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MYVOS Talks With Cielo

Resisting Gender Definitions: Alok Leads the Trans Community in Social Change

Alok Venon, an icon in the LGBTQ community, opens up about “their” childhood years and journey to becoming a prolific gender non-conformist artist. Through this “unfiltered” interview, Alok shares with us their triumphs, sorrows, and lessons learned along the way to empower new generations to fight for what they believe in.



Meet Precious Williams: The #KillerPitchMaster Empowering Women to Win at The Game of Life

Precious Williams opens up about her formative years in St. Louis, Missouri and tells us how love helped her overcome abuse, addiction, and depression. Through this “unfiltered” interview, Precious emphasizes the importance of taking control of our own lives to achieve all our dreams.

How Devika and Swati Bhise Created the First Hollywood Action Film in History with a Brown Female Lead

Devika and Swati open up about the hurdles they had to overcome to make their film The Warrior Queen of Jhansi a reality. They also get real about the lack of women representation in Hollywood and how they are pushing the boundaries to fix Hollywood’s gender and diversity problem.

Elena Breese with long dark brown hair, wearing a bright pink sweater, standing outside in the sunset.

Meet Elena Breese – The Boston Marathon Terror Attack Survivor Helping Other Trauma Victims Bloom

In this episode, Elena opens up about that horrific day. She tells us what made her decide to fight for her life and turned this tragedy into a platform for mental and health advocacy to support survivors struggling with PTSD and other mental health issues.

How Brett Hagler is Building Homes With 3D Printer to End Global Homelessness

In this episode, Brett opens up about his entrepreneurial journey. He tells us how he went from a self-consuming lifestyle in his early twenties to finding purpose and meaning in life through New Story, an organization that is 3D printing homes in the most impoverished places around the world.

Ash Lee Henderson with big dark curly hair and glasses wearing a beige jacket, with a grey shirt and jewelry while standing in a building with long beige drapes and windows.

Meet Ash-Lee Henderson-The Affrilachian Activist and Organizer Fighting for Racial Equality

In this episode, Ash-Lee tells us how her upbringing inspired her to become an activist from a young age and how she has made her lifelong mission to organize and advocate for racial equality and social justice.  

Jose Moreno Hernandez wearing an orange NASA suit with a mustache smiling while standing in front of two other NASA astronauts at the NASA space station.

From Farmworker to NASA: How José Moreno Hernández Overcame All Odds to Become an Astronaut

In this episode, Jose opens up about his inspiring journey from migrant worker to astronaut. He tells about his childhood years traveling back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico and how he never let his circumstances or rejection (he was rejected by NASA 11 times) from achieving his dream.

Austin Bauley with short brown hair and glasses, wearing a light purple polo shirt, while standing in front of a brick wall.

Meet The Impeccable Investor, a 20-Year-Old Student Who Is Revolutionizing The Way People Learn About the Stock Market

In this episode, Austin Bouley, the creator of the impeccable investor, opens up about his journey as a stock market coach. He tells us how losing money in the stock market motivated him to learn every aspect of it and become a coach to help people make money.

Nikki Grimes, in a red vest and black shirt, looking into the camera and smiling with a grey backdrop behind her.

How Writing Became My Survival Tool: Meet Award-Winning Author Nikki Grimes

In this episode, Nikki gets brutally honest about her rough and tough upbringing. She tells us about her journey of discovering the power of words at the mere age of 6 and how writing became her tool for coping with distress and surviving adversity