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How I Improve My Confidence and Mood With Jewelry



Authors hand laid comfortably on a piece of furniture with the focus on her beautiful wedding ring
Wausau, WI

If I could choose one form of self-expression, I would choose jewelry. After I finish dressing, and putting on my clothes, I examine the mood I’m in. Jewelry can express a mood.

If I want beautiful, shiny stones set in gold, I have that. Sometimes I want to shine, and I want to be a peacock in a sense. I also have silver, semi-precious, muddy stones that, if I’m feeling blue, I’ll wear.

If I’m feeling utilitarian, I’ll wear silver. There are so many colored stones that I wear either to match my mood or my clothes.

I grew up poor. The only jewelry I saw were my parents wedding bands. When I saw women wearing bright stones and flashy metals, it sort of sent a spark.

These were women of confidence, they had achieved some minimal level of success and were proud to show it. The other part of my interest is the beauty, workmanship, design. To me, it’s wearable art.

I feel a sense of confidence that I have reached a point in my life where I can adorn myself with beautiful things, and feel more beautiful. It brings beauty to my life.

I like to surround myself in my home with artwork, and to adorn my body with beautiful, artistic pieces of jewelry. Life is more precious when you surround yourself with beauty. It is a more pleasant life.

I think people who surround themselves with beauty are more peaceful. Their actions are less hostile, less angry.

Jewelry is expensive, so you have to make decisions on how much you want to spend. I enjoy giving jewelry as gifts because you introduce beauty into somebody else’s life. So, it affects my actions in that I like to share the beauty with others.

Every piece I choose to buy, I not only think in terms of enjoying them in my lifetime. But, I think of leaving a legacy for my children to enjoy it.

Jewelry tends to live more than one lifetime. It’s a tangible legacy of beauty to the next generation.

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