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“You figure in 20-30 years from now, it won’t matter what you are.”
Middletown, NJ
I do understand that Islam is the religion and Muslim is the people. Islam is not necessarily bad but it can lead to extreme violence against others in their practice in some cases, but not everyone who practices does.

I am sure depending on where you are, and what the general climate of that is, these people are discriminated against. I am not Muslim, so I do not know how bad it is.

I imagine it can be rough to be Muslim or Islamic. I only know four Muslim people from school, so there’s not a lot of active discrimination going on, and I was never out with them in the real world.

We only get the negatives. We only hear of the extremes of the terrorisms of the things invoked in the Muslim or Islam name, and never the good being done by these people who want the world to be a peaceful and wonderful place for everyone. We only get the ‘today this happened and it was horrible news,’ we never get the ‘today this happened and it was wonderful news,’ and even when we do, it is shattered by the negative news.

I imagine that right after 9/11 it was hard to be a Muslim person, but I would like to believe that it has gotten better, and the general public sees these people as human beings, and not as a negative ideal. The ones who do not see it, are the ones who believe the minority is the majority.

I would like to believe that in the future, especially as we get further from 9/11, the thought that all Islamic and Muslim people are terrorists will fade away. We won’t endlessly cycle through all the negatives that Muslim people may do. We will move on.

Everyone will get better no matter what; the dream is always that everyone gets along. You figure in 20-30 years from now, it won’t matter what you are.

Even if some people are the extremes, the outside people in that group won’t be labeled as the extreme. It will matter that you are a person.

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