can manage labor milestones and monitor who works on what.

When the job is complete, you can quickly send an invoice, monitor business performance with smart reports, and switch to accounting software to find all the job details added automatically.

WorkflowMax is in the cloud, so customers can run their business from anywhere in the world. It allows you to check time sheets and send invoices from the Amazon jungle or from a beach in Bali.

WorkflowMax integrates with over 30 systems, including Xero Accounting, which means all invoices created in WorkflowMax are sent to Xero automatically.

WorkflowMax takes care of all administrative and job management needs so customers can focus on what matters.


Price: Each plan has different costs within it depending on the number of users who will be using the app. 

  • Standard: The standard plan includes the features: 
    • Quoting
    • Mobile application
    • Client manager
    • Custom fields
    • Time sheets
    • Purchase orders
    • Invoicing
    • Job costing
    • Xero integration
    • Document management
    • Reporting
    • Job management
  • Premium: All the standard features plus:
    • Productivity Reporting 
    • Client groups
    • Recurring invoices
    • Xero invoice import
  • Standard: 
    • 1 user: $20.00/month
    • 3 users: $45.00/month
    • 5 users: $55.00/month
    • 10 users: $120.00/month
    • 20 users: $190.00/month
    • 50 users: $275.00/month
    • 100 users: $350.00/month
  • Premium: 
    • 1 user: $70.00/month
    • 3 users: $95.00/month
    • 5 users: $105.00/month
    • 10 users: $170.00/month
    • 20 users: $240.00/month
    • 50 users: $325.00/month
    • 100 users: $400.00/month

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web


5. OmniPlan 4


OmniPlan 4


Overview: OmniPlan is a well-designed tool from one of the world’s most experienced Mac developers, the Omni Group.

Used by top-tier Fortune 500 technology companies and in a variety of industries, including construction, OmniPlan 4 is an excellent choice for project management.

It combines interval monitoring, recurring tasks, scheduling and scheduling alteration, a helpful project wizard, and many other tools and features.

OmniPlan 4 is smart. What drives the app is the idea that initial usage should be relatively easy, while more powerful tools should also be available to learn more about the progress of the project.

So, for example, if you’re working on a complex project and a component is past due, you’ll receive a “Violation Notice” letting you know so you can handle the impact. You will always have an excellent view of what you are working on.

You can also sync your plan between your team members, as long as they’re running the app as well. It’s useful, but what makes it more useful is that you can choose when to sync this data or share it in PDF or other formats.

This makes it a little easier to automate elements of project management that you might otherwise forget about.

Price: Costs $199.99 for the standard edition, or $399.99 for the Pro. Subscriptions start at $19.99 per month. 

Platforms: Mac, iPad, and iPhone.


Final Thoughts

In the past, project management mostly involved whiteboards, sticky notes, folders full of paper, and generally a big mess of documents in the office.

Like many areas of working life, the Internet has also been installed in the organization and management of projects in companies. Today you can choose from a wide variety of programs that make it easy to plan projects and communicate in the workplace.

Most SaaS/PaaS-based Internet platforms can be used from almost any device, making it extremely easy to work together both in the office and remotely.

Many project management apps combine social networking features with planning tools to cover as many tasks as possible. Planning, communication, personal chats, calendars, appointments, news, polls, emails, etc. are often run on a single platform.

Most of the applications are suitable for both large companies and small teams or even freelancers who want to be better organized. While some providers prefer to keep their platforms simpler and more classic, other developers find innovative solutions to organize daily work.

It is precisely the variety of project management tools that often makes it difficult to choose the right platform for work teams.

There are also differences in price: most of these programs offer free versions, but these are limited to a certain period of time or their functionality is limited.

Therefore, anyone looking to set up a project management platform, especially a large company, needs to be aware of these limitations. So pay close attention to what each of these applications above has to offer and choose the one that suits you best!

That’s a wrap! This article was all about Best Project Management Apps.




Project Management Apps

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