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How I Found My Passion Through Modeling



Author, crouched down in athletic shoes, and a galaxy styled track suit, looking out the window in a narrow indoor hallway
Seattle, WA

My major passion is modeling. I have been modeling for five years now and to me nothing else can compare to it.

Ever since I was young, I have always loved getting ‘beautified.’ To step outside of myself and become a living canvas of art is such a beautiful thing.

Through modeling, I am able to create different characters and personas with each look I model. By bringing a look to life, I feel such a confidence that no other job, hobby, or activity has ever brought me.

To be specific, I enjoy commercial shoots, runway work, and print shoots. All these branches of modeling tie into expressing myself because through these types of modeling I feel empowered.

I also enjoy being able to inspire others. For instance, when I do a shoot or a show, I am able to inspire other aspiring models, women, and young girls.

For me, that is where the real joy lies. To see a young girl work hard to break into the business because of my influence is unbelievable.

Whether it is something I said to her or something I modeled that sparked her interest, I will always be honored. This just shows how rewarding the modeling field is.

Furthermore, shoots and shows also give me an opportunity to reveal pieces of my characters and personas. It lets me express sides of myself that I don’t normally express in my day to day life. However, through modeling, I can be my true authentic self in a beautiful and inspirational way.