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Let’s Talk: Finding And Using Resources In The Modern World

 Let’s discuss how to find and use resources in the modern world. Tune in on #TheRealTalk

Mental Health – Voices

Mental Health – Voices

“Mental illness is not only a disease of the brain but its not having control of your actions and behaviors…

Body Image – Voices

Body Image – Voices

“Granted, there’s always room for improvement, but sometimes working out or dieting doesn’t help, and you really just need to…

Why Miley Cyrus’ Comments on How Queer Women “Don’t Have to Be Gay” is Problematic

Words matter to the queer community. While a certain f word is more commonly used in problematic rhetoric aimed at…

Why People Are Really Mad at Ellen DeGeneres

In the latest news of people being mad about something a celebrity chose to in their personal life, the internet…

Bulimia Recovery Isn’t a One-Off: I Live With my Eating Disorder

It starts small. “I have to get to class, so I’ll just grab coffee for breakfast.” “Right now I need…


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OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson will walk the streets again as a free man after nine long years behind bars. On Thursday, the…

Caught on Camera: Women on Capitol Hill are Consistently Interrupted by their Male Colleagues


There seems to be a rising epidemic on Capitol Hill that keeps getting caught on camera. One after the other,…

Plug Pulled on Trump’s Obamacare Repeal Plan


The failure of the GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan comes as a particularly devastating blow to the President, amid a recent…

Terror in Marawi: How The Philippines is Combating Terrorism

President Duterte

On May 23rd, President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law after ISIS militants rampaged through the Marawi City in Mindanao, an…

The Man Without a Bill


One of the first times I ever talked to Dr. Eric Meyer, he had just come into the Democratic headquarters…

Takeaways from the G-20 Summit


The G-20 summit saw 19 leaders of the world’s most powerful countries come together to discuss and find solutions to…

Dear Hollywood: Give Us More Wonder Women


Think of the last action movie you saw. It doesn’t have to be a superhero flick. Picture any action or…

Trump and Putin Meet to Discuss Syria and Russia Meddling in 2016 Election​


President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit meeting Friday, where the two discussed a variety of…

Millennial and Swing State Perspectives of the Paris Agreement

Paris Pic

“We’re getting out.” On June 1, President Trump kept a highly controversial campaign promise by announcing that the United States…

NASA’s Funding Rooted in History and International Politics

(Official Photo by Paul D. Williams)

It is not news that numerous politicians, including the newest resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, are reluctant to invest in…

Drone Strikes May Create More Enemies Than They Kill

Source: Freedom House

Lethal drone strikes provide a highly effective, low-risk method for eliminating key enemy combatants. According to a report of the…

In the wake of three terror attacks, England mourns the many lives lost

memorial 1

  Early Monday morning, Londoners woke up to yet another terrorist attack. In the Finsbury Park section of the city,…