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Let’s Talk: Is Mental Health Education Necessary?

Welcome to our first session of The Real Talk! Today we had one of our contributors, Joey Levine, who attends Middlebury College, discuss the effects of not educating young adults on mental health within their education and everyday lives.



Body Image – Voices

Body Image – Voices

“You don’t need to put that much pressure on yourself to be the ideal body image because there is none.”…


YouTube Joins The Gun Debate

While the nation continues to mourn the 10 lives lost in Texas at Santa Fe High School during the most…

Manage Mental Health By Better Understanding It

Manage Mental Health By Better Understanding It

“Sometimes you take some steps back, I suppose, but you don’t really lose the mental progress in what you’ve learned,…


Women Speak Out About Their Efforts to Feel Safe When Running

Acts of self-protection most women do instinctively were brought into a global conversation when Amanda Deibert, a writer for TV…

Body Image – Voices

Body Image – Voices

“Don’t believe when people say that you need to look a certain way because they definitely don’t know what they…

Courtesy of Netflix

BoJack Horseman: Four Seasons of Serious Hilarity​

In the era of peak TV, where there are almost endless good things to watch, one of the best shows…

LGBTQ – Voices

LGBTQ – Voices

“A lot of guys find it an excuse to overshare under the impression that I’ll participate in their misogyny or…


Depression: The Most Realistic and Underestimated Mental Illness

When someone has depression, whether it is diagnosed or not, the reasoning behind it is not always simple. Even though depression…

Relish The Present Moment

Relish The Present Moment

“But now, this generation thinks it’s all about sex, but it’s not. It’s about building that relationship with each other.”…