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Guns in America – Voices

“People shouldn’t put that much power in an object even though it can do so much. Guns don’t hurt people, people do.”
Waterbury, CT
I feel like guns in America is a very controversial and divisive topic.

There are two groups of people; the first group is more on the preventive side and they are focused on safety measures. They believe that if we are more thorough with background checks, then there will be less gun violence. But the other side is resistant to change because they don’t want their rights to be taken away.

I think that Americans are so passionate about the second amendment because it’s a product of the revolutionary start to the U.S. People feel like if they have a weapon, then they can protect themselves.

The right to bear arms is their freedom, just like the first amendment is freedom of speech, the second amendment to Americans is the freedom to protect themselves.

That’s how a lot of people who are opposed to gun reform laws see it. They feel like their right to protect themselves and their families are being taken away, in what seems like a pretty violent country right now.

It’s good to have solid background checks on people who will buy guns. Guns are really demonized. People shouldn’t put that much power in an object even though it can do so much.

Guns don’t hurt people, people do. If responsible people are in charge of the control of a gun then bad things won’t happen.

People have a responsibility to ensure that they are using their gun in a way that isn’t causing harm to others and have knowledge on how to safely use them. I think it’s also important for Americans to know how to have a responsible talk with their children about how to responsibly use guns and not use it to show that you have power over someone else.

Changes in gun violence in the future is going to come as a result of societal norms and not governmental reform.

If people in the media aren’t so biased about every time something violent happens with guns and pointing their fingers at the NRA or someone else, then change can happen. They should be focusing on emphasizing why we shouldn’t have guns, why background checks are important, how to weed out black market guns and how to get them out of the hands of irresponsible individuals.




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