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Let’s Talk: Controversies Surrounding Crazy Rich Asians

Let’s discuss the controversies surrounding the film Crazy Rich Asians. Tune in on



Little by little, you will find ways to control your emotions and recovery is a great way to reinvent yourself and start over.

How Controlling My Emotions Helped me Start Over

One year ago, I was really depressed but my ex-boyfriend at that time helped me a lot. I started to…

Body Image – Voices

Body Image – Voices

“Take better care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.” Hempstead, NY Before college, I was overweight all throughout high school.…


Discourse Around Affirmative Action

Affirmative action has been challenged since its introduction in the ’60s. Today, Students for Fair Admission are suing Harvard University…


How I Struggled with Depression and Suicide

“What truly triggered my battle with suicide was the neglect and abuse I suffered while I lived with my dad…

Mental Health – Voices

Mental Health – Voices

“Try your best not to treat friends or family as therapist, because in turn it adds more weight to there…


The Ugly Truth: Youth Incarceration in America

October was Youth Justice Awareness Month. Thirty-one days dedicated to raising awareness about youth incarceration, preventing youth from entering the…

Muslim in America – Voices

Muslim in America – Voices

“There is a lot of misinformation circulating on the web and social media regarding Islam and what the religion teaches.”…

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

“When I came there was no time to enjoy my youth, I had to be mom and dad because my…

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

“Growing up, I didn’t understand the concept of people’s family living close to them. I didn’t understand that cause my…