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How to Start a Blog That Actually Makes “You” Money

Wondering how to start a profitable blog? Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you launch a blog that can actually become a full-fledge business.

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How to start a blog

Last Updated on December 28, 2022 by blendtw

Are you ready to enter the world of blogging?

You are in the right place.

We decided to start a “blogging” section in this publication because we get so many emails and messages every day asking me H-O-W  we turned this publication into a six-figure business. 

This post is a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog that will “actually” make YOU money.  These are the most immediate steps you must take to start a blog in 2022.

1-Choose a Niche 

A niche is a specific subject or a focus that you will be writing about on your blog.

I highly recommend that you choose a “specific” topic when starting a blog so you make things easier for yourself.

Blogging about “very broad” topics will not help you get traffic to your website. It is always better to focus on “one” thing at a time and expand as you grow.

When choosing a niche, this is the main thing you need to consider:

  • Area of expertise 

You most likely will be writing the content for your blog when you first start it so you have to actually have “expertise” on the topics you want to write about.

Believe it or not, it is one of the “main” factors to rank on google. Google will “NOT” reward you with traffic unless you are “qualified” to write about a topic.

Trust me… This is a very important factor that not many bloggers talk about but it is the FIRST thing you need to be aware of when you start blogging.

What are you talking about Cielo?

Example: If you want to start a website about credit card consolidation, you must have some sort of financial experience to be credible in the eyes of Google. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to get organic traffic from Google.

Google rewards expertise.

Bottom Line: If you are just starting blogging, only focus on producing content about topics that you can actually rank on google such as lifestyle, traveling, etc.)


2-Choose What Blogging Platform You Will Be Using 

There are many different blogging platforms out there. The most popular ones are WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.

I personally recommend people ONLY to use WordPress. It will make your life easier, especially if you do not have coding skills. It will save you a lot of stress.

Either way, below you can see the pros and cons of these blogging platforms so you can compare and contrast. Make sure to take your time to evaluate your choices. Choose wisely.


Pros and Cons of Blogging Platforms


3-Pick a Hosting Site

Once you have chosen your blogging platform, the next step is to choose your hosting. There are so many hosting options out there, but I only recommend using Bluehost.

Why you may ask?

Because it is the cheapest option out there that is “both reliable and easy to use.”

I also love their top-notch customer service. They are great.

I started BLENDtw on Bluehost when I first launched the website and I worked with them for almost two years until we reached 100,000 unique readers per month and I had to get a bigger hosting site to meet our growing needs.

The best option out there when you first start!


Do you want to know how to set up your website with Bluehost, check out this step-by-step guide! 

4-Find Your Domain

This is where the fun begins!  You need to brainstorm and come up with the best name for your website.

A couple of things to consider when choosing a domain.

  • Please keep it simple! You want people to remember your website so just use a simple, catchy name that is easy to remember and use.
  • Make a list of the top five names for your website and do research to see if the domain is available. Then, narrow down your list to three top choices and share them with your friends and family or followers on social media.
  • Tell them to help you choose the “winner.” This is a great way to advertise your upcoming website so make sure to enroll your network and have fun!


Bluehost Domain


  • One of the great things about using BLUEHOST is that they will give you a FREE domain for one year so they can take advantage of that. One piece of advice is to make sure that your domain name ends with a “.com”

5-Choose Your Website Theme 

The theme of your website has a lot to do with your niche. A lifestyle blog will look very different from a website on the financial niche focused on consolidating loans.

I have three pieces of advice when it comes to choosing a website template:

  • Do not use a free theme. There are multiple free themes out there, but I highly recommend that you invest in a “professional” website theme. Why you may ask?

Because the majority of free themes are not SEO friendly. If you are serious about blogging, you have to make sure to invest in a theme that is user-friendly and responsive.

Otherwise, readers will exit your website fast. That is the last thing you want when you are just starting. 

  • Look at your competitors that are “killing” it in your niche. Create a list and write down which features of those websites you like and which ones you don’t. It will give you an idea of what type of theme you are interested in and what you want for your website.


