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Appreciating The Single Life

“As it goes into fall and winter, and the weather starts to get cold, I want someone to snuggle up with or to go do cute romantic things with during the holidays.”
Queens, NY
I’m single and I’ve never been in a real relationship. I say real because I did have an ‘online boyfriend’ when I was like, 12, but that went nowhere.

I’ve pretty much always been single. It was never something that I cared too much about until recently.

I also still appreciate singleness. I’ve become so much more independent because of it.

I do really want romance in my life at this point. As I get older, I definitely want to experience that aspect of life and relationships.

Romance is so big in our culture, and sometimes I feel like I’m missing out. I definitely crave the attention and intimacy.

As it goes into fall and winter, and the weather starts to get cold, I want someone to snuggle up with or to go do cute romantic things with during the holidays. I feel like I’m already late to the party because the majority of people my age have already had at least one relationship before.

I do use dating apps. For me, it’s just easier. Throughout my whole life, I never met anyone organically.

I thought I might as well try meeting people in a different way. I like it because it makes dating a lot more straightforward. It’s harder to get confused about where things are going when you meet on a dating app.

I do have issues with dating apps though. People are really flaky on them and they will just ghost you for no reason. I also find them a little impersonal sometimes.

It’s hard to know someone just from a profile. Even after a first date, it’s hard to judge people on one meeting.

I’m more likely to have lingering feelings for someone I had a crush on for a while that I don’t know too well than someone I met and went on a few dates with from an app.

I also tend to go with my initial reactions. If I don’t feel anything on the first date, I lose interest pretty fast.

Dating has obviously changed a lot because of the internet. There are obviously pros and cons to it but I think it’s a good thing overall. Of course, dating is going to progress with technology just like everything else does.



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