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Let’s Talk: Body Image In Today’s Society

Let’s discuss the importance of body image issues and how we are supposed to navigate our own in today’s image-centered society. Tune in on



The Power Of A Woman

The Power Of A Woman

“Let’s stop defining ourselves by our gender. Let’s define ourselves by what we wake up and do every day.” Boston,…


The Human Behind The Athlete: Athletes Embracing Their Sexuality

Just five days after hundreds of thousands of marchers and spectators gathered to the streets of New York City for…

Guns in America – Voices

Guns in America – Voices

“The frequency of mass shootings in our country would not have happened if those people didn’t have such easy access…


Ohio Resident Makes a Difference and Promotes Suicide Prevention by Cleaning Up Hateful Graffiti

A short five months after surviving an attempt to take his own life, Dennis Bonifas has begun living out his…

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

“When I first meet someone new, I am always stereotyped. People do not realize sometimes that they are being judgmental.…


Could this Plastic-Eating Mushroom Change Everything?

Over the last decade, plastic production has become a severe problem in the United States. Despite strides being made to…

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

I Am An Immigrant – Voices

“Growing up, I didn’t understand the concept of people’s family living close to them. I didn’t understand that cause my…


The Alternative Limb Project: The Importance Of Agency In Aesthetic Designs For Amputees

Often, when one mentions the word “prosthetics” in reference to mainstream media, what might come to mind are crude, antiquated…

Self-Expression – Voices

Self-Expression – Voices

“I love every aspect of the experience. From the creative aspect of cooking to the end result of giving it…