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Guns in America – Voices

“We’ve got to balance the right to bear arms, which is an inalienable right, with protecting society as a whole since we have seen a spike in the number of gun-deaths and shootings.”
Boston, MA
Alright, so I look at this as a constitutional question. The right to bear arms is the second amendment, pretty high on the list of amendments, so the founding fathers obviously thought that it was very important for people or the average citizen to be able to protect themselves against enemies both foreign and domestic. Now, times have changed over 250 years plus, so we have to take a new approach when interpreting things. We’ve got to balance the right to bear arms, which is an inalienable right, with protecting society as a whole since we have seen a spike in the number of gun-deaths and shootings. I look at this in three ways. First, we have to look at mental health, and we need to get aggressive in taking away the rights of certain groups of people from having guns. Mental health is an obvious one, right? There needs to be stricter guidelines, testing—maybe you go before a judge. If someone deems you as having mental health issues, then you don’t have a right to guns and have the right to be searched. Second, felons; they’ve proven that they have not be able to follow the laws of the country they are in, so they should lose the right to bear arms. Third, I think we need to look at the types of guns and the volume that an individual is allowed to have. You know, having an arsenal in the woods of Montana, really? What’s the point of that? 47 semi-automatic weapons is a little much. Maybe there needs to be a limit on what an individual can have. That being said, there needs to be a limit on the type as well. I think all of this is for the betterment of society. What do you need a semi-automatic rifle for? Do I think you should have the right to have a handgun in your purse to protect yourself against assault as a woman? Absolutely. Do you need an AK-47 sitting in your trunk to protect you? Well, that’s a different story. This is where the NRA and ACLU go nuts for protection; they go nuts for these issues on both the left and the right, and I think it’s time that some common sense takes place in looking at the broader picture of guns in society. Okay, yes, everybody has the right because of the constitution, but I think it needs to be controlled in a more professional way.


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