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Let’s Talk: Finding And Using Resources In The Modern World

Let’s discuss how to find and use resources in the modern world. Tune in on



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Representation Matters: People With Disabilities Shouldn’t Be Ignored

When someone becomes disabled, life is never the same again. It’s easy to just give up and throw a pity…

Guns in America – Voices

Guns in America – Voices

“We are so easily distracted in this day and age by popular culture, biased news and media outlets in general,…

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

“Imagine being in America and not speaking English, you feel misplaced and invisible.” Harrisburg, PA If I had stayed in…


Are Instagram Profiles Lowering Our Self-Esteem?

Social media popularity is leading to people striving to appear on social media as though they are leading an extravagant…

Guns in America – Voices

Guns in America – Voices

“They were designed to kill, and I think if one is present, that is what will inevitably happen.” Atlanta, GA…

LGBTQ – Voices

LGBTQ – Voices

“My family already has told me it is best I never marry. This just goes to show people that there…


Could this Plastic-Eating Mushroom Change Everything?

Over the last decade, plastic production has become a severe problem in the United States. Despite strides being made to…

Self-Expression – Voices

Self-Expression – Voices

“Living in the city, it can be difficult to assert your individuality among the vast groups of people that walk…

100 men

100 men of Chechnya in Russia

Within Russia, the administration of President Vladimir Putin has been very visible in showing disdain for members of the LGBT…