  • Use your instinct! I personally believe that your website theme should be an extension of your brand!


BONUS TIP- I highly recommend that you use Themeforest to search for themes.

This website has millions of themes for all types of niches. Look around, I am convinced that you will find one perfect for you.

Within Themeforest, I have TWO TOP recommendations.

If you are starting a lifestyle blog, I highly recommend you this one.

If you are starting a publication, then I highly recommend my theme. Honestly, I have had this theme for four years and it is perfect for our needs.

6-Launch Your Website 

After you purchase and install your website theme, you should be good to go LIVE.

If you are NOT good at web development ( I am terrible!) and need someone to help you install your theme, I highly recommend this Fiverr gig.

I have worked with this guy for over three years, and he is one of the BEST web developers on Fiverr.

He has saved me a lot of stress and he charges VERY little for all he does to your website. It is honestly a no-brainer.

Happy Launching!

One last thought!

If you want your blog to actually make $$$, you have to treat it as a business.

These are the TWO most important factors to focus on if you want to build a six-figure blog:  

  • Establish an effective workflow to create and publish content on a weekly basis
  • Create an SEO strategy (This is a MUST). Without a proper SEO content strategy in place, your blog will never be successful.

Serious about learning all about SEO to take your business to the next level, then you can book a consultation with me here.



How to Start a Blog




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Affiliate Marketing Website Example-(Case Study 2023)

Wondering if affiliate marketing is worth it? Check out this affiliate marketing website example to find out how lucrative it can be.

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Affiliate Marketing

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Cher

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.


This article is about affiliate marketing website examples. 

Today, I want to talk about the power of Affiliate Marketing. I often get asked if affiliate marketing is lucrative and the answer is YES. It can be VERY lucrative if you know how to use it.

But first of all, in case you are wondering, I want to explain in a few sentences what affiliate marketing is all about. 

What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is basically a simple way for a publisher to earn commission by promoting a product or service from a company through an “affiliate link.” 

An affiliate link is a unique link generated usually by the merchant (service or product provider) which tracks sales. You usually earn a set commission from an affiliate link but this depends on the company.

Amazon for example give 5-8% of commission (depending on the category of the products) to publishers that are part of their Amazon Associates Program (their affiliate marketing program)  

Is Affiliate Marketing Lucrative?

It can be VERY lucrative if you know HOW to use it.  I personally believe that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog because it gives you the opportunity organically promote products and services that are valuable to your audience while making money. 

I have personally made over $300K in the last TWO years JUST on affiliate marketing through my publication.  It is mind-blowing to think about it but it is true and it can also happen to you if you use affiliate marketing correctly.

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How to use affiliate marketing?

In order for affiliate marketing to be effective, you first need to first build an audience. 

I would highly encourage you to FIRST focus on building your blog and growing it until you get to 10K readers per month. 

Once you have over 10K readers per month, then you can start monetizing your content through affiliate marketing. 

The awesome thing about affiliate marketing is that it is a passive income. Once you have done the work, it will live on your website forever and you can focus on creating new streams of income on your blog. 


Case Study

Now through this case study, I want to show you the power of building a blog with huge traffic and the type of income you can make through affiliate marketing 

In October 2021, my pageviews, according to Google Analytics were 103,973.

Google analytics Traffic


That month, this is what I made through affiliate marketing 

(ONLY AMAZON affiliate program earnings are shown below)


Amazon Affiliate Report



Then, the following year in January 2022, my pageviews doubled to 254,450


Google analytics Traffic

And income on affiliate marketing significantly increased. 


Amazon Affiliate Report

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Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing:


This is probably the absolute best tool we have purchased to increase the revenue of our affiliate links so I highly recommend it.

The great thing about this tool is that it helps you manage all important links in one place. It alerts you when an important link is broken or out of stock so you never lose revenue and it also suggests opportunities on your site so you can maximize your revenue.

Honestly, once we started using it to add affiliate links to our content,  it made our job 10 times easier. Lasso has many more helpful features. You can learn more about it here.

