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Guns in America – Voices

“Re-evaluation is always necessary in laws as times change.”
Salt Lake City, UT

Photo Credit: Shey Allen

I am in full support of gun control in the United States. I am not saying that we should revoke all access like they’ve done in Australia, but I am absolutely saying that there should be better regulation on it.

If someone has a criminal background or a history of violence in any way, they should not legally have access to guns. I don’t think that it is the right of a person to carry a gun.

I understand that it is technically a second amendment right, however when that amendment was made the types of guns that were around were not nearly as deadly. They didn’t have semi-automatic machine guns or AR-15s. Instead, they had muskets.

Re-evaluation is always necessary in laws as times change. I refuse to carry a gun because of all of the risks with it. Kids can get ahold of it, it can misfire, etc.

I feel perfectly safe with pepper spray or a pocketknife. I don’t think it’s necessary to threaten someone’s life in order to feel safe.

My mom always hated guns when I was growing up. She wouldn’t even let us have toy guns. Her current boyfriend is big into guns and they have them at their house now.

My opinions have had the opportunity to change based on a few things growing up, but they have been strengthened in the pro-gun control way, seeing as there are so many school shootings. Kids shouldn’t have to die because people want to keep their guns. I think that one of the causes of this problem is that people do not do extensive background searches on people before selling them guns.

I don’t think that it’s necessary for people to own more than one or two guns, and I think that all of their guns should have to be registered on record. The same way we register our vehicles. That way, the illegal selling of guns would be much more difficult.

It is not difficult to find out if someone has a history of violence. I do not think it should be possible to walk into a store and walk out same day with a gun. It should be much more of a process.



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