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Love Is – Voices

“Loving someone can also help you love yourself more and be confident in who you are, and in return, you give a better version of yourself to those who you love.”
Roxbury, NJ
I would define love as caring for someone unconditionally and more than you thought you ever could. When you love someone, you want to always be around them because they make you a better person overall. I personally think there are different kinds of love and they differ from your partner, friends, parents, etc. I think that each of those different relationships has different levels of interaction, therefore leading to different levels and love connections. Love has changed my view on life drastically because it helps to calm me down. I tend to get high anxiety and stress out and when I have a person or people around me who love me, they know how to help me during those situations. You know when someone is truly right for you when you listen to each other. Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship and you will know that you have found the right person when your ideals for the future work together. I think love has changed since my parents’ generation because of the way we connect and find partners. I think our generation is more scared of divorce and commitment. It’s so important to love and be loved because without it so many emotions would be lost. People wouldn’t know the difference between happiness, sadness, know how to show empathy for someone else, etc. It is something that we need even though it can sometimes hurt. It also brings out an emotion in people that they didn’t know they had themselves. Loving someone can also help you love yourself more and be confident in who you are, and in return you give a better version of yourself to those who you love.



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