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  • How to Embrace Your Sexuality and Liberate Yourself January 19, 2022
    In this episode Ev’yan Whitney discusses how to feel positive about yourself and liberated in your sexuality and heal your own sexual traumas.   Background    Ev’Yan Whtiney is a sexuality doula, writer and facilitator whose work focuses on liberating women through decolonizing, unshaming, and freeing sexuality. Since 2011 she has empowered women to reclaim […]
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  • How to Overcome your Fears and Maximize Your Potential January 12, 2022
    In this episode Monica, discuss how to overcome fear and not let it take over your life. She gives tips on how to become self-aware of your own mindset and ways to overcome a negative thought process.     BACKGROUND: Monica Berg is the author of Fear is Not an Option and Rethink Love. She is […]
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  • How to Tap into Your Spiritual Energy with Cristi Christensen December 23, 2021
    In this episode Cristi Christensen talks about how to tap into your spiritual energy, the ways to become empowered through your connection with your inner self and the benefits of maintaining a consistent practice of meditation.   Background   Cristi Christensen, a former elite level gymnast and platform diver trained with the US Olympic team […]
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