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How Drawing is My Way of Self Expression



A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a blue button up shirt smiling at the camera.
Cleveland, OH

Right now, I mainly use typography and drawing as means for self-expression. Most of it consists of watercolors and ink. I don’t usually have an end goal in mind, or an audience for that matter. Most of what I do stays in the same notebook, and hopefully I’ll be able to work through every page eventually! I’ve started to branch into sketching at art museums if I have time. This has been a great low-pressure way to keep my hands moving.

I started doing art before I can remember. Some of my first memories are of art classes at age four, and they’ve stuck with me ever since. Art class was always my favorite extracurricular at school, and continued to be so through high school.

Being in a competitive art class in high school helped me evaluate myself as an artist. And, recognize my strengths and weaknesses as an artist. For example, portraits are not my strong suit, but I can paint some mean landscapes.

Since I haven’t had the chance to pursue art much at college, it’s become more of a casual outlet for stress. Also, it is a nice way to show my friends I care. Even if it’s just a little sketch or doodle for them, it’s nice to know that I’m still able to create!

I also used to write a lot creatively! Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, you name it. Time has gotten the best of me.

I’ve found that while I still love getting my thoughts out on paper in one way or another, my favorite way to interact with writing is by reading it. Just like how I love to go to art museums. This has helped me expand what I read, but I don’t write as much, except academically!