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Let’s Talk: Racism In The Asian American Community

Let’s discuss the possible lack of support between the Asian and Black communities in regards of violence and injustice. Tune in on



Self-Expression – Voices

Self-Expression – Voices

“It’s more about proving to yourself that you can do it. It’s all about trying to finish a round, trying…

Body Image – Voices

Body Image – Voices

“Speak positively, look at yourself in the mirror more often, and just love the skin you’re in.” Hempstead, NY In…


MacKenzie Bezos Pledges Half her Wealth to Charity

In an effort for MacKenzie Bezos, to make significant philanthropic investments with her growing wealth, Ms. Bezos has joined the…

Mental Health – Voices

Mental Health – Voices

“We need to learn to embrace people and what they come with.” Willingboro, NJ You don’t want to be the…

Being A Woman Means Series – Voices

Being A Woman Means Series – Voices

“I think if I were filling out a form and they asked, ‘what work experience do you have?’, I would…


Is Impeachment Coming Any Day Now?

There’s been a whole lot of talk lately about impeachment. With Senate hearing after Senate hearing, FBI leak after FBI leak,…

Mental Health – Voices

Mental Health – Voices

“Try your best not to treat friends or family as therapist, because in turn it adds more weight to there…


Sexual Harassment Is The Top Safety Issue For Women In The Workforce

When women have to carry pepper sprays and rape whistles, fear walking down the streets at night, and walk on…

invisible minority

Invisible Minorities in Media

We’ve come a long way with Hollywood since whitewashing, racist face painting, and overtly offensive stereotypes. In a country famously…