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“Without knowing anything about us, people automatically assume the worst.”
Philadelphia, PA
muslim in america
Personally, I think that there is not an understanding of Islam or Muslim culture in America. I think people have a very biased and even incorrect understanding of Islam and Muslim culture.

Because most people in America are not properly educated on the topics of Islam and Muslim culture, they are likely to believe anything they hear regardless of whether or not it is actually true. People have a fear of Islam because people tend to have a fear of what they don’t understand.

Like I said, most Americans are not properly educated on the topics of Islam and Muslim culture, thus leaving them likely to believe anything they hear. Because the media is so biased in their choice of rhetoric and reporting regarding Muslims, people’s natural response is to be afraid.

There is absolutely a prejudice against Muslims in America. I can see it in the way people look at my family and I in public spaces.

Without knowing anything about us, people automatically assume the worst. Muslims are absolutely discriminated against in many ways.

I have seen it myself with my own family. Any time we go to an airport any member of my family is far more likely to be pulled for ‘random inspection’ than anyone else in the airport.

Immediately post-9/11, the treatment and attitude toward Muslims in America changed for the worse. Even 17 years later, however, I can’t say that it has gotten any better.

Over these last 17 years, Islamophobia has remained essentially at the same level. I have not seen treatment of Muslims improve in any way despite how many years it has been.

Since the 2016 election, I have felt anger but more importantly I have felt fear. As a Muslim in this country I feel uncomfortable and unsafe seeing someone who is so openly biased and prejudiced in power.

However, I have hope for the future. I hope that we have since learned our lesson and can in the future elect politicians that have the best interest of Muslims as well as every other American in mind.

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