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Let’s Talk: Trans Misinformation in the Latino Community

Let’s discuss the common misinformation about Trans in the Latino Community. Tune in on



Roger Aile

Fall of media titan makes way for new era in journalism

They say not to speak ill of the dead. So instead, let’s speak the truth. Roger Ailes was a media…

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

“Somehow I never feel like I fit in anywhere, and yet somehow I fit in everywhere.” I’ve definitely always felt…


The Great Firewall – The Reality About Internet Censorship In China

Almost all of the U.S. President Donald Trump’s Twitter posts have been generating extensive online discussions, ranging from articles published…


Breaking Down Complexities Between Tourism Industry and Conservation

Travel has always been a way in which people, who can afford it, can educate themselves of areas of the…


Dark “Kawaii”: Incorporating Harsh Societal Ills into Japanese Cute Culture

In Japan, there is a phrase known as “kawaii,” meaning “cute” or “adorable,” often associated with a youthful, feminine look.…


Meet Adrienne Garland, The Founder of She Leads Media

She Leads Media is a women-focused and led conference, production, and marketing communications consulting company. Adrienne Garland is the CEO…


Does Your Political Party Determine Your Stance on Women’s Issues of Abortion?

The Democratic and Republican parties often have opposing views about social issues, including women’s issues of abortion and reproductive rights.…

How To Become A Stronger Version Of Yourself

How To Become A Stronger Version Of Yourself

“I would wake up and try to recognize the good things in my days. I pinpointed what made me laugh…

Mental Health – Voices

Mental Health – Voices

“If there is one thing I would tell women dealing with this, it is that self-love is one of the…