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I Am An Immigrant – Voices

“Chinese people are more welcoming to immigrants than the U.S. There are too many restrictions in America on immigration, especially for Hispanics and Muslims.”
Hong Kong, China
China is big just like the United States, so when it comes to immigration, it depends on the place. Many people immigrate to wealthy areas with great development. Most people go to coastal areas, but not inland.

Though overall, not a ton of people immigrate to China. Most average Chinese citizens don’t immigrate to other places because they don’t think living abroad is better than living in the home country. They enjoy contributing to a developing country.

Very rich people are more relaxed and will immigrate because they want a quiet life and China is not a quiet country. Europe, Australia, and the U.S. are top destinations for this.

The U.S. government used to be more open but after the new President came to power, he advocated for more restrictions on immigration, especially for Hispanics and Muslims. My Muslim friends studying in Hong Kong say they would never go to exchange programs in the U.S.

Chinese people are more welcoming to immigrants than the U.S., because China wants foreigners, so they can show them the good parts of the country. For example, if an outsider came to the U.S. no one would care about them. They would have to adjust themselves, whereas in China the local people would be friendly and take you to local places to help you get used to life there.

This differs from the experience I had when I first got here for my studying abroad semester. I was alone and I didn’t know the neighborhood or much English.

I went shopping for a quilt for my bed because I didn’t have one. I tried to ask the cashier where I could find one, but she spoke so fast and got frustrated with me quickly.

She tried to give me directions, but I was struggling because her directions were too complex. She was so impatient with me, it was a horrible experience.

I left without an answer or a quilt. I slept on just my mattress for a while.




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