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“There is a lot of misinformation circulating on the web and social media regarding Islam and what the religion teaches.”
Reston, VA
There is certainly not a general understanding of Islam and Muslim culture in America. At least, there is certainly not a correct understanding, that is.

People have a fear of Islam because the media portrays Islam in such a manner that people become scared of Islam. There is also a lot of misinformation circulating on the web and social media regarding Islam and what the religion teaches. Because of this, people get a false sense of the religion, since the media and the web have such a strong influence on people in this country.

People tend to be afraid of the unknown. In the case of America, Islam and Muslim culture are that unknown, thus causing people to be afraid of them.

Yes, there is absolutely prejudice against Muslims in America. As well, Muslims are very often discriminated against in many different ways and many different settings. In school, if you need to talk to your teacher, then the teacher will very often show much more leniency to a Caucasian student rather than a Muslim student.

As well, the teacher will often tend to favor any other student much more so than Muslim students. When you are at work, your boss will discriminate against you using words such as ‘you are different than us.’ The company will often fire you or finish your contract because of this difference between you and them.

Ever since 9/11 occurred, even almost 17 years later, Islamophobia has only gotten worse in America. Whenever an event of this nature occurs, Islamophobia in America grows more and more, causing the respect of Muslims in this country to be completely shattered. Because of the negative way in which Muslims are portrayed as of now, as well as the way in which modern day leaders are spreading this type of treatment like the plague, we tend to feel as though the perception of Muslims in America will only get worse in the future rather than improving.