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Body Image

How I Stopped Feeling Insecure About My Body



A young lady with dark hair wearing all black stands in front of a brick building.
Poughkeepsie, NY

The part of my body I’m most insecure about is my waist and hips. I’m insecure about my waist and hips because they aren’t as small as I want them to be.

My body image affected me mentally a lot growing up because I thought I was not as attractive as other girls who had the body size I dreamed of. I did not wear certain things because I thought I did not look good in them.

Growing up, I found myself crying or getting upset when I didn’t stick to my diet or decided to skip the gym.  I felt regret looking in the mirror because it reminded me of how my waist looked.

Social media definitely plays a very big role in body image perception. My favorite store to shop at is Victoria Secret. Seeing many of their ads feature mainly tall petite girl makes me feel left out. When I walk into stores, I see only one body type and it makes me feel as though my body type does not fit in.

These days, I feel blessed that I have stopped feeling very insecure about my body. One of the ways I overcame my body issues is just by realizing how beautiful I am. Embracing myself helped me found self-love. It was not an easy process but remaining positive helped me a lot.

The advice that I’d give to young people dealing with this problem is to not look at other places for approval. You have to look yourself in the mirror and realize that you are beautiful just the way you are.

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