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“Voters and politicians need to try to understand the emotions and biases that cause them to have such hate-filled views.”
Port Washington, NY

It seems like the treatment of Muslims was pretty bad from 2000 to 2004, got better later under Obama, and has now taken a turn for the worst under Trump. The President has an enormous impact on the acceptance of Muslim people.

Typically, the political climate around Islam is directly correlated with how the President speaks about it. The tension surrounding this issue tends to be heightened when a conservative is in office, and I believe that it’s because they tend to use inflammatory language that puts Muslims in a negative light.

It’s a serious problem that politicians try to use hate-mongering to curry favor and win over voters. We saw this blatantly during the Trump campaign, and this style of speech has been embedded in American politics for decades.

It seems like we still haven’t gotten over the widespread Islamophobia following 9/11, and although we’ve made strides to improve, recent political sentiment seems to show that we may be headed for an era of even further discord.

To change the trend, voters and politicians need to try to understand the emotions and biases that cause them to have such hate-filled views.

It is important that people who are tolerant of Muslims do not ostracize those who are intolerant, and instead try to help them understand the underlying prejudices that are clouding their judgment.

This means liberals and conservatives need to have an open dialogue about their differences in thought about Muslims, something that has proven to be difficult to achieve in the past few years.

Muslims ought to have a say, too, because maybe if people who hate them hear what they are all about, they may think better of them. This may sound like wishful thinking, but I think through progressive effort and more worldly politicians, a real change can occur.

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