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How I Express My Individuality Through Makeup and Fashion



Several open bags of makeup and hair products placed close together on top of a step stool
New York City, NY

I am very conscious of how I look to others, especially for work and in meeting new people. I guess I want to use my appearance to show my best self to others.

I like to dress well, I like to look good, put makeup on, do my hair. I like to look like my best self to others, and I have to for work because it’s a requirement.

I like when people look at me and see someone who is fashionable, put together, and pretty. I mean, as shallow as all that is, what it is in a sense is putting my best self forward. And, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I also enjoy fashion and makeup. I’m an artist so it’s related to art. I also enjoy the feedback.

Whether that be through just someone responding in a pleasant way, or in a professional way. I enjoy when I look my best self, and when someone compliments my fashion sense. Fashion and makeup, for me, is a way of self-expression.

Another way of expressing myself is through my art, but only to a small degree. I’ve always been very hesitant to express my emotions and feelings through my art. My art is very formal, unemotional, and I do that on purpose.

I’m just not comfortable consciously putting out my emotions and feelings through something physical, purposeful and consciously done. So, it’s just through living and being with people, or being alone that I express myself.