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Meeting Someone Online Or Offline

“I wouldn’t say that either meeting someone online or offline is more real than the other.”
Queens, NY
I have been in a relationship. Now I’m single. I don’t hate being single, I don’t love being single.

There has never been a time where I have wanted to be single and stay single. I have been single for a while. But I feel like being in a relationship has been better in the past.

I didn’t meet my last boyfriend on a dating app, I met him in person through a mutual friend. I wouldn’t say that chance encounters are becoming extinct.

Meeting people through technology has become more common. I wouldn’t say that it’s a worse thing because I have met people through the internet that have been so important to me.

I’ve never felt that meeting someone online has diminished my relationship with them. Some of the closest people I know right now are people I’ve met on apps or the internet in general.

I wouldn’t say that either meeting someone online or offline is more real than the other. I’d say that meeting someone romantically through technology is much more straightforward and easier.

I feel like when you meet someone by chance, you’re just trying to figure out if they like you or not. That can take months to years. When you match with someone on a dating app, you already know that you’re attracted to each other so you’re completely honest with each other right on the spot.

The internet and social media have made dating a lot easier. It’s easier to connect with people based on common interests.

In previous generations, dating was about finding one person in high school and staying with them forever. Mostly because it’s so hard to find new people.

Dating now, it’s like, you break up with someone, take a break for a while, and then you can go on a dating app and find someone else. It’s as easy as downloading an app and making an account.

Dating apps also help people who might struggle with dating because of their identities. When I was on dating apps, I met so many other people in the LGBT community who I wouldn’t have found otherwise.




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