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How I Express Myself Through My Tattoos



A closeup of a hand on a steering wheel with a semi-colon tattoo under the thumb.
Philadelphia, PA

My favorite way to express myself is definitely through my tattoos. I like other visual forms of self expression as well, such as clothing, shoes, and dyeing my hair different colors. But, my tattoos are definitely my favorite and most important form of self expression. I have always thought tattoos were cool and I would always look at others’ and ask about the stories behind them.

For my 18th birthday, I got my first tattoo as a gift from my mom. I currently have four tattoos and one more planned out. But, I’m sure I won’t stop at just five.

Tattoos are so cool and interesting to me because each one has a different meaning to every person. Any image can have a story or importance behind it that can’t be seen by others.

To me, my own tattoos are an expression of myself and important moments in my life. All of my tattoos so far have a memory or meaning behind them.

Each one is very personal and special. However, what a lot of people don’t understand is that sometimes the meanings behind tattoos can be hard to talk about and people are not always open to sharing.

This is an issue that I have run into, since some of my tattoos have very personal emotional meaning to me. It is also important to recognize that not all tattoos have to have a meaning behind them.

While all of my current tattoos have meaning to me, the next one I have planned does not really. However, even tattoos without meaning are certainly a form of self expression.

Being able to display art on your body can sometimes express a story. It can also just express the artistic design at face value.

Either way, there is almost always a reason that someone chooses a tattoo image. Any image is a form of self expression no matter what that reason might be.