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Dating In 2018

Our Generation’s Dating



“If someone doesn’t want to get to know me, there’s no need to waste my time. It’s their fault, not mine.”
Baltimore, MD
In my previous relationship, he got too clingy for me. Since I was not as interested, I broke it off. There’s no reason to lead someone on if you are not that interested.

Right now, I like being single. Even though I have not met Mr. Right, I do not mind being single. It leaves time for me to be with my friends and family, without extra obligations or someone attempting to control my life.

I have been rejected in the past, but I try not to let it bother me. If someone does not want to get to know me, there is no need to waste my time. It is their fault, not mine.

Why should I stay invested in someone who cannot even see my value? My self-respect does not let someone else dictate or destroy me.

I would recommend the same thing to anyone else who has been rejected before. If that person does not understand the unique qualities in you, there is no reason to let your heart break.

Honestly, I think chance encounters are becoming extinct. This is partly due to mobile dating apps. People would rather chat on their phones with each other instead of meeting face-to-face to really get to know someone.

Yes, someone could put a pretty picture online and sound nice in a chatroom, but I cannot really get to know someone on my phone. If you are comfortable with the dating app culture, feel free to use it. Just not with me.

That is why I partly believe that dating apps have changed our generation’s dating, compared to past ones. Before, men would ask their love interests on a date and the relationship could blossom from there, or fizzle out.

Now, my generation is too used to dating apps and texting. I think the dating app culture has led to more hook-ups, instead of actual relationships. Dating in 2018 is definitely harder than it was in previous generations.

Guys from the past were more gentle and open. Now, guys would rather be texting and using emojis to express their emotion.

I don’t want to have to decipher something a guy says. Just be honest with me and we’ll see where it goes.

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Dating In 2018

The Influence Of Dating Apps




“Social media has taken over the dating world throughout the years. Two people are more likely to engage in dating through some social media app rather than getting coffee together.”
Philadelphia, PA
I have been in 3 different relationships over the years, 2 with the same person, but different times, and the other from Church. The relationships did not work out.

We had different aspects on Christianity. I was the ‘Church Go-er’ every Sunday and my ex-girlfriend’s was the non-Church person did not care about religion nor God. As we had our differences and dated for about a year, we ended our relationship, because of our perspectives on God & Christianity.

I’ve been single since and don’t mind it at all. I can officially start focusing on my life and career. Although being single does have some cons it, I can say that being single is a good thing.

Rejection is not an easy thing for me to overcome. I have been rejected many times in life and when I do get rejected I have to remind myself this, ‘I think God closed that door in my life for a reason.’ There are many obstacles in life that people must overcome but I have to remember that God is the one that closes doors but he opens many more in the future to come.

We know that technology has had a huge impact on every area of our lives. Dating has never been easy, and the addition of technology in our lives has both helped and hindered the dating world.

With the ease of our access to technology there is social media, text messaging, video calling, and everything in between. Technology has changed the way we communicate with one another. It is easy to see that technology changed dating a lot.

Dating over the years has changed significantly through social media. Social media has taken over the dating world throughout the years.

Two people are more likely to engage in dating through some social media app rather than getting coffee together. I have seen more people dating through some type of social media dating than an actual ‘Meet & Greet.’

For myself, I feel like dating has become so hard. It seems like nobody wants to commit anymore, and it seems to be a challenge every single step of the way.

I honestly blame dating apps for it becoming harder to date in 2018. Dating apps were actually created because people in general are always searching for perfection.

They’ve been marketed the ‘perfect partner.’ In all honesty, there is no such thing as a perfect partner.

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Dating In 2018

An Unconventional Start To A Relationship




“My relationship started a little unconventionally, but I have never been happier. I met my current boyfriend through my college roommate.”
Philadelphia, PA
My relationship started a little unconventionally, but I have never been happier. I met my current boyfriend through my college roommate.

Her and him actually matched on Tinder and I encouraged her to invite him to our dorm, because he was hanging out a few rooms down the hall. I was in a long-distance relationship at the time and was trying to get my roommate to start dating.

When my boyfriend first came to our dorm, my roommate wouldn’t talk much. But I had nothing to lose so I talked to him.

As the weeks went on I grew closer and closer to my new boyfriend. And I grew further away from my boyfriend at the time.

I am not proud of this, but after my boyfriend broke up with me, my new boyfriend and I were hooking up the next day. It started as hooking up and quickly grew into him asking me to be his girlfriend. Now we have been together almost three years and are still going strong.

Compared to my sisters, I have had the easier time with getting boyfriends. I’ve always been the outgoing one and will want something and immediately go for it.

I have never had to go on a dating app such as Tinder, or PlentyOfFish. I prefer to go out and meet people in person, before swiping to decide if someone thinks I’m good enough to date.

Social media has completely altered the course of dating. Instead of going out and trying to find someone face-to-face, people are locked into their screens. They hope that the person that they swiped, will swipe them back.

Before you’d have to go out and try to meet people by introducing yourself and hoping that they are nice enough to respond. It seems like everyone is looking for the easy way out of trying to date.

You don’t gain any life experience if all you are doing is sitting at home on the couch waiting for someone to reply on an app, only for you to hook up with them and then them kick you to the curb or vice-versa. However, I do classify my boyfriend and I meeting to be through a dating app, even if I wasn’t the one on the app he matched with.

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Dating In 2018

Appreciating The Single Life




“As it goes into fall and winter, and the weather starts to get cold, I want someone to snuggle up with or to go do cute romantic things with during the holidays.”
Queens, NY
I’m single and I’ve never been in a real relationship. I say real because I did have an ‘online boyfriend’ when I was like, 12, but that went nowhere.

I’ve pretty much always been single. It was never something that I cared too much about until recently.

I also still appreciate singleness. I’ve become so much more independent because of it.

I do really want romance in my life at this point. As I get older, I definitely want to experience that aspect of life and relationships.

Romance is so big in our culture, and sometimes I feel like I’m missing out. I definitely crave the attention and intimacy.

As it goes into fall and winter, and the weather starts to get cold, I want someone to snuggle up with or to go do cute romantic things with during the holidays. I feel like I’m already late to the party because the majority of people my age have already had at least one relationship before.

I do use dating apps. For me, it’s just easier. Throughout my whole life, I never met anyone organically.

I thought I might as well try meeting people in a different way. I like it because it makes dating a lot more straightforward. It’s harder to get confused about where things are going when you meet on a dating app.

I do have issues with dating apps though. People are really flaky on them and they will just ghost you for no reason. I also find them a little impersonal sometimes.

It’s hard to know someone just from a profile. Even after a first date, it’s hard to judge people on one meeting.

I’m more likely to have lingering feelings for someone I had a crush on for a while that I don’t know too well than someone I met and went on a few dates with from an app.

I also tend to go with my initial reactions. If I don’t feel anything on the first date, I lose interest pretty fast.

Dating has obviously changed a lot because of the internet. There are obviously pros and cons to it but I think it’s a good thing overall. Of course, dating is going to progress with technology just like everything else does.

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