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Mental Health – Voices

“Once you start taking your mental health seriously, so many good things start coming your way.”
Cincinnati, OH
People don’t always realize that their mental health is something they need to take seriously. Always thinking negatively about the world and yourself really restricts you from many opportunities.

Correcting this mindset is important for overall life improvement. Once you start to take your mental health seriously, so many good things start coming your way.



LGBTQ – Voices

LGBTQ – Voices

“I recall several times wishing I could be a girl, but not knowing that I could be, and that I…

harvard condemnation

Harvard’s “Standard Strong” Condemnation

Earlier in June, a lawsuit against Harvard University alleged that the university discriminates against Asian American applicants by ranking them…


The Emergence of Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is an inescapable industry. We inevitably participate through the clothes we buy and wear, no matter how mindless that…

6 year old African American boy, Bell, helps Hurricane Dorian people out by selling hot dogs.

Young Boy Donates His Vacation Money To Hurricane Survivors

Jermaine Bell is a six-year-old with a big heart. He turned his birthday trip into an unforgettable cause by helping…


Why Millennials Need To Vote More Than Ever

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To Reduce Ocean Pollution, Awareness Is the Key

After Starbucks announced its straw ban, debate and discussion rightfully swarmed the internet. Environmental activists celebrated a victory while the…

The Strength Of Women

The Strength Of Women

“Being a woman is the greatest gift from God. Having the ability to bring a life in the world and…

Mental Health – Voices

Mental Health – Voices

“If you can control your mindset, your emotions may follow and your day may change for the better.” Cincinnati, OH…

Muslim in America – Voices

Muslim in America – Voices

“America is afraid of Islam because it’s foreign and there is a large amount of violent extremists currently active within…