Best Courses to Take If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing

I truly believe that knowledge is power. If you are serious about affiliate marketing, then you should invest in a course.

If you are a new beginner, I highly recommend you to get Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

When I first started working on my publication, I took a lot of courses related to affiliate marketing and this was definitely the best one because her course is very easy to follow. 

Michelle is very good at explaining affiliate marketing in simple terms and also the course is designed to help you brainstorm and create your own affiliate marketing plan for your blog. 

It was extremely valuable. You can check it out here. 

Final Thoughts 

Affiliate marketing works and it can be VERY lucrative so do not underestimate it. There are so many different affiliate programs out there that there is certainly one that is a perfect fit for your blog and target demographic.

I highly encourage you to take one or two courses to learn all about affiliate marketing and then create a plan so you can maximize your affiliate marketing revenue.

That’s a wrap. This post was about an affiliate marketing website example.


Affiliate Marketing



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How to Start a Blog on Bluehost in 2023-The Complete Guide

Looking to start a profitable blog on Bluehost? We’ve got you. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog on Bluehost.

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Blogger at work

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Cher

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

This is a post on How to Start a Blog on Bluehost

1-Choose Your Domain

The first thing you need to do to set up a blog in Bluehost is to choose your domain.

When doing research to pick a domain, make sure you double-check whether it is actually available. You can check here for availability here 


Bluehost Domain Search


A couple of tips for choosing a domain:

  • Make it concise and catchy 

Blogging is a very competitive industry. You want to make sure that you choose a domain name that is concise and catchy so people can easily remember it. 

  • Make sure it is easy to spell

If your domain name has too many letters or numbers, it is going to be very easy for people to get confused when trying to look for it so keep it simple. 

  • Make sure it represents your brand

I personally think this is the most important tip! You want to make sure that your domain name is an extension of the brand you are trying to build because it will affect your credibility.

  • Make sure to use the right domain extension

I highly recommend that you stick to a .com extension. It is the most common one and also the most searchable domain people look for when trying to find a brand online. It will give you instant credibility. 

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2-Purchase Domain

Once you have made up your mind, it is now time to purchase your domain.

There are many sites used to purchase a domain such as GoDaddy and domain.com, but I highly recommend that you purchase it directly from Bluehost to avoid extra work and/or fees since you will need to redirect your domain if you do not buy it directly from Bluehost.

You can get it here.


3-Purchase Hosting Plan

Bluehost offers four different plans to choose from so I recommend that you look at the table below and make a decision based on your needs.

When I first started blogging, I used the standard Bluehost plan. As my blog grew, I upgraded to a better plan so that it could meet my growing needs.


Bluehost Plans


I highly recommend that you start with the basic plan and upgrade as your needs grow. It is more cost-efficient. You will SAVE money.

4-Install WordPress 

Once you have purchased your plan, WordPress is automatically installed. Bluehost will walk you through the process of starting your WordPress blog.


5-Fill out your Account Information 

Make sure that the information here, especially your email, is correct and does not have typos since you will be getting a code to your email address so you can create a password.

Bluehost Account Info


6-Set up Password

Once have chosen your plan, filled out your account information, and made the purchase, you will be asked to choose a password.

I highly recommend that you create a “difficult” password so your account is not compromised in any way or form.


7-Choose a Theme 

There are so many themes to choose from that it can be overwhelming. The first thing you need to do when choosing a team is to assess your needs.

Ask yourself:

What type of blogger will I be?  Knowing the type of content that you will publish on your website will help you choose the best theme for your blog.

A very important thing to consider:

If you want your blog to actually make $$$, you have to treat it as a business.

Two things to focus on if you want to build a figure/six monthly blog:  

  • Establish an effective workflow to create and publish content on a weekly basis
  • Create an SEO strategy (This is a MUST)!


Serious about learning all about SEO to take your business to the next level, then you can book a FREE consultation with me here.

Do you own a business generating six figures per year? Do you want our digital marketing agency to do the SEO marketing strategy for you?  Learn more about it here.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap. This post was all about how to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost in 2022.



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