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Getting Into A Relationship Early

“The internet and texting really help since we are basically long distance for over half the year.”
Queens, NY
No, we didn’t meet on an app. We went to the same high school. I’m actually lucky because I got into a relationship early enough that I never had to be on apps and I’m really happy about that.

We didn’t start talking until the end of senior year and we liked each other. Then, we realized that we were going to different colleges so maybe we shouldn’t date. He was going to be six hours away.

We would hang out a lot over summer, but we kept telling each other that we should stay as friends. Then school started, and we were still talking a lot.

On the second week of college, I went to visit him over a long weekend. That’s when we started dating because it was pretty obvious that we didn’t want to see other people, and I was willing to travel six hours to see him.

The internet and texting really help since we are basically long distance for over half the year. Since we can message each other, it helps us keep in contact on days where we might not have time to talk on the phone. Then, on days when we do have time, we can FaceTime and actually see each other.

I think it’s unlikely that our relationship would have worked if not for technology. Just because we’re both so busy. We’re both full time students and we both work.

There are many days when we would just not have the time to call each other. It would just be a lot harder to maintain.

Technology has helped my relationship. I can’t personally speak to how technology has changed dating since I’ve never really dated. From seeing friends using dating apps though, it seems like it makes dating hard and stressful in a lot of ways.

You really don’t know who you’re talking to and the only thing you have in common is thinking each other is attractive. Plus, there are just so many options.



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