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How to Post on BLENDtw

Welcome to the BLENDtw Community Network, founded and led by storyteller, executive, and entrepreneur Cielo!

BLENDtw is a platform connecting people all over the world through their human anxieties.

Before posting, make sure you check out the BLENDtw guidelines.

If you don’t already have a BLENDtw account, create one here!

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Steps to Posting Your First Story on BLENDtw

Step 1:

If you’re not in the dashboard already, click here to go to there. 

Step 2:

Navigate to where all the posts are by hovering over “Posts” with your mouse and clicking on “All Posts”:

Step 3:

Click “Add New” ad the top of the page:

Step 4:

Now, you’re ready to write your first piece! Add a title where it says “Add Title” and start writing where it says “Start Writing”:

Step 5:

Now you can add a featured image that will display between your title and your first paragraph. On the side menu look for “Featured Image” and upload your image. (Square or Landscape orientation photos work best and are preferred)

Step 6:

Unless it is your own photo, it is very important to source your images. Just leave the source link to the image you would like to use at the bottom of your writing & our editing team will take care of the rest!

Step 7:

Now that you’re all done with you article you can go ahead and click “Publish” in the upper righthand corner. Then click “Submit For Review”, which will pop up after you click publish.

Editing Your Profile:

When you’re in the dashboard you can select “Profile” from the side menu and can edit your profile from there. Please upload a profile picture in the “Avatar” section of your Profile”

Key Information:

If you are a new member to the BLENDtw community then for the future you can log in anytime you come to the website by clicking on the side menu in the upper lefthand corner and clicking login.

To logout just go to the top right corner and hover over “Howdy, your name” and select “logout”